18 inch pantry

marybeth1August 21, 2008

Hi! Does anyone out there have an 18inch pantry? I am trying to fit one into my layout and the largest I can go is 18 inches ands that's also going down to a 30 inch sink base. I guess I am wondering if its worth it. Any input would be helpful. Thanks.

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I would only go that narrow if you can have pull-out shelves. You will loose some space with pullouts, but at least you will be able to see what you have.

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I have a 36 inch combo utility/pantry with one side being the broom closet and the other being the pantry. I second the vote for pullout shelves. Although you technically lose some space with pullouts, I think it's a wash, because I pack more items into a pullout than I would on a regular shelf. It's definitely doable, and if that's all the space you have -- you will be able to make it work.

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Several cabinet makers make 18" pantries w/pullouts - they're expensive and a little narrow, but I almost bought one. Here's a picture of one made by Schrock:

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Please do a search on the pullout pantries before deciding that it is the answer -- one of the more respected voices on this forum doesn't like hers/his.

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Thanks guys, I will do a search on pullouts bluekitchenob
I tried with the 18 inch pantry and could not find any thing. Thanks for the input.

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I have one. The only space I could find for a pantry was 18 inches wide by 24 inches deep and that took some maneuvering (it just fits between a wall and a window.) We started with a floor to ceiling utility cabinet that was 15 inches wide, but we decreased the size of the window trim to get it up to 18 inches (the minimum width for pull out shelves). Despite some of the complaints about pull out shelves we wanted them in this cabinet because otherwise it was going to be too narrow and deep to see anything in it. Although my kitchen isn't officially done yet I loaded it last weekend with snacks and school lunch stuff to get ready for my daughter's first day of school. It works great. Sure I can't fit nearly as much into it as one of those enormous pantry cabinets and it certainly isn't as efficient as a walk in pantry, but I just didn't have any room to put either of those in my small kitchen. As it is I only really have a couple of upper cabinets in the entire kitchen so I didn't have many options. Ultimately although its not ideal (this is one of those cases where I compare my small kitchen to the grand kitchens with butler's pantries, coffee/wine bars and walls of storage that you see on this site) but its certainly much easier to find things and far better than anything I had in my old nightmare of a kitchen.

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I have an 18" pantry and am very happy with it. Mine is 24" deep and goes from floor to ceiling. I have pull out shelves on mine. I didn't have a pantry at all in my old kitchen, so I'm thrilled to have one!

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Just get the shelves that pull out individually if you can....not the ones that are all attached to the door and pull out en masse.

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Is your pantry at the end of your cabinet run? I only had 12" for a pantry. Since it was on an end run I opted to put the doors on the 24" side and have 12" deep fixed shelves. It's very efficient. I LOVE it! It really maximizes the space. Since I didn't have a pantry before, I figured it was better than nothing.

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...ands that's also going down to a 30 inch sink base...

Do you mean it's a tall cabinet (floor to ceiling) next to a 30" sink base or it's a cabinet that will only go from the ceiling to the top of the 30" sink base?

Either way, does this mean there will be no work area next to your sink?

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Thanks for all the input. Barb yes it is on the end against the wall. I am trying like heck to post my layout no luck I know how to post pic thanks to GW but I have to figure out how to get it from my scanner to my pics, I can only get it as far as my documents I know that sounds dumb but I working on it. I was also thinking of having the pantry come down to just the counter on the other end by my fridge 23 inches wide there but only 12 inch depth there. I will try to post my layout. Tried to figure it out all morning! Wish me luck.

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Buel, It is a floor to ceiling pantry the pantry next to wall then dishwasher then sink ( sink base 30 inches to accomadate pantry )then 36 inch corner cabinet.

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Not sure what your other wall configuration looks like, but there are very nice pullouts for blind corner cabs now. You could gain 12" by using a blind corner cab instead of the 36" susan, then you would have room for a 36" sink base and a 24" pantry (even if you do a 24" pantry cabinet, get the pullouts. I had one with stationary shelves in our last house. It was MISERY because the shelves were too deep and everything kept getting lost).

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We have two 18" pantries- technically, we use one as a pantry and the other as a broom closet (in the tall bottom half), and recycling (yellow bag and blue bag), and tall stock pot storage in the top section.

We absolutely love the pantry- we have individual pullout shelves (I even have two on the top part), and though I begrudge losing an inch on one side to spacers for the hinges, it is such a pleasure to be able to access everything.

I think the negatives are for the 'pullout' pantries that are all one piece. I actually have a side mount 'pullout pantry' on my closet side, as this was the only way to gain storage space- perfectly appropriate for the items stored there like shoe polish, extra cloths, etc. Things that I don't need to be accessing several times a day.

Pantry side

Broom closet side

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