removing glaze from porcelain tile

jillybeanstalkAugust 27, 2008

The tile store mistakenly ordered a glazed porcelain tile instead of the matte finish I'd requested, and I didn't catch the slip until the floor was already installed. I can't stand the shine - it clashes with the cottage look I was going for. The store rep is looking into a product he says can remove the glaze and restore the tile to its matte finish, but I'm worried it will damage the tile or not work. On the other hand, ripping up the tile and installing new tile would be more costly than the tiles and I'm guessing the tile store will fight footing that bill. Any advice/input on removing the glaze would be greatly greatly appreciated -- I am so disappointed and frustrated!! Thanks!

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When did you notice that the tile wasn't correct. Was it after the installation? If you weren't there while it was being installed, then I'd fight it out with the store and have them provide you with the product you ordered. It seems that it's their mistake, and they should rectify it.

I'm not sure I'd put any trust in a product that can remove the glaze from the tile. I'm not an expert by any means, but I wonder how the tile would appear after time. Even the matte finish I'm sure has some kind of protection on it, and removing the glaze may leave the tile open to staining.

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Circus Peanut

Definitely sounds like the tile store's fault - surely they will do something about it. Re. products you could use: check out the John Bridge tile forum for some good advice, or perhaps Bill V. will wander through and see this thread.

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First of all I'm really sorry about my double post (also under "taking shine off porcelain tile") - this is my first time posting and I was a little confused! Thanks so much for your responses. The thing I'm worried about is that I called in the order for the matte sample I'd seen and they wrote up the order for the glazed version of the tile - I then ok'd the order over email, because all that was listed was the tile number, which I had no way of knowing was different from the sample (there was nothing that said 'glazed' or 'shine'), especially since I didn't even know there was any other finish available for the tile. So technically, I ok'd an order for the glazed. Also, I don't think they'd pay for the demo and installation, since wouldn't they only be responsible for the tile price itself?? So frustrating. Any thoughts? Also it looks like Bill V. responded to my other post, so thanks for the tip and for the forum link. I'll keep you posted!

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