Ideas on Kitchen Layout?

new2buildAugust 25, 2013

We would love some feedback on our current kitchen layout, any ideas or feedback? thank you.

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What about a massive rectangle island? Technically you'll get much more space and I think it would be more of a statement. Personally I feel these angled islands like the one in the design are done so many times that I like to see something different.

Maybe put your stove area in the island? It seems kinda close to your refer area.

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Thank you for your feedback, I forgot to mention that the island will be a large rectangle with a prep sink. thanks again. We have thought about a cooktop in the island, but we are worried about venting.

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With venting you could always do downdraft or pop up vent. I personally like having the stove in the area where I'll have guests. After all that's where I'll be as I'm entertaining them, I don't want my back to them! I think its worth it to have that area in the island even if you might sacrifice excellent venting, but that's my opinion.

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I'd put the refrigerator on the end of the right counter run close to the DR so that you don't have traffic through the kitchen every time someone wants to get something from the refrigerator. Then I would center the range on the back wall so that it becomes a focal point and plenty of prep space to either side. What size are you thinking of? I think you could go larger with a kitchen of this size.

I also like the change to the rectangular island and prep sink.

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I think you will find most here will advise against the cooktop on an island, both for venting and safety reasons. Do not underestimate the importance of sufficient venting (you likely don't need 1200 CFM, but at the same time a downdraft or OTR MW is likely inadequate for most). Glad to hear you ruled it out!

I'd rather have the island prep space across from the range. Can you put the sink/DW on the bottom wall, then move the range to the left wall (easier venting too) with a window on either side? Fridge would the move next to the dining room.

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I echo Williamsem regarding the cooktop location and the prep sink location. I also agree on layout. Left to right, starting on the bottom wall...

DW + sink + corner + counter + range + counter + refrigerator
Island...trash pullout + prep sink + counterspace

This arrangement not only puts the refrigerator closer to the DR and on the periphery, it also eliminates the zone-crossing that would occur if the Cleanup Zone was b/w the refrigerator and the range and Prep Zone. The island will then be set as your primary Prep Zone across from the range and refrigerator.

Food comes out of the refrigerator, is placed on the island, is prepped for cooking, and is then cooked.

Since only 10% of your time will be spent cooking and at least 70% will be spent prepping, it makes much more sense to put your Prep Zone in the island if you want to visit with guests than it does the Cooking Zone. In addition, venting is more important than some people least if you cook. Personally, I would not want to sit at an island with inadequate venting...grease, steam, smoke, odors, etc. in my face...not very appealing! (Nor is it very safe.)

(Some people have "show" kitchens, so looks are more important then functionality. This not a slam against such people...we all have different lives and we use our homes differently.)

IMHO, you have definitely made the right decision regarding not having the range on the island!

I question the value of a window in its current location. It looks like it looks out into the garage wall. If you want a window on that wall, then move it "up" so it is above the garage.

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Beuhl and Williamsem have the right idea. I'm not completely against cooktops on islands or peninsulas, but it is more expensive and your kitchen doesn't need to do it - you have plenty of wall space for your appliances.

I would do the layout Beuhl suggests, and consider flanking the range with windows if you are concerned about removing the window as it is currently shown. I think it will look nicer than 1 off center window, even if the view is just some landscaping at the corner of your garage. I'll link to some examples on Houzz.

Here is a link that might be useful: Windows on both sides of range

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thank you all for the great feedback, I was worried about the flow of the kitchen and I think moving the fridge to the other end will assist in a better flow. I am concerned about removing a window to allow for a better flow, but love the picture from controlfreakecs, great idea. Thanks again.

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I agree with others that fridge can be moved near the dining room. But if you use the dining room a lot, having the clean-up zone on the bottom wall may cause difficulties. Another alternative may be moving the fridge to top left, next to the island, with a wall around it, and leaving the bottom wall empty or have shallow cabs there.

Here is a link that might be useful: Houzz link

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Thank you for the feedback. I am interested on what you all think about putting the main sink in the island? And how it would effect the layout, any thoughts?

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Again, the primary clean-up sink on the island is one of those, "if you don't have to, why would you" things. In some layouts it is necessary. In some it might not be necessary, but is the best option for good function.

Perhaps we need to see it drawn up the way you imagine to understand why you would want to do this. Can you provide a drawing of the various layouts you are considering? I still think the one Beuhl suggested is the best option.

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Main/cleanup sink in the island...IMO, that would not be a good idea. It's not like you're lacking in perimeter counter space - you have plenty, so there's no reason to put the cleanup sink in the island.

When a cleanup sink is in an island, it means...

  • Dirty dishes will be accumulating on the island all around the sink

  • Anyone sitting at the island will have dirty dishes 'in their face"

  • Dirty dishes also become "front and center" with the focus on them

  • Cleanup sinks + DW take up too much counterspace and counter frontage. You lose the nice expanse of counterspace that makes an island so great to have

Generally, Main/Cleanup sinks are put in an island as a second-last resort (cooktops/ranges are a last resort) - meaning they go there when there's no other place for them and still have a functional kitchen. This is not the case in your kitchen.

So, here's what I was thinking....

Note the deeper cabinets and counters on the perimeter.
Base cabinets are 27" deep
Upper cabinets are 15" deep
Counters are 28.5" deep

This allows you to have a standard-depth refrigerator and still be able to "build it in". It also gives you a deeper workspace on the perimeter.

Zone map:

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Beuhl, thank you for the detailed post, i really liked the workflow plan. We are definitely going to incorporate it into our plans, especially where you have put the appliances. Thanks again.

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