Color to go with Chantilly Lace Cabinets

Kimmy0227August 12, 2012

HI Ladies! I would love some suggestions on wall paint color. I am trying to lighten my house and am looking for a neutral wall color - the perfect shade of very light putty/white/grey/beige... :-)

My cabinets are chantilly lace white. Sinks are white ceramic. Pulls and faucets are polished chrome. Counters polished black granite. White subway tile. So basically black, white, chrome and stainless. The floors are yellowed natural hardwoods. I don't know if its possible to make the floors look less yellow via paint.

Whatever color I pick has to go all over the house because of arches and two story living room that is attached. In the living room there is a dark orange and tan oriental and silk drapes that are yellowish green, orange and golden yellow plaid. Furniture is neutral.

Any thoughts? I've looked at swiss coffee, dover white, natural choice, ballet white. So hard to choose and because its everywhere, I need to really be sure.

Thank you so much!


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Hi kimmy,
Take a look at redroze's kitchen and living room. I'm pretty sure her cabinets are chantilly lace and she painted the walls a great neutral, benjamin Moore natural cream. I actually have a big swatch of it in my living room, and I am really loving it. No pink,purple or green. Just a nice neutral greige.

Here is a link that might be useful: Redroze's finished kitchen

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Another couple of perennial neutral faves around here are BM Revere Pewter and Edgecomb Gray. I tried both of these on large poster boards when looking for my FR color (open to my kitchen with BM Simply White cabs), but both were a little more neutral than I wanted. Still, great colors when painted in a large swatch.

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Given the colors in your living room, maybe it would make sense to look at something with yellow-green undertones, like BM Olivetint or Light Breeze, or yellow undertones like Winter Wheat, Ivory Porcelain, Canvas, or Oatmeal.

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You did not specify whether installed light or the available natural light was more important to you. In our case, it was the latter, so we went with BM Acadian White to go with the BM Chantilly Lace cabinets and trim. The Acadian White is continued throughout the first floor.

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Thank you all so much! Since its the color that will go throughout the entire house downstairs it has to be able to match the gold and orange so it seems to be a warmer white that is needed. There is not a lot of natural light. Let's see if I can post a picture.....

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This is the big room attached to my kitchen. I'd like to recover the furniture to be more neutral, but the rug and curtains will stay. Any thoughts on a white wall color????

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This is the view of the curtains and rug. I am planning to recover the sofa and chairs in something more neutral.

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This is the view of the completed kitchen except for the wall paint. I think the yellow is too much of a contrast and would prefer it to be light and clean and neutral. thanks Ladies! I should have posted these before.

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This isn't a substitute for testing an actual paint sample in your space, but here are some of the colors that were mentioned. Sorry, I couldn't find Acadian white. The white box in the middle of each paint swatch is the Chantilly Lace.

Left column, top to bottom: Light Breeze, Olivetint, Winter Wheat

Middle column, top to bottom: Oatmeal, Canvas, Ivory Porcelain

Right column, top to bottom: Natural cream, Edgecomb Gray, Revere Pewter.

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I love the Light Breeze, Winter Wheat and the Ivory Porcelain!

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@Kimmy0227 - I didn't see which paint brands are Swiss Coffee or Dover White, but the ones I know are United and Porter(I think), respectively. Memory serves me that United's 'Swiss Coffee' has a lovely umber undertone, and Porter's 'Dover White' leans toward a yellow-ish undertone. It has been years since I used those colors, so my memory on the Dover White may be off, but I used enough Swiss Coffee that I *know* it is umber-based.

Which ever color you narrow down, the only advice I have to offer is that you make sure to look at the other shades in that white's color family. There are a bazillion shades of "white". They will lean toward grey, blue, green, yellow, orange, and sometimes even purple. In a very small area, that may not make a difference. In a large area, like a living or dining room, it will. The "white" also needs to work with your trim color.

I never choose a white from a color chart of "whites" unless I can see the darker gradations of that white's color family. I really want to know which direction that white is going, and a small paint sample does not tell me.

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Thank you! Very helpful. I have no idea how you did that Cawaps. So cool! I'm going to get some samples to test today!


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Kimmy, that would be an online application (free) called Olioboard. It has proven very useful since I learned it.

I totally agree with Cavimum about looking at the darker tints. You probably wouldn't know it to look at them, but though they all run toward neutral, Olivetint and Light Breeze are in the green family (Olivetint's name gives it away) and winter wheat, ivory porcelain, canvas and oatmeal are in the yellow family). I don't know about the others.

Behr and Kelly Moore both have Swiss Coffees that are almost identical (I've touched up one with the other and you can't tell). I think Benjamin Moore's Swiss Coffee is a bit different--not as light. But my impression of the Behr and Kelly Moore is consistent with Cavimum's comment about it being umber based. My impression has been that it is a very neutral white-not green, not yellow, not pink, but a very very veeerrry light brown.

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