Fridge & Freezer decision - help needed!

MaversAugust 7, 2013

I have gone to numerous appliance stores and looked on-line for photos and tried to figure out what we'll need in the future, but I can't settle on a firm answer so thought I'd post here.

The situation:
- new home build
- can choose any size fridge (counter or full depth too)
- have a walk in pantry near the kitchen (10 - 15' away?)
- family of 5 (3 young kids - growing, obviously!)
- likely going to spend about $2000 - $3000 on fridge/freezer options (considering Samsung, KA, FP, others?)
- lots of Costco shopping, with some small grocery store stops (probably shop once a week at each)
- would like to start buying more 'bulk' meat to freeze
- don't use a lot of ice, will have treated water at the sink, but only one sink; can't decide if we want water/ice in the door even!
- can't really get a sense of how much I'd miss a freezer in my kitchen??? Anyone have this? Are the all fridges good quality?

Possible scenarios and combinations:
1) Huge french door refrigerator in kitchen, nothing in pantry (possible freezer in basement)

2) French door fridge in kitchen, bar fridge in pantry

3) French door fridge in kitchen, stand up freezer in pantry

4) All fridge in kitchen, stand up freezer in pantry

5) Some other combination - could put chest freezer in basement, etc.

Please give suggestions as to how to know what size of fridge is adequate!?!? And any other thoughts...

So many decisions with building a house and this one is taking the cake so far - I've been researching for months and keep coming up short of a final decision.


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How about an all fridge/freezer like the Frigidaire pair? About 3K will get it done. I almost, almost bought these but just couldn't give up that much space. Got a used Subzero 48" sxs that I really like, so all is well with that.

Do check out the Frg/Fzr combo.

Here is a link that might be useful: All fridge

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Thanks Deedles.

We don't have enough for the all fridge/all freezer combo to both go in our kitchen. But I'm wondering about that combo just separated (fridge in kitchen and freezer in pantry)?

(The SZ are very nice looking fridges...out of my price range though. Let me know if you find another used one!)

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Check out Craigslist. You'd be surprised. We paid 300.00 for ours, 500 to move it and another 500 to fix it. Works like a charm!

Anyway, someone here has the f/f combo and did split it with the freezer into their pantry... can't remember who that was but it wasn't more than a year or two ago...

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When we remodeled we got a CD, FD fridge (Kenmore Elite made by LG..very happy with it) and put old SXS in garage...just a few steps from mud room door. More convenient than lugging stuff up and down basement steps, especially when storing extra for parties. If you don't have your old fridge still, buy a used one for garage or basement. Not sure how big your pantry is or if you would want to lose regular space there to a fridge or freezer. You're either an ice person or not...I am and love having it through the door. Your kids may like this feature also as they get older.

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I recently shopped for a fridge for a new build. I ended up going with the Frigidaire Professional CD FD. It has the mini fibre optic lights which are nice. I opted not to have the water or ice on the exterior and didn't even hook up the water line. I read that the majority of failures for fridges related to the ice maker and prefer the cleaner look without it. I don't have kids though so that might make a difference.

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We have an all fridge/freezer split. I have the Frigidaire all fridge and a freezer in the pantry. I love the all fridge and we have 6 of us at home.

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If I could add my 2 cents, Mavers, I would avoid a counter-depth refrigerator if you have the space for a full size. Consider replacement, too--if you plan to stay in this home long enough to replace the refrigerator one day, you probably want to have a standard size.

You note having small children... I recommend a garage refrigerator. As our children grew and played outside with friends from the neighborhood, our garage fridge became the hub for drinks and popsicles (of course, you have to train your kids to ask you first before they offer these to friends, or you'll be heading to Costco much more often than once a week!).

My garage fridge also serves as my back-up freezer, as well as the area where the adults grab a beer/beverage after weekend yardwork and congregating with neighbors.

Back to your kitchen refrigerator, based on your budget, I recommend a good french door model for your kitchen. Then, later down the road, if you find you need more freezer space, add another refrigerator to your basement, garage, or pantry. I would not take up pantry space at this time with a freezer if you're unsure of your needs.

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