Anyone have heat lamps in your bathroom? Are they unattractive?

genab55December 11, 2012

I'm remodeling my master bath and I'm considering using heat lamp/exhaust fans but want wondering if they are tacky looking. Would love to see some pics if anyone has used them and can post pictures.

I had ordered a Panasonic Whisperwarm heater/vent but found out that the wiring wouldn't support it. The lamps take less amps so it would be a good alternative...if they are not too unattractive...any thoughts or pics you could share?

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I had one before I remodeled, and you can just barely see it in the upper right of this photo. It was a two-light model: one was a bulb that was kind of like a high hat, and the other was the same size bulb but a reflective heat lamp. You can buy non-red reflective heat lamp bulbs, too, so don't forget that (although it may seem obvious).

It was kind of like this, too, but the bulbs didn't stick out as much.

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Have you thought of heating the floor instead?

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You can see ours in the upper left corner. Like Kevin says it fits in like a high hat and doesn't stick out at all. It is quite warm but you do need to turn it on ahead of time. The other alternative is the Nutone wall heater. I love love ours in the master bath. I turn it on about 5-10 min before I want to get a shower. The huge bathroom/closet area is toasty by then. A lot cheaper than in floor heating..although I would have loved that too :) c

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I don't have any comments about the appearance of heat lamps, but I do want to say make sure you find one that actually puts out enough heat. As a child, my bathroom had an outstanding heat lamp--you could feel the heat instantly. I LOVED it!

The house we purchased last year, on the other hand, came with a wimpy/worthless lamp/fan product. Neither the lamp nor the fan seems to do very much. Not impressed.

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