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jill314August 13, 2013

We have a small kitchen and would like to maximize the space we do have when we renovate. The kitchen is roughly 13' by 8', with a doorway on one of the 8' walls and a window smack in the middle of the other 8' wall. It's the window wall that I'm trying to figure out.

Right now the sink is in the middle of the 8' window wall and we'd like it to stay there. We'll put a dishwasher (24" wide) on one side of the sink. On the other side of the sink, the base cabinets from the perpendicular wall will extend out 24". So basically we're left with 48" between the base cabinets and the dishwasher, with a window centered above that 48" space. I think it makes sense to have the sink centered in that space as well. But I can't figure out what to do with the base cabinets in that 48".

Ideally we'd have some drawers for dish towels and also something for trash. I just don't know how to make it happen. Thoughts?

Thanks so much for your ideas!

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sinks do not NEED to be centered under windows,,in fact if the light/view and ambience in the space comes from the window, playing that stretch up differently can benefit the space.however, one understands the traditional vibe you are thinking of-sink under window/ the other thought is a corner sink because in small kitchens where you are trying to maximize counter runs sometimes that deep corner is very well utilized with a sink which frees other just depends.....Assume you want to proceed with sink under window....have you nailed down the size of cabinet: 27 in cab will provide an ample sink for a small kitchen....30 Inch?....your sink faucet/and placement of trash[under sink?] should be nailed down..and then see what's left. so presume 27 in sink base..21 in left you want pull out trash-that's 15 in with 6in for rollout pantry.....but do you need a buffer filler so doors don't bang on perpendicular runs.....Best is to post even a basic sketch with some where door/window are and where you want fridge/range[has that been figured out?]....small kitchens can work well....don't assume anything about placement until you look at the whole.

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Thanks for your response. I'm attempting to upload a photo of the dimensions and current locations of refrigerator, range, and sink. We don't want to do a lot of moving stuff around for cost reasons. Though it is a small kitchen, we do have a large-ish family (4 kids) and have guests for dinner on a regular basis, as well as hosting large extended family get togethers several times a year (Christmas, Easter, etc). So I definitely want a sink that is larger than what we have, and I think we'll need at least a 30" sink cabinet, if not bigger.

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