Lavender Lass- Are you still wanting blue countertop??

laughablemomentsAugust 19, 2012

I just found these, which made me think of you. I don't know where you are at in your plans these days, but if you are still longing for blue laminate, it looks like it is available. Hope this helps. : )


(Where did the little box go where we could put links? I feel a bit lost...)

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Here is the link.

Here is a link that might be useful: blue laminate

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Laughable- Thank you for thinking of me! Those are some very nice blue countertops, but a little more gray than I'm hoping to use. But, I appreciate any and all suggestions :)

EAT- Thank you for the link!

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Maybe your link didn't bring them all up. There are over 50 choices. Many don't have any gray in them.

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Hi Lavender, just thought I'd check in and see if, like Senator13 said, maybe you didn't scroll all the way down through the page. There are some true blues on there, some almost electric blues, and some quieter softer ones, too.

Thanks for putting the direct link in for me, Eat! : )

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I'm still hoping to find something similar to the Arborite, which is almost too gray...but the two tone seems to make it least on my monitor. Since it's been discontinued, I can't find any actual samples.

From [Lavender Lass farmhouse pictures](

But it does look great with the bunny tile (also no longer available). From Lavender Lass farmhouse pictures

Since I like this combination so much...and nothing else seems to be quite as good...I might just have some tile painted and use a blue ceramic tile countertop.

I did like the flower tiles (when I was thinking about having the brick fireplace/current living room, as the kitchen) but the bunnies seem to look better, in the smaller space of the original kitchen.

Thanks again for the link! :)

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