Truly comfortable bar stools?

GinaXOXODecember 11, 2012

I can't find them. We are moving and will not have a kitchen table. We have an island that seats 6. Does anyone have bar stools that they really feel are as comfortable as their kitchen or dining room chairs?

If so, where did you get them? Can you post a picture?

I am about to give up.

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Annie Deighnaugh

Perhaps something like this one with upholstered back, seat and a chair on stilts.

I had very comfortable chairs, but they were from the 80s...not the most attractive, but most comfortable...of course they don't make them any more...

Here is a link that might be useful: stools

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We have swivel wrought iron stools with padded seats. To eat at they are comfortable but for sitting on them to talk for hours and I did have the padded stools with arms padded, back padded, and seat padded and they were more comfortable. Little more pricey but if they are your only dining room chairs, I would look at those. I think people with short legs (like me) have trouble with sitting on stools for any length of time.

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Annie, those are very attractive.

Gina, you probably know this already, but stools are either counter height or bar height - make sure you choose the right one for your island.

If your island is counter height (35-37"), you want the seat height to be about 24" high. If it's bar height (42"), you want the seat to be about 30" high. Figure that the stool's seat should be 10 to 12 inches lower than the counter top.

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Thank you everyone.

Bronwynsmom: I am glad you told me the measurements. I knew they were going to need to be higher than my current bar stools but I wasn't sure what to call them or what the height was. That helps!!

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Annie, I am looking for function over fashion. They have to be comfortable. So, if they look like 80's furniture--I don't care. But, first, I want to be sure that I have really searched what is out there.

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We've got the ~$100 leather ones from Target and they're plenty comfortable for sitting for long periods of time.

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Annie Deighnaugh

The ones I had were something like this, though nothing like this....and they were on casters....but fundamentally they were like office chairs that came with bases that were bar stool height.

In fact, as DH and I each worked over 30 yrs in office environments, we've found a lot of office type furniture very functional. Drafting table chairs are designed for long sitting time and can be ergonomically correct, yet give you the height you need for your situation. And they are designed to be durable. But they can also be expensive. But it's an area of the market that is worthwhile exploring.

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That is interesting, Annie. I will take a look. I don't think I want anything that modern but, if they are comfortable, I will go for it!! I will take a look at drafting chairs--would have never thought of it.

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You're welcome.

I like Annie's idea of looking at drafting stools, too. Just be sure you have sat in them before you decide...they can cost from about $150 to many hundreds more, and their comfort also varies substantially.

And as you would when choosing dining chairs, if you want arms, make sure they will glide under your countertop.

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Try the Chromecraft website. You can choose a frame style, frame material, and covering. You may be able to find Chromecraft barstools or dinette chairs at local furniture stores to try out for comfort before ordering.

DH insisted on truly comfortable chairs ( the kind you can happily sit in for a couple of hours). I called around to find out which store had which frames and then went out to "test sit" the styles. We ended out ordering some with leather upholstery and they are great. We've had them for 6 years with no issues.

These won't be the cheapest choice but will last.

Here is a link that might be useful: Chromecraft

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We purchased the Mitchell 26" counterstool and they are amazingly comfortable. Our island is 36" and I wanted a slightly higher stool. Note that we requested a custom stain for the wood and provided our own material.

There are all kinds of threads on this, on the kitchen forum, perhaps searching these will be of help? Good luck, this was one of the decisions which took a long time to make. Best, oldbat2be

Here is a link that might be useful: Carrington Court

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We purchased our bar stools from JC Penney -- they have a wonderful selection. We have two sets - one in our kitchen and the other in our basement bar. The kitchen stools are all wood and stationary. The ones in the basement are swivel with a padded seat. Both very comfortable

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