Schluter Edge Instead of 4 inch Granite Backsplash

tashamh2August 26, 2012

Hi GWers!

I'm still hanging in there after close to 4 months of renovations. It's amazing how I've gotten used to living in dust and debris. Thank you so much for your advice on dealing with my contractor. We are in a much better place now. The basement apartment is pretty much completed and now they are working full-time on the kitchen. See pic if it came through.

I need some guidance on Schluter edge systems. I plan to have a glass tile backsplash that will terminate on the wall opening up to the dining room with a Schluter edge running along the exposed side. However, my architect is trying to convince me that I need either a 4" granite backsplash on the sink wall or a Schluter edge between the countertop and the glass tile so that the glass tile grout doesn't get grimy. I'm not feeling the 4" granite backsplash AND the glass tile backsplash, but can't seem to find pictures of a countertop with a Schluter edge system. I know Badgergal used Schluter for the edge of her tiles. Does anyone have any pictures of Schluter edge being used in lieu of a 4" granite backsplash?

I hope everyone is doing well.


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Just to be clear, you are talking about putting a Schluter edge on the wall, just above your countertop, right?

convince me that I need ... a Schluter edge between the countertop and the glass tile so that the glass tile grout doesn't get grimy.

What does he or she propose to put between the Schluter edge and the countertop? If nothing, won't that lacuna collect dirt like crazy? If grout (but see next comment), how would the Schluter edge change anything?

BTW, typically, one caulks the last "grout line" between the countertop and the tile.

I guess I have never heard anyone complain about that getting dirty.

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Hi Angie_DIY,

Yes, I'm referring to a Schluter edge above the countertop. I guess it's not that common, hence, my inability to find pictures. Thank you for your comments. I can bring these up with architect.

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Tashamh, you are correct that I have the Schluter tile edging along the sides of my glass tile. Never thought to use it were the tile meets the countertop. My backsplash is only behind my cooktop so it's only 48 inches wide but I could have done it as your tile guy is suggesting. Oh well to late for that now. I think your installer has a good idea with that. My sister used the edging on the top of the tile base molding in her bathroom. She loves having it there instead of a line of grout. She also used it as a transition strip between her wood flooring and tile floor.
I bought my Schluter edging at a home improvement outlet store and it was not all that expensive. You might want to use it on the top edge of your tile between the bottom of the upper cabinets and tile.
It should work out great.
Here is a close up of the edge as I used it

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I think that is a great idea! Modern look and easy to clean! I like it way better than the 4 inch backsplash idea or the typical grout.

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I'm not sure if this is what you are looking for, but my backsplash is also done with a schluter edge. I love the look.

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Badgergal - Thank you for posting the pic. I love everything about your kitchen!

Mom2sethc - Gorgeous tile....what material did you use at the bottom of the tile where it connects to your countertop? Grout? Countertop material?

CKGM - if I end up going this route, I will definitely let you know how it works out and will post pics.

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I always use color matched grout caulk at the interface between my backsplash and counters. Grout gets gunky and cracks down there. I grout and then I dig out all the grout that is in the area between my tile and my counters while the grout is wet, then I caulk the next day. The Tile Shop did not have the grout caulk that matched my grout on my last backsplash but I was able to find it and order it online. It is never a perfect match (one is a cement product and one is a adhesive product so it is hard to get the colors perfect) but it is pretty close and looks good. Occasionally I will choose my grout caulk in a color that either matches the tile or counter top material instead of the grout.

You would still need to add something to your Schluter edge (clear silicone most likely) because you need to create a waterproof seal to stop water/liquids from wicking from the countertop behind your tile to your drywall and down to your cabinetry.

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We also used caulk.

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