Christmas lights outside without an outdoor outlet?

linnea56December 4, 2009

How do you do Christmas lights outside when you donÂt have an outdoor outlet? Some of our neighbors screw a socket with outlet into their porch lights but ours is enclosed and there is no room. We could run a really long cord from an outlet in the garage, which is all the way inside by the inside door, run along the inside garage wall around the cars, but when it finally came outside that would mean crossing the walk with it, which is a trip hazard. To not cross the walk would mean a long detour and running it along the front porch under the sill. If I ran one through the window I could not shut it all the wayÂI tried that already.

In years past I just did non-lighted wreaths over the porch lights and outlined a few windows from the inside, but now neighbors on either side have really decorated, and our house stands out for being so dark. I donÂt want to compete, just not look like the Grinch lives here.

I donÂt want to go all out, just set up 3 spiral trees in front. Though I would love a pair of lighted topiaries flanking the front door.

And what do people do about water or snow getting into the power cord outlet?

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I only have one outlet in my side-loading garage too. Last year, I outlined the windows from the inside. Sounds like you already do that. I use that one outlet to light a few strands of lights at the front of the house. Luckily, I don't have to cross a sidewalk with my extension cord for Christmas decorations. (Well, a cord does cross near the steps, but I tuck it up against the step.) At Halloween, I needed to run a cord across the sidewalk so I duct taped it down. I'm not sure how long the tape would last (Christmas decorations stay up a lot longer than Halloween decorations) and I don't know how well it would work with snow/ice/rain.

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There are ext. cord covers available. Check the link below.

I've used them before but they're not completely waterproof.
I've found I can keep water out of my outdoor extension cords by wrapping them with electrical tape. I just did this today on the plugs for heaters that are in my birdbaths. Just make sure the plug isn't near a puddle and try to keep it elevated!

Either way, just be sure you use a heavy gauge ext. cord for outdoor use and that the circuit has a gfi.

Here is a link that might be useful: covers

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I don't have any but solar-powered exterior Christmas lights exist. I found lots by Googling "solar christmas lights exterior". They're not cheap and you'd need to make sure to keep the solar collectors clear of snow, but it does solve your problem. (I'm surrounded by Griswold-wannbes who are trying to outdo each other in the light-pollution department - it's like daylight at midnight on my street - so I don't give a d@mn if anyone thinks it looks "like the Grinch lives here" and I don't think you ought to let others force you into anything either.)

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