the galley sink - anyone have one?

housebuilder14August 11, 2014

are they worth the $$$$?
looks cool but wow expensive

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Had to google it, had never heard of it.

I would say there would be two requirements that might make me consider it:
1) with a sink in the island or peninsula where it's 'facing the action'
2) if I really knew how my kitchen/layout/zones were going to work for me before I reno'd. Having used our sink and range for the first time yesterday, I can say that it's going to take a bit for us to find our groove. And it'll be different on one-cook days vs. two-cook days, I'm sure.

Example: I was sure my prep area would be to the left or right of my only sink, because that's really the only area I ever had. People said I'd use the island more. And so far I have. But both nights, working in the kitchen, there were two of us so one on one side and one on the other. Then..yes. Alone...don't know yet.

Here is a link that might be useful: The galley sink website

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We are getting one! After seeing the galley sink mentioned here, I found the website and watched the videos. I was fascinated and could not stop thinking about it. Other sinks are similar in concept and I have looked at them all. I think the galley sink accessories make it the most versatile. We are still trying to decide what size is best. They will make custom sizes so maybe 4-1/2â is right for us. They are making a new 5â size that will fit in a standard depth cabinet. Our sink will be in a large island so we donâÂÂt have to worry about cabinet depth but it is a big plus for people who are putting their sink along the perimeter.

My countertop is tile. The area to the right of our double bowl sink is the landing pad for dishes and other things that need to be rinsed, hand washed, etc. I put a cutting board there years ago in order to keep the grout somewhat protected. How did I determine that such a large sink would be right for us? I measured the sink and the cutting board and it is 4-1/2'. I would much rather have all this sink related activity be on or in the sink instead of using the counter next to it. Another plus is having 2 faucets. Whenever I am doing something in the sink such as washing and draining veggies etc. someone always comes along and wants to wash their hands or something and I have to move out of the way, This drives me crazy! We are not doing a prep sink so the size will allow more than one person to use the sink comfortably.

The cost? I would never have considered spending so much on a sink before I saw this one. I consider the sink the heart of the kitchen so I have decided it is worth it.

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They look cool, but I just don't think I could ever serve food from my sink. I don't trust myself to keep it clean enough. Maybe if I had a separate prep sink for raw meat, but then I'd have two sinks anyway and wouldn't need such a big sink.

I like the chopping idea though. A similar but smaller version is the Kohler Indio which I considered briefly before realizing it was way too big for my kitchen.

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thanks susie - i will check out the kohler indio
lee -- what are the other similar sinks you looked at?

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"The Galley is an award-winning, super functional workstation unlike anything youâÂÂve ever seen." ~~ from the site

Not really. Yes, it's fancier with more new-fangled features, but it's pretty much what I had in my apartment in Hyde Park, Tampa in 1968. It must have been 5' long with one really deep sink and sliding drainboards. I absolutely loved it and have been longing for one ever since!

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Have you looked at the Kallista kitchen sinks by Mick De Giulio? I put the Kallista Soltiere into my new kitchen. I was hesitant about having a stainless sink, but the stainless has not bothered me at all. It's pretty quiet and has a nice finish. I first considered the Multiere, but in the end decided I didn't want the extra sink space as much as I wanted the extra countertop space. The Soltiere is extremely functional, and I'm sure the Multiere would be even more so.
Before I limited myself on size, I looked at a couple of installed Galley sinks. The sinks were great. The deciding factor for me as I debated between the Galley sinks and the Kallista sinks was, I guess, based on form, except that I don't think I sacrificed much function in my decision. My very contemporary home has an open kitchen/living space. My main sink was to be in an island. The Galley (even the shorter one) is a very big "hole" in the island. The Kallista is a smaller "hole", but is wider at the bottom, if that makes sense. The Kallista sink slants out as it goes down, so the floor of the sink is bigger than the "hole" above. The Kallista was also shallower than the Galley which I thought I would like because I had plans for the cabinets below. The Kallista is a little more refined looking. If my kitchen had not been open to so much of my public areas, I would have chosen the Galley. Because I knew it would be very visible, I wanted it to be less of an attention grabber. I like that the Kallista sink is bigger functionally than it looks.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kallista Multiere and Soltiere sinks

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housebuilder14, I am going to toilet paper your house for poisoning me with that sink...Mind blown...Now I have to have one.

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The Galley and other suggested large sinks look beautiful, but are so expensive. As a Kohler Stages 45 owner, I would suggest you get the size and look that fits your needs for the least expense. I love the versatility of my 45" sink, especially because of the shelf and included accessories. I believe the shelf is the most useful aside from its size. My husband and I work at the sink at the same time and do not get in each other's way. I love my setup!

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bbtrix- your counters are gorgeous!

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housebuilder14, the other sinks I've looked at are Kohler Stages, Kallista and Blanco. I prefer The Galley Sink because of the accessories and the way they work together.
Because of a design change we have decided to get the 4'.
I can't wait!

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I just found this thread whilst looking for reviews of The Galley Workstation. What a great thread! I'm curious, Leealison, if you have gotten it installed yet and if so how do you like it. Is it as wonderful as it looks? My hubs is wondering if 1/2 of the utilization goes out the window when you add a food processor to the kitchen - no need to spend hours at the cutting board. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Our sink is here but our kitchen isn't finished. Countertop will be installed Dec. 9th. I can't wait! I think that a food processor would not make any difference as far as the utilization of the the sink goes. I will definitely let you know how it's working out once I get a chance to use it.

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Wow, just in time for Christmas! Should be great to have for the holidays. Please do send an update once you have a chance to try it out. We are seriously considering it but have some concerns that I'd like to put to bed before we plunk down the $$ for it. Would love to see pics of your new kitchen too!

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Sorry to hijack a thread, but I must reiterate how gorgeous your countertop is, BBtrix! What are they and what type of finish did you use?

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Much more affordable alternative at the link.

(I've no association w/ or first hand knowledge of the product.)

Here is a link that might be useful: 48

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Thanks for posting ci_lantro! I hadn't seen this one yet. So far, I think this is the best priced alternative for what it offers.

We've looked at several sinks and they all seem to be missing something though. The Kohler stages has limited accessories (colander, bowls, etc.) and the cutting board is 12+ pounds. Some can't be under mounted, some are still about the same price as a Galley (saw a normal size, SS sink for $3k) and some are just so awkward and kwirky (sp?). I'm still not 100% sold on the Galley or how to integrate it into our kitchen but it's the strongest contender, for us, so far.

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Kiwigem and mom2sulu - Thank You!! I love it too. It is Craft-Art DIY Black Walnut. I finished it with Original Waterlox.

ci_lantro - that sink is a great find and the website has lots of alternatives. That particular sink is an overmount. Their accessories will work with my Stages, so I'm going to order a colander and chopping board since they will fit perfect and are so inexpensive.

As I have learned how best to use my sink, I have found the side platform to be invaluable along with the use of the two flip trays. I use the trays to thaw frozen foods and use the large tray flipped over as a cutting board. It's great that these trays are up, out of the sink, so I am using the two levels at the same time and move them out of the way as needed. I have several small colanders that I also use in the bottom of the sink yet still have a cutting board above it-no wasted space. It is amazing how much prep can be done at the same time. I use the Stages very similar to the Galley concept.

Regarding the food processor question, it does not impact usage at all. Cleaning and prepping food prior to chopping and then be able to organize clean up without cross-contamination is the most valuable function of these sinks. I put my food processor to the left of my side platform so the cleaned and prepped food can be placed directly in the processor. Frankly, I've had food processors for more than 30 yrs and while they have their place, I prefer the control that hand chopping gives.

With the addition of another colander and cutting board that I will purchase at BAI (ci_lantro's link) I will have the perfect setup for the way I cook. I am 100% satisfied with the excellent functionality of the Stages 45 and feel my $1000 investment is well worth it. Cleaning is such a huge part of cooking and this sink works hard! I'll have to take a picture during cooking and post. For those that do not mind spending the $$$$ for the Galley, I do think it will be highly functional, especially if you do a lot of scratch cooking.

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