Finally finished!

eastfallsglassAugust 24, 2011

This is my first time posting to the forum; but I've been lurking for a long time. This forum has been a great source of inspiration and hints. We've finally completed the remodel of the kitchen in our 1920's home in Philadelphia. As the third owners of the very 'intact' home, we wanted to create a kitchen which would fit in with the age and character of the house.

The only change to the floorplan of the house was that we closed off the door from the kitchen into the center-hall. Now the kitchen is accessed only from the dining room, or from the rear entrance of the house. There was a door to the center-hall and a small pantry; that space is now where the fridge and surrounding cabinets live.

The cabinets were ordered, but I did a good deal of the work, including the floor, countertop and back-splash. Prior to this renovation, the kitchen had a combination of original cabinets and a 'modernization' that was done in the mid-50's. The original cabinets were not economically salvageable, however the new cabinets are in the same style as the originals and the Chambers cook-top was part of the old kitchen.

Here are some pictures of the end result:

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Absolutely stunning...I just love it! AND the cooktop is amazing...Congratulations.

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Love, love, love the turquoise walls!

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very cool..retro industrial thing going on..some serious cooking will be happening there. Love how you stuck to an overall theme....and made me think of grandmother and all her apple pies, Thanksgiving/Easter dinners made in that type of kitchen..even without a dishwasher.

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Lovely! I love the style! Can you post the specifics of the materials and appliances? I'm very curious about it all. And the Traulsen fridge...did you buy it new or was it there already? We had one in our last house and I have never seen one or heard of it anywhere else.

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Sure, lots of details, wasn't sure how interested folks would be... If there are any specific details not mentioned here, feel free to ask.

* Floor is marmoleum, bought as a sheet and cut into period-appropriate 9" tiles (they only make tiles pre-cut to 13" and 20").

* Countertops are 'recycled' soapstone, bought a couple of leftover pieces from the yard. They rough cut it and I did the final cuts, sink cut-out etc... onsite.

* Backsplash is 2"x4" marble subway tile. The tiles were removed from the backing sheet and individually lain because I did not like the 3/16"+ grout-lines on the sheet.

* Traulsen was purchased from the 'scratch-and-dent' room at a local appliance store. We had to put some money into it to get it running 100%, but it was way cheaper than any of the built-in options and (in my opinion) has a nicer look than most.

* Cabinets are painted maple, custom-made by Oxford Cabinet Shop in Oxford, PA. They were fantastic to work with, and the price was around half the other custom quotes we got. Their price was comparable to the higher-line cabinets at Home Depot, but it is a true custom job.

* Dishwasher is Bosch, scratch-n-dent special, oven is Miele, ebay.

* Faucets, sink, etc... were all sourced online.

I haven't done an official tally, but I'd estimate total cost, cabinets, countertop, appliances, floor between $20K and $23K. The only thing we saved from the old kitchen was the Chambers cooktop. The servant call bell we also 'saved' - it is functional, though I don't think my wife would be terribly responsive if I called for something.

We have a few things left on the list, including changing out the ceiling fan/light for some more historically appropriate pendants and having the local sheet metal shop make some shelving for the back splash under the hood. But there's no urgency since we have a kitchen again!

Thanks for all the kind feedback.

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Great kitchen and I like your Steinlen cat too. :)

I am intrigued by the DIY soapstone idea. I've seen it on this forum a few times now. I asked the rep at a tile and stone shop about it and she said no, soapstone couldn't be DIY'd. Hmpf.

My hat is off to you for the care and attention to detail that led you to cut your own Marmoleum squares. A fine job all round!

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Stunning kitchen! It looks like it can't be very big, but yet feels open and bright. I like how it's got a classic look overall, but so many little details are unique. Fantastic checkerboard floor, definitely a subtly different look from standard issue larger tiles. The black pencil tile border around the backsplash is very cool, too. I love your bookcase cabinet over the oven. The soapstone over the radiator is very neat-looking, as well, and is that tin ceiling tile behind it?

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Fantastic job! Kudos to you!
Is your hood the 1200 cfm one from ebay? I think mine was $699 and shipped from texas. How well does it work? Ours isnt functional yet, so i wanted to find out if it was actually worth paying extra for the increased CFMs. Have you tried that vent test, to see how far it can suck up a piece of paper from? It was a recent thread.
Congrats again!

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Beautiful kitchen. All of the special savings were the touches that make it unique and so usable. As to the servant's bell....I am not absolutely sure but if you gave ME a kitchen that pretty you could probably push it and get an acceptable response...once a day anywho :) c

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Geeze, just looking at this makes my heart race. Think I'll just skip the gym this morning and stare at your gorgeous kitchen instead. Really, this is so beautiful and full of unique touches (loooove the window over the sink, and the floor, and the fridge.....and everything else...) when I one day get a craftsman of my own (my pipe dream) I want it to look just like this. Beautiful work!

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I love it. You did a beautiful job in all respects.

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Your kitchen is beautiful!! Please tell me about the soapstone remnants and installation. I'm assuming you did some DIY with it. We have looked for remnants or slabs, but it doesn't seem like a possibility in Atlanta. In fact it seems like the dealers in my area gets their slabs from the same guy, which I can too (if I'm willing to wait as he's pretty limited). I was just hoping to get a better price (than top dollar) on my update.


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I've lived in NJ for over 30 years but I'm a Philly girl at heart - and it's going pitter-patter right now. Your kitchen is wonderful! I grew up in a Philly row home and though it was small it really was all we ever needed. Now I've come full circle and I'm back in a terrific townhouse in NJ that I love - it makes me feel like being back in Philly!

I've been planning and dreaming my kitchen for the past year but still not ready to sign on the dotted line. I keep reading GW and have gained much help and wisdom.

Enjoy your new kitchen. Your love and pride comes through.

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I like your wall color - it reminds me of a robin's egg. That's a neat refrigerator; what are the three drawers for and how deep is it? I don't think I've ever seen one of those... maybe once before, but they must be a rare appliance, though. I think it was smart to put a counter over your radiator. Perhaps it will keep food warm if you have a lot of company over?
Beautiful job - it's really pristine and sharp.

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I love your kitchen! You did a fabulous job! You made some really great choices, but I have to say my favorite part is the floor. It was the perfect choice.

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You nailed it! Just adorable!

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Lake Girl my soapstone guy works in the Atlanta area as well as over here in AL and all the way up to the GA mountains. Would you like his name.? I have given it to others here on GW and they too were impressed with him. He gets beautiful stone and very good prices. Shoot me an email and I will get Mike's info for you. c

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Love it!
Details on the gorgeous turquoise paint color? So pretty, especially paired with the white cabinets!

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Beautiful! Love the old school marmoleum checkerboard floors! That combined with the turquoise & soapstone make your kitchen sing. Gorgeous! Enjoy your beautiful new kitchen.

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Wow!!! That is stunning! I like the soapstone over the radiator!

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@northcarolina and @Lake_Girl - We got our Soapstone from M. Teixeira in Hackensack, NJ. They have a yard with scrap which they sell by the sq. foot, the caveat being that you need to buy the entire scrap piece. They did the rough-cut rectangular sections, and I did the rest at home. We have around 35 sq. feet of countertop, and a 3' x 5' piece of leftover and the cost was around $1800 including delivery.

Doing the cuts and holes on the stone is not too difficult, however there are lots of opportunities for mishaps. Most of the difficulty is in how heavy and potentially brittle the soapstone is. Carrying it is like carrying a piece of drywall, it needs to be transported vertically to avoid any possibility of it cracking in half from its own weight. And it is very heavy.

I used a circular saw with dry tile blade, hand drill with toothed hole-saw and a jigsaw to do all the cutting. The experience of working with the material was about what I expected, it is a soft, easy to tool material.

@juniork - I suspect it is the same one. $699, shipped from Houston. I'm very happy with it, its quieter than expected. Haven't done the paper test, but its quite powerful. My only complaint about it is that its not really the advertised 42", the actual measurement is around 41". We centered the hood over the 42" backsplash and used the pencil tile to outline the hood, including a small return detail that obscures the difference in size.

@dee850 - The kitchen is 9.5' x 13', excluding the recess holding the fridge and surrounding cabinets.

When we moved in, the walls and ceiling kitchen was covered in 80's vintage floral wall paper. To make the kitchen livable before the remodel, we removed all the wall paper. However, there was damage to the plaster behind the sink and stove, and we put up the plastic 'tin' to cover the damage. When we did the full remodel, it made sense to leave those tiles behind the radiator instead of trying to paint back there.

Here's a 'before' picture of that wall showing the plastic tiles, you can see just a peek of the wallpaper we removed on the panel to the left of the dishwasher:

This is an early version of the layout, Should give some sense of the scale of the room, 1 square = 6 inches:

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Gorgeous! Great job. When I saw your member name, I was wondering if you were from Philly. My sis lived in East Falls a long time ago.

Everything looks so wonderful. Love that you kept that stove too.

Oxford Cabinets is just around the corner from me. They are very good, and man, it is so great to see their work in your pictures.

Congratulations and I hope you enjoy this kitchen for years to come.


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Beautiful! I love the combination of materials and the cabinets are fantastic. The flooring really brings out that vintage vibe. Love it! Thank you for sharing.

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@ Adrienne2011 - The fridge is 36" wide, 24" deep, 82" tall. The two drawers on the right are fridge drawers and each holds an aluminum tub for food storage. The ice-maker drops ice into the left drawer. I believe that Traulsen was one of the pioneers in 'commercial/residential' crossover fridges. I don't think they are selling to the residential market anymore, but you see them all the time in commercial kitchens. Its very capacious inside and since designed for commercial use, very easy to clean and maintain.

The paint color was inspired by the 2nd layer of paint from the original kitchen. When built in the 20's the kitchen was painted dirty-mustardy yellow. Over that was this color blue probably painted in the 40's or 50's, covered by a darker slate blue, and then a bunch of creams and whites and finally the wallpaper done in the 80's.

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Be still my heart! You managed to put so many faves into one kitchen ;)
I have never seen a fridge like that before and am really intrigued.
Your Chambers cooktop is awesome and might have given our Chambers stove a run for the money if we compared them side by side. The Chambers stove's oven is small, so we got a separate wall oven.
This came out so vintage and fresh! Bravo!

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Oh it's beautiful. I love the contrast of the black and white and the cool, refreshing wall paint.

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@ dianalo, We are really enjoying the Chambers, we use the built-in broiler all the time. The kitchen had the matching wall-oven which we replaced with the Miele because it was small and difficult to get an accurate heat. We are thinking about re-installing the Chambers wall-oven in the sun-porch/pantry area at some point to have an extra place to keep stuff warm for Thanksgiving.

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You did a beautiful job of keeping with the period. Congratulations and enjoy your labor. Actually I think calling for breakfast in bed at least once deserves attention for your labor in your new kit.

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I just realized that I left out one of images, showing the cabinets on the front wall.

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I sooooo LOVE this! I am a huge fan of turquoise, and it looks amazing in your kitchen, and love that Chambers and that floor and that soapstone and those windows and those cabinets and that fridge...


I am out of breath! Wonderful space!

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What a beautiful kitchen! I love everything about it - it is so cohesive and yet eclectic! I love it when a kitchen looks so 'perfect' that you swoon over the awesome modern details and at the same time wonder how long it's been there. Your kitchen is very classic. You did a very impressive job!!

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Absolutely love everything about your kitchen--you did a wonderful job! We have a Chambers C w/ the six burners and griddle/broiler and two ovens (the latter of which I am still trying to learn to cook in :). I have never seen the cooktop before and really like it. Do you have a picture of the Chambers wall oven as I have never seen one of those, either.

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Here's an image of mine and an old ad for the cooktop/oven pair.

You can also see what was left of the original 1920's cabinets before the renovation.

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Wow. Yours is one of my favourite kitchens. Great job.

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Wonderful job! Love that you kept the character and some original details. Just beautiful.

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I love the look of the wall oven but see how small it must be inside. I think if you can reuse it for smaller jobs like warming or as a big toaster oven, I'd keep it for the looks but say it is for function, lol.....
Do you know what year those are from?

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eastfallsglass, thanks for posting the floor plan and the "before" photos! My kitchen is a similar size, so it's nice to see how people create beauty and function within those limits.

Funny how the change in orientation of the checkerboard pattern on the floor has such a big visual impact.

Those "tin" wall tiles were a great fix in your "before" kitchen, and I honestly think they look neat there behind your radiator now - like an almost hidden special feature :)

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Your care and attention paid off big time: You managed to keep the endearing '20s look while incorporating all the mod cons seamlessly.

I love how you kept the fridge from dominating the room. I think the change from straight to diagonal checks of the floor is well worth the effort (yeah, it's easy for me to say, since I didn't hand cut all the tiles.) And I second the applause for the radiator fix -- the most gorgeous open-air warming drawer I have ever seen.

It's all just great.

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Absolutely beautiful! I love it ALL!! Where did you find the 2x4 subway tiles? Would you mind posting a close up of the backsplash? Thank you and congratulations!

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Thanks for the info on the soapstone!! Your kitchen makes me happy!

Trailrunner - Do I put my email address here? it's

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Really nice. Looks contemporary and house-appropriate at the same time. I like the detail of the shelf over the radiator and of course, the Chambers.

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Just sent you an email....c

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I am in love with your kitchen! Like palimpsest said, you have made it fit in with the age of your home while having modern conveniences.

Don't you love a Chambers broiler/griddle? I learned how to cook on one of those (the stove/oven combo) and miss it greatly. Enjoy it and your new, lovely kitchen.

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Just fantastic job!! You must be so happy - I just ADORE your kitchen!

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Sensational Kitchen.
Love that you kept the forced hot water heater.
It looks like it was planned. The floors and backsplash
are stupendous. The built in book shelves are perfect.
Beautiful space.

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The 2"x4" tile was from Tile Shop, they call it "Hampton Carrara Amalfi". I think its actually about 5 different varieties of stone. Note that there was a big difference from box-to-box, so make sure you have it all on site before starting the job. Here's a close-up image of it along with a shot showing the butler call system. We call our house 'The Funkhouse' for obvious reasons.

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Oh this is gorgeous! Add me to your list of admirers! Your kitchen does make me a bit sad; we had almost the exact same Chambers stove top. I've been desperate for more counter space and that stunning gem is 42 inches wide. It had to go. We had our 30 inch induction cook top installed today and I must say it takes the sting away. Even the contractor's jaw dropped when I boiled water so quickly.

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Stunning! I love all of it--the beautiful blue walls, BS, SS, floor, bookshelves, latches, sink, Chambers, and servants' bell! Kudos to you for creating such a lovely and functional kitchen for such reasonable $$. You're obviously resourceful as well as handy. Enjoy!

I hope you'll be sure to have your kitchen included in the FKB.

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Oh my - I really like that callbox, and I'm so glad you didn't remove it. Does your house have a servant's quarters? It seems as if there was a butler, he'd need a room, and if there was a butler, it is highly reasonable there was a maid too. Tell us more - I love historical houses! :o)

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Fantastic! This must be one of my favorite kitchen make-overs! And you did exactly what I would like to do (block the entrance to the main hall and put a fridge in it's place) but my hubby thinks I'm crazy. I'm going to show him your make-over! I love everything about your kitchen! The cabinets, the tiles, the floor, the wall color, the appliances, everything!!

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What a great rennovation. You updated and kept it in line with the period of your home. It couldn't get any better than that.

Your before pictures bought back memories. Born and raised in NE Phildelphia. I'm very familiar with East Falls. I remember the homes well in the area and yes that picture from the 50's was definitely the kitchen I sat in as a kid at my Grandmom's home in Olney. The old cabinets were the same as ours in the now tiny kitchen in our rowhome that squeezed in 5 for meals.

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Our house dates from the mid-20's and its approximately 3000 SF, so not a mansion by most standards. The third floor used to be the servants' quarters. The stairs up to the third floor are completely plastered in, and there is even a small foyer on the third floor which opens into a hallway with bathroom on the right and living space on the left. There are dormer-style windows and the entire attic is covered in bead-board including the ceiling. The woodworking looks almost nautical up there.

The call system has a buzzer on the third floor as well as in the kitchen, but only a location notifier in the kitchen. When one of the buttons is pressed throughout the house, it buzzes in the third floor and in the kitchen and the little arrow points at the room requesting attention. The metal knob sticking out the bottom of the box is the reset and returns all the arrows to vertical.

There are buttons in many of the upstairs (2nd floor) rooms and one in the floor of the dining room, designed to be operated by foot.

Most of the houses in our neighborhood are from the same era and many of the them have the call systems, though I'm not sure how many are operable. The lettering is from the original owners of the house, they lived there from the 20's through the 80's we think.

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That is stunning! I love the colors, the soapstone, and that stove! Very cool. It is so period appropriate, and so beautiful. Very nicely done.

I will definitely add this to my favorites file. Looking at these photos makes me want to pull up a chair and watch my grandmother make her famous cookies in her old kitchen......

I'm sure your family will make wonderful memories in this lovely space. Thanks for sharing.

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I would buy your home in a heartbeat just to own your kitchen. Count me utterly smitten. I can't praise anything that hasn't already been praised. I have so many favorite features, but the call bell--OMG!!--that is the coolest.

You might consider posting a link to this on the old house forum here on gardenweb. Those folks would love to gawk at your space.

Thank you so much for posting and congratulations on your new (old) kitchen!

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Wonderful kitchen! I love the soapstone, backsplash, cabinets, and the idea of putting the countertop over the radiator. You made this small kitchen look large. Good work!

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Ditto what palimpsest said. You have achieved a perfect balance of old and new making this kitchen truly timeless. Love, love, love it!

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Absolutely stunning. Now I want to see the rest of your house. :-) You mentioned a ceiling fan/light that needs to be replaced. I was just looking at Schoolhouse Electric's online catalog and saw many beautiful fixtures that would be compatible with your kitchen.

Here is a link that might be useful: Schoolhouse Electric

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Oh, I just love love LOVE it! That fridge is awesome - count me among the people who haven't seen such a fridge before, though I'd heard the Traulson name. Is the fridge noisy? - I'd heard commercial fridges are noisier than residential ones. You mentioned you had to do some repairs, can you give a little more detail on that? Did you do the repairs yourself, or did the store do them?

I love your Marmoleum floor! We recently re-did our kitchen, mostly DIY, but we were on a tight budget, so we left the '90's vinyl floor squares as is. The stuff is tough as nails which is why we left it, but it's fugly. Now I am intrigued by your marmoleum. Did you have to have special underlayment? How hard was it to install (setting aside cutting the tiles to size). Also, what are the two colors of marmoleum you used?

Definitely yours is one of my new fave Kitchens Forum kitchens!

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@ alwaysfixin:
The fridge is a bit noisier than a typical higher-end residential model, but not to the point where the sound takes away from our enjoyment of the space. Its the sort of thing that you get used to very quickly.

We turned behind the fridge into a utility closet, and opened the back panel of the fridge for air flow. At some point I may investigate adding a bit of sound insulation in the front, or remoting the compressors into the space behind the fridge... Or... More likely I will just enjoy the way it is.

It is a dual compressor unit, when the fridge arrived the fridge side was not cooling. We brought in a commercial refrigeration repairman to take a look. The verdict was that it needed a new compressor. We elected to replace both the fridge and freezer compressors at the same time, given that the rest of the fridge is in excellent shape. The cost for the replacement of the compressors was around $1400, way less than a comparable fridge of this size and construction and we have a year's warranty.

The marmoleum install was not too bad - you might want to find the install instructions from Forbo's website to get their guidelines on subfloor. Our old floor was sheet vinyl and installed over luan. We elected to replace the subfloor with more substantial 3/8" plywood. I bought a pneumatic staple gun to help with the task of stapling. I believe it is possible to install marmoleum directly over an existing vinyl floor, however you should consult their instructions. Take your time on the subfloor since gaps and elevation changes will telegraph through.

The worst part of the install is dealing with the adhesive. It is like some horrible mutant child of rubber cement, super glue and thinset. It gets on everything, does not easily come off, and its incredibly easy to glue your knees (or the hair on your knees) to the floor as you are installing. Also you should not wear your favorite clothes or shoes for this task. You will need to rent a 100 lbs roller for the install.

Cutting the tiles to size was a lot of work - I built a jig based around a rented guillotine-style vinyl tile cutter and it took around 10 hours. Forbo does not recommend or support cutting the tiles in this fashion. In fact there is a tech bulletin which basically says: "You should not cut your own tiles, however if you do, these are some hints to make it work. However we are not responsible for the end result."

The two colors are
White Marble - 2607
Black - 2939

I don't have the exact total, but I believe the cost for the marmoleum sheet and adhesive was in the $700 ballpark for roughly 130 SF.

@ beaniecakes:
Thanks for the lighting recommendation - those pendants are really nice (and priced very reasonably). We're probably going to keep our eyes open for something vintage or I might buy the hardware and make my own glass shades. I'll keep the link to schoolhouse on file in case we get impatient with the treasure...

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Eastfallglass, I love your kitchen, especially the appliances, floors and counters! That wall color looks so nice and I would love to know what it is. Thank you!

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I'm in love with many many details and have a particular appreciation for the uniqueness and DIY aspects of your kitchen. Thank you for posting a close up pic of your backsplash. It helped me decide on what to do with my small master bath. It will be perfect for the look I want (going 2x8 I think). I don't know if they ship to Florida... but at least I have a place to start. Congrats... it's beautiful.

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popmom2 much character and function too! Love it!

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The wall color is Behr 510C-3 "Rivers Edge".

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Totally cool!! The cooktop, fridge, and floor are just amazing!!

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Interesting that the 'cool' turquoise is sunnier than yellow walls. :-)

Your backsplash is amazing. Just gorgeous.

You really have captured the period, but with the contemporary edge. A style combo I love.

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Love the paint color! Reminds me of my childhood kitchen in a midcentury modern house my parents had built in Baton Rouge in 1955. It was that color and we even had the dishes to match! 1 set of plastic and 1 set of china. Nice memory :)

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That is just gorgeous! Tell me, what colors of marmoleum did you use?

    Bookmark   August 31, 2011 at 9:47PM
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The two colors are
White Marble - 2607
Black - 2939

There's more details on the floor install in the "RE: Fridge and Floor" post a few posts up.

Thanks again for all the positive feedback; I prepared the inaugural meal last Wednesday, and it was a joy to cook in.

    Bookmark   September 1, 2011 at 7:44AM
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Wowza! I haven't been in the forum more than a couple of times in the past many months, but I'm so glad I looked today. LOVE it.

    Bookmark   September 1, 2011 at 11:07AM
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Sorry, I haven't really gone through all the accolades and I image this has been gushed over, but I like the way the backsplash, countertops, floor and quarter-rounds all tie together, sort of moving between them all. It's very artistic. Nice work!

    Bookmark   September 1, 2011 at 11:25AM
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You did a beautiful job. I love the blue walls - they look so bright and fresh with the white cabinets and SS. The Chambers and Traulsen add great style to an already great space. It looks like a wonderful place to spend time.

    Bookmark   September 1, 2011 at 12:32PM
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I love it.

I love what you started with --- fantastic cooktop and great backdoor and fenestration.

I love the tile on a diagonal and the blue paint. Enjoy your new kitchen and congratulations for making it up to date yet fitting the house yet original and fresh!

    Bookmark   September 1, 2011 at 1:51PM
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So beautiful! I'm literally salivating over some of the details, and applaud your use of a bold color on the walls. I didn't know that Chambers made cooktops in addition to ranges. We're finishing up a modest "refresh" of our 20s kitchen, which was last renovated in the late 50s, and have of course kept our Chambers stove.

    Bookmark   September 1, 2011 at 2:05PM
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Love this, how it still looks appropriate but updated. Love the floor, backsplash, and especially the color. Really nice job! Just beautiful.

    Bookmark   September 1, 2011 at 7:47PM
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Wow, your kitchen is beautiful.

First words that came to my mind after reading about your labor, and seeing the pics;

I could love living in it, and can just hear the hum of the old kitchen.
Nothing better.

    Bookmark   September 2, 2011 at 1:47AM
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What a stunning kitchen! Perfect for your home's age, yet fresh and modern. Everything is just right. Like Goldilocks said!

My favorite part is the servants bell. I cannot imagine being the one upstairs pushing the foot button as most days I feel like I'm the one in the kitchen running around with bells going off trying to hit the reset button.

Congrats on a lovely, lovely transformation!

    Bookmark   September 2, 2011 at 2:38AM
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Love your kitchen! The marble tiles, the soapstone, the rangetop, OMG! the way your built the fridge into the pantry wall, how you stuck to the period, but especially impressive is that you did a lot of it yourself. You must be really proud. Enjoy!

    Bookmark   September 2, 2011 at 2:56PM
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OM Gosh, you have my grandmothers floor!

Glad it's in good hands. ;)

Lover everything about your kitchen, before and afters.

    Bookmark   September 2, 2011 at 6:28PM
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Eastfallsglass, what color did you paint your cabinets? I know I already replied but I love your kitchen and the changes that you made. It is so warm, fits with your house, beautiful to look at, functional, and just has that wow factor! Thanks for sharing again.

    Bookmark   October 20, 2011 at 11:26AM
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@lynn2006 - The cabinets are maple, painted white - painted by the cabinet shop. We specified the purest white that they offer. Thanks again for all the kind feedback.

    Bookmark   October 20, 2011 at 2:22PM
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I just love your kitchen ...and hey you have my faucet!! I also have the Grohe Bridgeford in Chrome. It looks great in your kitchen! Really love the colors and finishes. Good job!

    Bookmark   October 20, 2011 at 2:33PM
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Did you ever say what the name of your soapstone is? We're looking at some mumbai gray soapstone from M. Texiera and I'm waiting on them to send me a picture. I do hope I like it since it's on sale. I'd love to find out more about your DIY, since that's what we're going to do. Supposedly, the mumbai gray comes in smaller pieces, so I'm hoping it will easier to transport. How did you transport yours? Were seams a big problem, as I'm sure we'll have atleast one? Is it possible to email you to find out more? Thanks for sharing your wonderful kitchen!

    Bookmark   October 20, 2011 at 5:04PM
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@Lake_Girl - Our soapstone is Barroca. As far as transport - it was cheaper to have M. Tex deliver than for us to rent a truck and drive the 2 hours to pick up the stone. Also there are specific ways that the stone should be moved (on an A-frame) and we wanted M. Tex to assume responsibility for any breakage during transport.

We did not have any seams, but there were a few edges where we used the epoxy to join pieces (on the transition from the sink area to the 'radiator shelf'). The epoxy blends in really nice and is not too difficult to work with.

We had M. Tex do the cuts-to-size (rectangular cuts), I suspect that getting that straight, flat edge for the seam might be difficult using hand-held tools.

Think through the logistics of the weight and size of the stones you are getting. I bought sawhorses and made tables with 3/4" plywood for each section of countertop in the backyard for the final finishing (sink cut-outs, sanding edges, etc). Make sure you have plenty of extra scrap and practice each operation on the scrap until you feel comfortable with it before committing on the actual countertop sections.

If you're close to M. Tex, its worth taking a drive out there to look through their 'recycled' stone - partial slabs. Good luck, hopefully some of this helps.

    Bookmark   October 21, 2011 at 9:28AM
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Thanks for the advice. Unfortunately, we're not close at all. Otherwise, they probably have remnants that would definitely work for us. They are having a great sale on Mumbai Gray now, but I can't get a great feel for what it looks like. Also, it comes in smaller sizes than some other soapstones, so we'll have a seam for sure. Some seams I've seen online, really don't look bad though. We are DIYers by nature, but this makes me nervous. Our perimeter area (which is all we're doing) is pretty small, so maybe we can handle it. It's basically an L-shape, with a stand alone stove on one side and a sink on the other. Did you cut out the sink after it was installed or before? I think we're using a standard undermount, since our existing cabs won't fit an apron sink (which I love). I can tell you, this is the only way we're going to be able to do soapstone, so I'm hoping it will work. We're waiting on pics from the company, then maybe we'll pull the trigger?? Thanks again!

    Bookmark   October 21, 2011 at 11:59PM
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Eastfallsglass, you wrote: "@lynn2006 - The cabinets are maple, painted white - painted by the cabinet shop. We specified the purest white that they offer. Thanks again for all the kind feedback ." Thank you so much for letting me know. Your cabinet maker chose a perfect white shade and your kitchen is gorgeous!

    Bookmark   October 22, 2011 at 2:17AM
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mama goose_gw zn6OH

eastfallsglass, congratulations on a beautiful job! I love everything about your kitchen, even the 'before' space. You must truly enjoy walking into this wonderful kitchen every day!

    Bookmark   January 23, 2012 at 12:19PM
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Eastfallsglass- Your kitchen is beautiful!

What is the name of your paint color? That's exactly the shade of blue, I'd like to put in the sunroom/greenhouse, when we remodel our farmhouse.

    Bookmark   March 1, 2012 at 1:15PM
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Your kitchen is spectacular! I love how much character it has. You know no one else will have the same kitchen as yours. That is the best part! It shows the originality of you. Soooo well done!

    Bookmark   April 13, 2012 at 11:55AM
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