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lac1August 27, 2012

I meant to post this in kitchens, but it ended up in home Im posting it here. sorry if its a double. I dont know how to remove it from there.

Just painted olympus white in the kitchen. (SW color) It looked like a nice light gray from the sample that we painted, but now that it hits the whole wall, it looks much more light blue than gray. Any ideas for a better color? Ive got some blue in the kitchen so it doesn't look terrible, but I really didn't want blue walls. I also had a sample of "Grayish" but it looked kind of muddy when we actually put it on the wall. I am horrible at picking paint. It never looks like what I think it will, even after a sample. Thanks for any advice!

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We used Sherwin Williams Tinsmith after trying approximately 1,000 gray paint colors. It was the only gray we found that was a true gray that didn't look blue, purple, green or any other odd color. Here it is in the great room:

We also used it in the gathering room, foyer and kitchen breakfast nook- more pictures of all the rooms here:

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Yes, there's a little blue in there, so in the right light, well, you know. I actually really like the color, though.

In SW I also like SW7015, Repose Gray. It's a light true gray.

I use Ralph Lauren paints. I think Grand (RLUL202) is gorgeous (top), as is Stone (RLUL221) and either would give you the look you want.

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We painted our kitchen in SW Silverplate. It is very much a true gray without any obvious blue, green, beige, or purple undertones. We also had a dozen gray swatches and discovered that most read "othercolorish-gray" so were happiest with the Silverplate. Here is how it looks in a couple different areas with varying light

Nook so no natural light

With overhead lights on

And in the eat in area so with natural light (or as much as their was on a dreary day in December when we originally painted

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I find that colors that look true gray on the paint card generally go blue on me. I look for a gray that gives me a bit of a taupe color feel on the card and I seem to get a truer gray.

BM Revere Pewter and BM Thunder are two grays I have used that don't go blue on me.

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I used SW light french gray in a couple rooms, and it is a true gray. Maybe it's darker than what you want, though. Here's a picture from the SW web site:

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