dishwasher under prep end of Kohler stages 45 sink?

mmhmmgoodAugust 11, 2011

I've seen a few threads about what can be done under the shallow side of the Kohler stages sink, I'm just wondering if anyone has actually had success installing their dishwasher there. I realize there is a small hook at the back where the storage tray is intended to go, but I plan to remove this and hope I can install my dishwasher underneath instead. If not I may have to make some changes to my cabinet plans. Anyone out there manage to get their dishwasher under the shallow end of this sink?

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any metal can be cut.


An entire stainless counter is an alternative.
Into it one can have welded
1. drainboards, runnels
2. sinks, with rims of the "right" shape to hold cutting boards, colanders and accessories.
3. ridges on the sink walls, to hold grids above the sink floor (like the Orca sink).
4. a bump edge (marine) to hold water on the counter.


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Did you get this done? Of course I don't want a solid stainless counter top. I have measured a million times and I'm fairly certain with the hooks cutoff and my Asko DW on the floor it will work. The max height of the DW is at the front, and should not overlap the workspace tray that is 1 13/16 below the counter. The tub of the dishwasher may, in fact, be within 1/4 of an inch of the sink, but get er done.... I would be reassured if someone has already done this. If no I will post a pic when it happens. Worse case scenario is bailing to a double dish drawer which is the shortest, full size DW I know of.

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Sorry to take so long, I've been out of the country for a bit and taking a digital holiday.

In the end I decided the 33" stages was big enough for me and I didn't need to install it over the DW. Sorry, I'm pretty sure I've seen it here somewhere that someone has done it successfully though.


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Yes, I dropped my Asko all the way to the floor, took a dremel cutoff wheel to those tabs under the shallow end of the Stages, and Voila. An 1/8th of an inch to spare and everything.

Here is a link that might be useful: more pics of sink install within

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I noticed you accomplished this by putting it in a 36 inch base with the sinks pan on the left sitting on top of the dishwasher.

My problem is slightly different and I am wondering if you can shed some insight. I can fit a maximum 33 inch base on the right and the dishwasher to the left. Noticed in your photos that you had room to spare on the right side of the 36 inch cabinet. Would you think it would be possible to fit the main sink base unit into a 33 inch base?

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What about using an ADA dishwasher and mounting it under the drainboard side. It's 2 " shorter than standard.

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Before I had my dishwasher closer to the floor and out of line with the toe kick I would switch out the sink. There are too many good sinks out there.

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I have a Bosch SHV68T53UC already.
I did notice that the Bosch minimum height is 33 7/8 ... the Asko is 34 3/8 .. so I have about a 1/2 inch more wiggle room than an ASKO.

We love the stages sink we want to see if we can make it work! :)

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