Kitchen progress pics (a 'little Redroze' kitchen!)

thrilledtoremodelAugust 1, 2009

Hello all,

As some of you know, I fell desperately in love with Redroze's kitchen a few months ago. I am attempting to do a mini version of her kitchen, with some tweaks:

-we went with w/golden oak floors, to match the rest of our main floor, too lazy to refinish existing floors :)

-our cabinets were built from a 'soft maple'- great for painting, not staining. So our island is a painted dark brown, not stained.

-our cabinet maker could not replicate all of the lovely detail on her cabinet's faceframe, he didn't have the right tools.

I am sure there are other things, but I just want to say a big THANK YOU to Redroze, your taste is exquisite!

Here's the before:

And here's the "in progress":

And the cabinets are delivered- hurray!

My wall love love...

pardon the lighting...the cabinets are white (Benjamin moore Chantilly Lace of course!)

And an idea from my gardenweb friends- a pullout cabinet, with the top drawer separate- so you can easily access items...

Also went with a 90 degree right turn on the corner- my old cabinets had a 45 degree turn and it always felt like it was 'in my face' ;)

More to come, i'll keep y'all posted!


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Hi thrilledtoremodel,

I'm redroze's husband and I generally focus on the technical stuff.

It looks like things are coming along! Have they installed all the knobs on your cabinetary yet or just the three I see there?

Also, good job on having the cabinetry go so high, because of this it will look really nice if you put crown molding up in the future.

The 90 degree corner looks way better. Good job on changing that.

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Hi thrilledtoremodel!! I was just delighted to see your post. I am so ectastic that you were inspired by our kitchen and have been anxious to see your progress pics. When I was scrolling down your post I had absolute butterflies in my tummy!! The tweaks you mentioned will just serve to make your kitchen uniquely yours.

It's kind of weird to compliment your kitchen given it was based on mine...but what the heck. =) The chantilly lace looks amazing, don't you just love it? Your shaker style cabinets are classic so don't worry about not having the additional detail. Your wall-to-wall white pantry is awesome and I'm sure you'll love the functionality of it. I actually like the style of your french windows (above the sink) over my style.

Did you decide to paint your walls Natural Cream, even though your floors will be the golden oak? Did you decide to do a white sink rather than my biscuit sink (which to this day I still see as a mistake, as much as I love the sink to death)?

I'll be honest - I am dying to see more progress pics so keep 'em coming!

And congrats! Best wishes on the smoothest remodel possible.

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Hello Redroze & her beloved Tin man!

To answer your questions-

-no, not all the hardware is on yet- the wall pantry (bottom half) has to go back for another coat of paint- the color was off.

-The crown molding will go in this week (I hope!)

-LOVE LOVE LOVE the chantilly lace!!! so glad I went with more of a white (almost ordered 'pearl' by Thomasville- too yellow for me)

-Going with a BM 'Riff' color= a little darker than your walls I think- my goal is to draw the eye upwards (away from my floors)...I think the white will contrast nicely w/it...

-Stainless steel sink- single bowl, undermount. But you will see pics next week- I did find your Danze faucet- its gorgeous!!

Thanks so much for the feedback guys, will post more pics in a few days!


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The cabinets ARE fabulous!
I can't wait to see them in person.
Loving the no-soffits.

So happy for you.

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I too am a redroze kitchen fan and I think you will do her proud! How totally exciting for jealous. My kitchen is no where near posting pics. Love your me inspiration for my wall pantry. keep posting pics!

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Looks really nice so far!!

Can I ask who is the manufacturer that you used for your cabinetry??

I'm trying to figure out who to use for inset door cabinetry. Lots of options, but not sure who has good quality. I don't think that I can afford custom. Yours look very nice!!

What are you using for counter tops?


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Hey Kristin,

What's the colour code for Riff? I want to see it on my paint chip booklet thingy.

The Chantilly Lace is an amazing colour. After you get over the fear of doing white (if you had that fear at all, that is), you realize that it makes such an impression and is just so fresh.

The stainless steel sink will go great with the Bianco Antico. Really glad you found the Danze Opulence faucet, you'll love it!

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Hi guys!!! Pics WILL be posted tonight, I promise!! Thanks for the compliment firsthouse- I will take lots of wall pantry pics for you.

Abananie- I LOVE my new custom cabs- if you are near Shrewsbury MA (he's in Millbury) and can wait till then, you are welcome to see them. Price was 13K installed- the same price as the Thomasville cabs from Home depot we almost ordered.

The granite is called Bianco Antico, I adore it. Great granite guys too- NO SEAM!! They are out of Southboro MA (

VERY afforable- I think because we were able to do our kitchen from one, oversized slab- so the whole kitchen was More tonight!


Redroze- Riff is code #: C2- 358M

here is his info:

Al Loader, Loader Cabinets, 508-865-9012

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Almost done- so very very happy with how its turned out. And for those of you wondering how we did via the 'time line'...not too bad- we were eating in our kitchen Aug 7th (we were aiming for August 3rd). Things not done yet: microwave install, some baseboard trim, crown molding, and someday I'll get around to choosing a backsplash.

So here's the granite going in:

And here's some of the pretty-much-done kitchen:


Cabinets, Custom with Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace for perimeter, and BM Black Bean Soup for the island.

Lighting over island, Hudson Valley (Polished Nickel, 140-PN)

Faucet- Danze Opulence

Stove- GE slide-in electric range

Fridge- Kitchen Aid

Sink- got on overstock, 30" single bowl

Hardware: ordered pulls from Restoration hardware (Aubrey), but got knobs for $5.95 each from
(#3278-38)with free shipping

Thank you EVERYONE (especially Redroze) for your help!!! its been great!!


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Eeek....I love it!!! The Riff paint looks amazing with your floors. And the just made them work with the dark island. Your floors are actually less golden than our old floors, they're more a blond really rather than golden. At least on my monitor.

The beadboard looks GREAT. I really like how the Chantilly Lace cabinets pop against the Riff walls. Those knobs are a great find, look like they're from RH!!

I'm so jealous of your stainless steel sink! I wish I would have done ss or maybe a white silgrant sink instead of the biscuit that I have. One day we'll rip it out and put in a new one. ;-)

Your kitchen has a great feel to it - bright, spacious, well-planned, elegant yet warm. It looks like it's begging for many celebrations and family dinners.

You're very welcome Kristin!! And thank you for liking my kitchen enough to do a "mini" version of it, but from the looks of your kitchen there is nothing mini about it all. It's phenomenal.

Enjoy it!


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Looks lovely!

I noticed that the soffit above your old cabinets was removed. Did you DIY that yourself? If so, did you find you had a lot of stuff you had to re-route?

We have soffits as well, but are unsure of what is in them. I'm thinking houses built in the 80s might have purely decorative soffits...So, what year was your house built?

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Redroze, thank you for your kind words. Your help was invaluable.

Strechad- we didn't DIY anything- we found a great home repair guy- for under $1K he removed the soffits, recessed our fridge (into the bathroom closet on the other side of the wall), and took down a small decorative wall (it was to hide the side of the fridge when it was in a different location). Our house was built in 1998, we are not the first owners. The soffits were decorative only- we found nothing except a dead (really big!) bees nest.


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As those of us with with Bianco Antico say, welcome to the BA club! Your kitchen looks great! Have you found yourself hugging the island yet? I can't stand the thought of putting anything on mine, except my crystal vase with some flowers!

I will be checking out your paint color, this has been one of the hardest things for me to decide because I am trying to emphasize the browns rather than the little gray mine has in it. Right now, for us the leader is Pismo Dunes by BM.

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! It looks great!

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Wow, it looks fabulous! I can see why you chose all those redroze elements, they just look so good together - I can't imagine anything looking better (but then, I bet that granite does shine in any kitchen). You must be so happy!

You beat me by 2 days - I made breakfast on Sunday, and I made dinner and served it in the new dining room on Sunday night. We *could* have been eating on 8/7, but friends had us over for dinner, and I still had a ton of painting and cleaning to do, so Saturday ended up being pizza. I didn't feel right about making a meal and not having anywhere to serve it, so it had to be the kitchen AND dining room ready. Here's a picture of us eating:

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Great picture Lynne! now where are the rest of the kitchen pics? ;)

Thanks Beekeeperswife- I am loving the riff color, definitely brings out the brown. Good luck w/your paint choice, I am sure it will be lovely.

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Hey Thrilledtoremodel, can you post more views?? I'd love to see another shot of the bar stools with the island, and the pendants. And a full shot of the island on the drawer side. Pretty please?

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r u going to have a hood over your cooktop?

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In case cflaherty is still interested and Kristin doesn't get back here, I'll help answer. She put in an Advantium above the range.
Heeheee: it took a tiny bit to convince her husband to spend the money on the Advantium, but now he's the one who loves it more :)

Yes, Kristin has to come back to post final pix w/ the backsplash in and the final moldings.
The kitchen looks amazing in person, and it hosts parties well. Love the functional layout.

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