KAW...venting :)

trailrunnerbikerAugust 16, 2013

We have a built in Miele deep fat fryer. I promised my chef son that when I did the kitchen 7 yrs ago we would have one that would fry like his at the restaurant. We got it and we use it. Wonderful appliance and still works like it did when installed. During and after dinner and there is no odor in the house...would never know we had steak and fries . Thanks to the 1400 cfm Tradewind liner . It is 54" wide...the exact width of our cooking area. Mounted at 33 " above the cook surface we only run it on low or med. It is enough to clear all the HOGS and then some. Have never had any grease on our open shelves.

Here are pics....

fries in the fryer :

strips on the grill pan from Lodge Logic....you can see the HOGS ascending !

Yum...curry catsup made with Alton Brown's curry powder recipe...we got used to eating it with patat frites in Holland.

DH and I split one steak...the other will be tomorrow's steak salad ! Dinner with wine....17.50 for 2....can't beat that and way better than any restaurant...except DS1 :)

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Venting, ha! I want to reach out and grab a few of those fries, they look amazingly crisp. Very curious though about how you deal with the oil/lard for frying. It gets better as you use it, no, until a certain point? How does one store it? Glad to hear about DS's new restaurant and charcuterie (that I can actually pronounce!) but a meal at your home I think would be an equally lovely treat :)

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I haven't thought about curry catsup in a long time. Used to love it with fries (pommes frites) when I lived in Germany. I'll have to look up the curry recipe. Thanks for the reminder.

BTW, your breads (on the other thread) look fabulous!

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hey old bat...the Miele holds one gallon. We use peanut oil. There is a drain in the bottom of the fryer. We usually use the oil frequently for non-messy stuff...like tortilla chips and fries and then DH takes it out and stores it in the gallon container it came in , in the fridge. We go in fits and starts as far as eating fried stuff. Have had a number of parties lately so it has been in the fryer. When it is about time to toss the oil we use it for chicken/shrimp etc that will make it unfit to save. Since it is only a gallon and since we sometimes go for weeks and not use it, this system works well.

Anna I will link to the curry powder. We loved it in Germany too ! Just add to taste to the catsup..I use Heinz. I also add a sprinkle of sugar as the curry can be a bit bitter. Do toast the spices gently before grinding. And thank you for looking at the breads. c

Here is a link that might be useful: Alton Brown curry powder recipe

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yum! you never disappoint. I can see where you DS gets his cooking genes. i always look forward to your kaw pics!!

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Thanks for the link to the curry catsup! I'll give it a try soon.

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michou you are sweet ! He was over here yesterday and had baby with him. DH was making his pasta and baby turned the crank...so cute. We are passing on the genes:)

Hope you like it anna...please post back c

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