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drybeanAugust 27, 2012

It's either too small or too big! I need to figure out the one that is 'just right'.

Here is the current configuration. Trying to work within this footprint leaves everything feeling squashed in and too small.

We decided to remove the wall behind the cooktop/fridge and relocate the laundry room/closet area to gain that space. However, that leaves us with an 18' foot space that is too big to be functional when accounting for traffic flow. We plan to close in exterior door in kitchen and put a window in that area (there are currently none in kitchen proper).

The two KDs I've spoken with were both pretty much stumped. I'm stuck. I know you guys are extremely clever-can anyone take a stab at this?

The "hearth room" has the only access to the backyard/pool area, so traffic is a big concern. I'm open to utilizing whatever space is needed in that room-we have an additional living room. But I think it might be cost prohibitive to completely relocate kitchen to that room, vs. trying to work within the current room.

I would really like a bar/island seating, and I need a table as well, since we don't have a formal dining room.

2 adults, 2 kids, we like to entertain and have people round often.

The pantry area is shelving that is original to the house, and I would like to keep it if at all possible. The interior doorway to the living room can be moved, but it would have to be down, since the pantry is above it in the floorplan.

The dark black rectangle is a structural beam.

The headless realtor. Ha.

FWIW-this is not our 'forever' home. At least that isn't the plan at this point. ;-)

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Is the current laundry area a closed in space or is it also a hallway to the bedrooms?

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Oh, and where you have the word "pantry", do you mean there are pantry cabinets that open into the kitchen, or is that a pantry door over the girl's head? That area seems to jut out a bit too, or is that an illusion?

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Marti-The laundry is not closed in-it's open to the pantry. It's directly behind that cooktop wall (where the gentleman is pointing) with an interior doorway to the bedroom hall. I'd rather not lose that interior doorway, but I'm open to it if need be. The only thing I emphatically do not want is an island/peninsula cooktop, which is what one of the KDs kept pushing on me.
The small cabinet behind him is a built in ironing board, which I will relocate to the laundry room.

Over my head is a peninsula that hangs down, dividing the kitchen from the hearth room.

The fridge just baaaarely clears the sink when it's open. You can also see the laundry area here.

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I also don't hate the idea of losing the brick wall and the fireplace completely, but I don't know if it's less involved to knock that out vs. move a (likely load bearing) wall. In that last photo above, you can see the support beams on the ceiling. That room is part of the addition that was done in 1981.

We are in Southern California, so the fireplace will be used next to never.

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It would probably help to see the whole floorplan, but if the living room is on the side of the pantry wall, would this work?


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Also also, we thought about instead taking down the wall behind the oven-you can just see the edge of the interior doorway to kitchen to left of FP-, which would expand it into this room (w/ table) which is the original dining room. Too small for us to use as a dining room, so we will likely use it as a quiet reading area/place to play chess & cards. However, that puts it right off the front door, which I'm not sure is quite right, either.

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Marti- so basically you moved the laundry wall back, but not all the way. Hmm...I do like the layout you've proposed, my only pause is that the only access to the kitchen area/backyard is through the bedroom hallway, essentially closing off the house in half. Still though, I like the second option especially, with the island.
I wonder if that layout would still work with an interior doorway on that long wall? Perhaps where the oven/micro is and then just make the cooktop a slide in range?

I'll work on a complete floorplan. Thank you for your input. I think you may be on the right track!

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I like the idea of Marti's second layout. with your proposed door to LR in the spot where the MW is noted. Perhaps the island floats up and joins the range run as a peninsula. Are you open to the possibility of a prep sink in the peninsula/island? The fridge goes to left of sink, I think. You may have to play around with how far apart the sink run and the range run are to strike the right balance.

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Is the backyard on the other side of the living room? I don't know that I'd like the house cut in half. Maybe someone can come up with something that works without limiting access.

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The backyard/pool is on the backside of the hearth room. The main access is through that room, so it does need to be easily accessible.

Angie-I would love a prep sink. Trying to convince DH on the added expense.

I think I have come to the conclusion that trying to keep those original pantry shelves just is not going to work. As much as it pains me to pull out one of the few remaining original features of the house, I think it might be a necessary evil.

I removed the built ins, and moved the doorway to the LR down by about 2 feet. I will have to make the above pictured small dining room the eat-in area, but that's ok.

I worked this up, what do you guys think of this?

I'm planning on open shelving on either side of window, but the ikea app is so fiddly I couldn't get it right.

Not sure of fridge placement, but that's the best I could do. Also, I just realized that my current measurements are from the outside of the built-ins; removing them will likely afford me an extra ~2 feet of depth, so I'll have to adjust accordingly.

And I also just realized I don't have a microwave. Hmmm.

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Would it be possible to put the dining table adjacent to the hearth area where the sink/DW/oven is and relocate the kitchen along the top wall? You could def fit an island then with seating.

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That might work. The only concern is that there is an interior doorway just to the left of the fridge. It can't be moved further down (to the left in the floorplan) as there is a staircase behind it. But there is some flexibility to move it a couple of feet, I think. I'll play around with it and post a photo.
Thanks for your help!

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Drybean- I really like your new plan! I think it will look great and that fireplace is wonderful. What style do you visualize for the kitchen? Any chance of French country? :)

As for the microwave, maybe tuck it into the island? Here's one possibility...

From Kitchen plans

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you're ok w/losing the laundry there? and that big closet?

how about a table to the left of where you have the pantry door in your last layout?

you have 2 FPs? how about switching 1 or both to electric? you can have the atmosphere of a FP w/out the wood/fire mess. just flip a switch. They can also bring heat into the room if needed.

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