Do you have a rug in front of your kitchen sink?

auntjenDecember 6, 2008

If so, what's it like? Size? Material? I'm thinking of adding one to my kitchen, and have fallen in love with one I've seen online (I've got a number of chickens in my kitchen, so this would fit in nicely, I think). It's hand-hooked wool -- would that hold up in an area where it could potentially have water splashing on it (when DH washes dishes)?

Also, I can't make up my mind as to which background color -- I thought I was leaning towards the black, since it seems to really make the design stand out (but I'm also picturing it covered in Sunny's white cat fur which is somewhat putting me off). My cabinets are red with black hardware, my floor is Mexican saltillo - so various shades of terra cotta. Thoughts?


This (sort of) shows the flooring that's in the kitchen and adjoining breakfast area:

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First, auntjen, your colors & decor are SO much fun! I've not seen your pics b/4; what a delight!

I don't think I would put hooked wool in a heavily trafficked kitchen area. You would need some sort of backing under it to keep it from slipping, wool could stain very easily in an area like that, & unless it's a very high quality wool fiber, it could wear down & ugly out rather quickly. If water is the ONLY thing that gets splashed on it, staining is not so much of a problem....but really, only water? In front of a sink? I'm not THAT neat!

FWIW, I have a padded bamboo mat in front of my sink. On top of cork floors. Comfy, comfy, comfy! & easy to keep clean.

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Thank you so much, Moonkat! I just had the measuring tape out, trying to decide whether the smallest size or next larger size would work best, and DH walked into the kitchen to see what I was doing. Well, actually he called to me from the other room first, and said, "Sounds like somebody is measuring for another darn rug!" Ah, he knows me all too well! ;-) He then made the comment, "We can't have a rug right there. I'll forever be spilling stuff on it."

::sigh:: I really love this rug too. :-(

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Love your kitchen and love the rug, but not for your kitchen. I have a 30x50 standard nylon pile decorative rug in front of my sink. It's got a rubbery backing so it doesn't slip, and I can clean it easily. It's ALWAYS getting stuff spilled on it. It's got a black backround, and roosters on it, too. With 2 yellow labs it gets it's share of hair, but I sweep it daily.

I've tried a bazillion different rugs for my kitchen sink, and found a great squishy one but didn't love the design, so it got moved to the pantry area and I put the animal water dish on it.

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Oh man ... This one would be perfect in my kitchen too. (*MUST stop looking!!!* ;-))

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Thanks, Pesky! Do you recall where you found your chicken rug? I'm now looking at polypro rugs -- they should be much easier to clean, right? And I'm assuming I can put down a rubber backing to keep it from sliding ... Or would that work?

What do you think about this one? It's got the chickens, and also the fruit that picks up on the design in my curtains/valances, and also would go with the blue on the stove wall. Or is it too French-countryish for my decor?

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OK ... this baby's non-skid (and very inexpensive, and if this doesn't scream "Mexican chickens", I don't know what does!

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This is an indoor/outdoor mat that is machine washable ...

(Sorry, I know I'm being a pain posting all of these possibilities!)

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OK, forget about the chickens crossing the road ... I think that's a bit too kitschy, even for me!

Here are a couple more possibilities. Obviously, I've come along way from thinking of the wool rug. The first one of these is that "comfort mat" type. I've never had a mat like that. The other is washable with no-skid backing.

And I'll try to refrain from posting any more chicken-rug pics tonight, but it seems like now that I've got this in my head, I'm just a little bit obsessed. ;-)

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Last one, I promise!

What do you think -- would any of these be a good choice for at the sink?

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Wow, I love your home! Love love love! Would you tell us about your stove? I wish I had my Mom's old O'Keefe & Merritt.

For the rug, I really like the stripe-y one with your warm color palette. I'm looking for a kitchen rug also. Wonder if Scotchguarding a non-washable rug would help keep it from staining? Hmmmm..


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I would say it's pretty clear that, on top of being someone who loves those vibrant, fun & quirky colors & decor, you're just a teensy tinesy bit on the impulsive side, eh? ;-D I can get away with saying that, because I can relate lol!

However, for in front of the sink I really think the #1 priority should be safety & practicality. Looks second. Sorry :( Most small, lightweight fabric rugs will curl on the edges sooner or later, & create a slipping or tripping problem. And the really cheap ones will fade & wear down & look ugly in short order.

The indoor/outdoor mat looks thick & good quality - & it's definitely a cute one for your kitchen! I also like the comfort mat. I think either of them might work. I'm thinking if your dh stood on a comfort mat he might give some grudging approval ;-D

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Oh, & btw, although that stripey rug looks totally inappropriate for the sink area (too big, right? plus I'm guessing, a fabric that's not really designed for a kitchen mat) it just looks like it absotively belongs somewhere in your house!

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Abbey Road chickens, eh? ;^)

You've probably already seen the the Mediterian style rug
and this colorful one.

What about a vintage saltillo; not very wide but 51 inches long, and the blue is perfect.

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I have a rug in front of my kitchen sink. They've always been on the inexpensive side since I do have to change them out every other year. We're a messy bunch and having a dark rug has not been a problem in the least bit. I have quite a few roosters in my kitchens and am loving your first dark rug!! Where did you find it? This is the first Christmas "King" isn't on his perch and it's not the same. Even my family who makes fun of my obsession with him is kind of missing him.

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We just added a small one and's held up just fine! My kitchen is very neutral so I wanted a pop of color. You have such a FUN sense of style, I say go for the hand hooked rug in black and ENJOY! Lori

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I can so relate to this- I presently have a small low pile woven wool "oriental type" rug with fringe in front of my sink. It was cheap, bought at TJMaxx for probably $10-15 or so several years ago. It has a dark background(navy) so it hasnt been a problem with staining. I do have 2 messy dogs (and we are not too neat ourselves either. plenty of drips and drops). The rug has done fine, but for all the abuse, I've been looking for replacements. I would also love a machine washable one, but I figure as long as the rug isn't too pricey, if I have to replace it every few years, that works too.
I love most of the rugs everyone has posted here, but for ease and all I really do like the scattered rooster one for your kitchen or the chickens crossing the road.
Loribee, yours looks perfect in your kitchen!

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I have Persian tribal runners in front of both sinks. They are thick, not that expensive as Persians go, and on top of pads atop reclaimed long leaf pine floors. They have lots of colors, but red grounds, and one is not the best tone for my kitchen, but I make exceptions for tribals. (Wow! I love run on sentences in the morning.) My floor guy isn't thrilled with the arrangement as they hold in dampness, but DH wants the floors protected. I clean them annually and the floors look great. I make sure to take them up if they get very wet. I have had saltillos in the past. While I love how they look, I have leg problems that make them a painful choice. I would use a gel mat, if I still had saltilllos. For looks alone, I love the "stripey thing" and the blue background multiple chickens rug you posted above. The Abbey Road one is to mod for your wonderful kitchen. LOL! As always, I love seeing your kitchen. I love color!

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Love that you are not afraid of color!

This has come up a number of times on here - I purchased 2 wool rugs for kit - one long runner in front of sink - it's a well made hand woven Kilim wool rug (purchased at local decorator that I normally don't go into! was $850 I got for $200) that is reversible - We have busy household & this has been cleaned 1x in 2.5 yrs - It holds up better than any synthetic I've ever owned hands down - wool has oils and natural resilient to many spills

The other is a wool cheapy fr. Ebay I think about $30 - does not feel as nice under foot but does the job & works w/decor - it's never been cleaned & looks great

They both work hard!

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I have an wool oriental runner and a matching 3x5 in front of my island.

They are not washable, but don't show any dirt and most liquids repel in the wool long enough to wipe up a spill. I've had them almost a year and they still look great.

They were not expensive - as wool rugs go - the runner $160 and the other $125, but they really look nice, so if I have to replace them every few years, so be it.

If you get a wool rug, you can wipe up spills as they happen and spot clean - you'll be surprised how well they repel dirt. Cotton or polyester rugs seem to attract the dirt and need washing more frequently, and then they start to look raggy.

If you have to buy a new rug every year would that be so bad? Seems like half the fun is picking a new one!

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Thank you all so much for the terrific input! I'll admit, I actually dreamed about kitchen rugs last night! Moonkat, you are spot on about me being impulsive -- DH will definitely attest to that! ;-D

Linda, my stove is an early 50s'-model Roper that was in the house when we purchased it a few years ago. I love its charm, but it's definitely not efficient (well, the oven part isn't, anyway); still, we use it daily, and if/when it finally dies, I'm going to be really sad at the thought of replacing it with a new model!

Yeah, I'm really loving the striped rug, but it is too large for in front of the sink. I've been looking around to see if I might have another place for it, though. Still pondering that one ...

I'm very impressed to see that some of you have some gorgeous wool/oriental rugs in the vicinity of the sink! That tells me it is possible -- maybe we'd just have to make a bit more of an effort not to be total slobs when we're working in that area. ;-) On the other hand, I'm still drawn back to the comfort mat with the six colorful "chicken blocks" on it -- Do you think those things look "cheep", though?

Littledog, I love the vintage saltillo rug that you posted! I've got a few saltillos that I have decorating tabletop surfaces, but I think I'd need something heavier for the floor, or my kitties would constantly keep a saltillo in a state of disarray.

I hadn't really been considering a runner in this space, but perhaps I should look at those instead of a smaller rug?

Oh, and none of these are expensive. Well, the most expensive would be the first one that I posted, and if I went with the larger-sized rug in that design, it would run less than $120, because they're having a 20% off sale (through today) -- enter HOLIDAY in the code section. Mldao, the rug can be found here:

Here is a link that might be useful: First chicken rug

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By the way - that first chicken rug comes in a 2'6" x 6' runner that would fit perfectly in front of my sink.

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Do it! I like the black best - it would look great beside your black tiles.

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OK, I think I've reached a decision. I just keep coming back to this one (this pic is from the manufacturer's website, which shows that the color is more a true burgundy/red than brownish, as it appears in my first post in this thread:

I'm going to order this in the 2'6" x 6' runner, my thought being that a runner will have more "heft" than a smaller rug, thus easier to keep in place (even with a pad beneath). I think the red background will tie in with the cabinets and not stick out too much in my already overly-colorful kitchen, but still bring in that fun chicken design that has grabbed me so.

Anyway ... since the 20% offer expires today, I thought I'd better go ahead and get my order in. Here's hoping I've made the right choice ... ::gulp::

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LOL! I just did it! But I went ahead w/the red one, as I keep picturing the black one covered in cat fur. (And you just know my brood is gonna roll around/claw up this rug, just like the last one I got! Arrrrgh!) With the discount (and free shipping!), it came to $120 and change, which isn't too terribly bad. Not as "disposable" as one of the $15 rugs would have been, but I just think I'll enjoy this one a lot more -- even if I have to be extra vigilant about keeping it clean.

I'll post a pic when it arrives. :-)

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I suppose I should have mentioned that I have a carpet cleaning business (non-toxic method). If you could watch your rugs being cleaned - especially the ones in high traffic areas that haven't been cleaned in years - you would be amazed at what comes out of them. And how different they look after cleaning. The blessing and the curse of rugs and carpets is that they can hide a lot dirt and....stuff. Personally, I'll definitely go for an easy-clean surface in front of the sink!

I'm just sayin'..........

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I think you made a good choice, especially with the cat hair. I hope you have forgiven the kitties for their indiscretions earlier in the week. They are, after all, your (furry) children. :-)

I love your house and I think it is the kind of place that I could enjoy a bottle of diet coke, a glass of chardonnay, a mug of hot chocolate or a cup of tea or coffee and feel at home either way and I would not even be put off the least bit by a little cat tail swooshing by or cat fur on my jeans upon departing, but would treasure the memories of your home, your children and the delightful person I know you are.

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I love the yellow/gold rooster rug. Where the rooster has blue tail feathers .. and the rug has black polka dots on it.
Most of the other chicken ones are french country ish.

The wavy striped rug is perfect too.

I also like the chicken one with the JOES's cafe on it.

I think I like the Stripe one best.
The the yellow rug with the rooster on it w blue tail feathers and black polka dots
Then the Joes rug

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Auntjen: I just want you to know how much pleasure you have given me over the years from viewing pictures of your gorgeous, jewel-toned house. I always click on your posts in hope of catching another glimpse of your inspirational environment. I adore color and love how you've immersed yourself in it. I have a wool, 3 x 5 hooked rug from TJ Maxx in my kitchen that is a couple of years old. It gets frequent vacuuming, but has never been "officially" cleaned. I have 2 dogs, 2 cats, and 4 chickens (the chickens are not allowed in the house, at least intentionally). The rug takes quite a bit of abuse, but the color and pattern (mid-green with muted florals) hides a lot. It wasn't expensive, and will be replaced when the time comes.

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I'm sure the rug will look cute in your kitchen, but just wanted to throw in my 2 cents -- we had one in front of the sink for a while, and it was basically just a dirt catcher, top and bottom. That is, crud would collect underneath it as well as on top, and it became just one more thing that had to be cleaned. We have a hard enough time keeping the (white vinyl -- not our pick!) floor clean.

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Thanks so very much, you guys! I do know that a rug will eventually (ok, sooner than later in my house!) get dirty, and will probably "catch" a lot of crud that we won't even see ... but I guess I'm kinda gross that way, in that what I can't see doesn't really bother me! ;-)

Lorriekay, the rooster rug you like best is really cute, isn't it! It also comes in another version where the colors are even more vibrant (which I found after I'd posted the one I did) -- the background is violet, and there are shades of blue. Hmmmmm ... I might have to order one of those to use as a mat at the back door leading out of the breakfast room and onto the patio!

Patricia, thank you so very much for your comments. Those were just about the nicest words anyone has said to me in a long time! Rosie, thank you too for your sweet words! I realize my "style" isn't for everyone, but it sure is nice to get some feedback from someone who "gets" what I'm trying to do! :-)

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Glad you decided to go for it! Rugs 'n kitchens just go together! :-) I was leaning toward the blue one, but I'm sure the one you ordered will look great!

I always have a rug in front of the sink as well as the stove. Usually buy the ones I can throw in the wash. Replace them about once a year or so. Sometimes floral, but right now it they are plaid.

When I looked back at these pictures before posting, I realized that the cat dishes off to the left of the stove would work great in your kitchen!!

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oops....I meant to the left of the sink..... (where is the "edit" button when you need one?)

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I have a really nice wool pile rug from Garnet Hill in front of my sink/dishwasher. It matches the rug in our family room which is open to the kitchen. I wasn't sure if it was a good decision at first, but I can tell you that the rug has been there for two full years and it still doesn't show any dirt. Now, I know the dirt is THERE, but it doesn't show! I think the key is the dark colors and busy pattern. Sorry, I don't have a pic, but I support you in your purchase, AuntJen!

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AuntJen, I have a runner that I ordered from Horchow that I use in my kitchen. BTW, I always love seeing pictures of your house, so colorful and fun looking!

I just realize the lighting makes the runner look dirty. I promise you it is not. LOL

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Auntjen, I think the rug you ordered will be perfect in front of your sink!! Can't wait to see it - your cabs are so cool. I don't think I have ever seen pics of your kitchen before but it is soooooo charming!

As far as the cat hair.....ya know, it is just another surface that is going to have it!! Just add it to the list for vacuuming:) Not so bad for the love we receive from our fur babies!! My house would be soooooo much cleaner with out my dogs but I couldn't imagine living without them!!


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I have never, in my long life, had a rug in front of my sink. Should I have one and what have I missed out on all this time?!

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I have neutral, floor-compatible rugs in front of the sink and all of the counters in that area. CHEAP WM rugs that I can throw in the washer, as they get nasty. I am a messy cook! No particular cat-hair problems, as the cats don't like to lie on them..not soft enough, and the sun doesn't reach them. I am about to have to replace them, as I had a huge grease splatter a few weeks ago and it just WON"T come out, but it won't bust the budget. BTW the spill landed on the rug, not the floor. Bonus!

If you're going for a design statement, go for it. If you want practical, go to WM or KM or the Dollar store.

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Yeppers, and it's wool. It's always messy looking.... Are you gonna' come and clean it for me???? Huh???? Huh?????

PS: I love the first one you showed :^)

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I have just plain red (blue/red)rugs in my kitchen.One in front of the sink,the stove and the door.They are the color of those seen on the Anna's linens flyers lately.

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I really like the striped one the best, but all of the rugs you've posted would look great.

Yes I have a rug in front of my sink and one in front of the stove. I had chenille rugs that I loved, but DH accidentally splattered bleach on both of them when he was cleaning the counters. Couldn't find replacements in chenille, and I'd exhausted local stores in my unfruitful shopping, so I bought some washable rugs in that typical kitchen rug material (poly-something??) at an after thanksgiving sale. The truth is, I'm not crazy about the new rugs, and wouldn't have bought them if I hadn't already spent over a month trying to find something. BUT this thread has inspired me to go ahead and order wool rugs in a patter that I really like.

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I share your love for peeps!

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Those are really cool rugs! Your kitchen is just bursting with personality, I like it!

Where did you find the machine washable indoor/outdoor one with the yellowish background? That might work well in my getting close to finished kitchen.

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Thanks! I'm pretty sure I found the indoor/outdoor chicken rug with the yellow background on eBay. As I recall, I was just searching eBay for "chicken rug" when it came up.

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Side note to Auntjen - when your Roper croaks, you can have it repaired/rebuilt for not much more than purchasing a new stove (and usually a HECK of a lot less than the mondo-flamethrower-in-a-box that seems to be near-mandatory these days). Restoring vintage stoves is getting to be a big thing nowadays. It was a sad day when I was looking over the sketches of my "someday" kitchen (hah) and realized there was absolutely no way I was going to be able to fit in a vintage stove like yours. Boo hoo hoo pout cry sniff! If you absolutely have to have a shiny new stove instead of fixing the one you have, don't just stick that puppy out on the curb, it's worth some bucks.

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i too have a long narrow persian style runner, i think your rooster rugs look like a great plan

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I was going to post that I love the rusty colored one and halfway down I read you purchased it. Goody!!!! I have a thick 4 x 6 PB rug in front of my sink in my lake house and have dozens of guests and people up there either for vacations or skiing. I vac it daily and clean it with spray rug cleaner once a year. It's been five years and it looks great. I did use one of those rug pads that is open weave looking with a stickiness to it. The rug has never moved or slid. Please post a pic on the christening day AuntJen :-)

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Thanks, AuntJen! I found it on ebay-never thought I would be typing in "chicken rug" in a search, LOL! I really like the one you choose, too!

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Thanks for the input on my old Roper, Mari! I think it's just about the cutest thing ever, but it's not efficient -- at least the oven's not. A recipe that calls for cooking at 350 degrees for 30 minutes is more likely to be baked at 400-425 for an hour in this baby. I wonder if the thermostat (or whatever it is?) can somehow be recalibrated to bake more efficiently. Hmmmmmm ...

The runner that I ended up ordering was initially placed in front of the sink, but even with a pad underneath, the cats managed to scoot it around all over the place, so I put it beneath the center island in the kitchen, where at least it now stays in place. Not exactly how I'd intended to use it, but it still adds a bit of color, and you can see the border design beneath the island just fine.

Timber, I'm glad you found the rug! I know what you mean -- I've typed in some pretty strange things while searching eBay myself! LOL!

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I was up all night and just woke from a short nap. Thank you for waking me with laughter! These rugs are so happy and cheerful, just right for your very special home! I think the Joe's Bar chickens crossing the street legally in the crosswalk, is perfect at the doorway coming into your kitchen. A light hearted reminder to obey your rules and don't spill on the rugs or floor, please. Accidents happen, but my hubby doesn't even try to be reasonable, men.....woops, that took my smile, must read this thread again from the top for good cheer.....
Mary Lu, Your Sink is THE BEST! I would so love to have one like yours!!!!!
When ever it's hot, I take my rugs outside to wash and dry and have never had a problem.

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Jen, your oven thermostat can be recalibrated or perhaps even replaced, most definitely! IIRC you live relatively close to an urban area - try calling around to appliance repair companies to ask who in your area works on old stoves and doesn't just say to throw them out. Emphasize its sentimental value - if you don't object to a "little white lie" you could say you inherited it from Grandma or something. (Well, you inherited it from someone's grandma anyway, when you bought the house! Right? :-)) You might also want to check out The Old Appliance Club, which rebuilds thermostats and locates replacement parts, although you'll still need a local person to actually put it in.

I have the hots for Mary Lu's sink. Big time. When we were starving college students, DH and I once rented part of an 1800s farmhouse where the entirety of the kitchen equipment was a freestanding double-drainboard sink almost exactly like Mary Lu's, a stove that made AuntJen's look ultramodern :-) a somewhat random old refrigerator that sounded like a jet engine, and a built-in hutch about 3' wide. That was all. No cabinets, no counters. We prepared everything on the kitchen table and stored the dry groceries on bookshelves in the living room! Oh, and the bathroom consisted of a toilet in the corner of the kitchen. Just standing there in the corner of the kitchen. LOL The week before we moved in the landlord boxed it in and added an RV-sized shower, which is all that would fit. The lady who had the apartment before us had lived there for over fifty years and was perfectly content to wash with her old pitcher and bowl, so landlord wasn't going to go fooling around in there. (I think she came with the house when he bought it!) She had decorated the apartment (except for the kitchen, which was from somewhere around 1900-1910) in 1940 and it was virtually untouched when she died in 1994 and we moved in.

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I so enjoyed browsing these rugs; still thinking and looking and enjoying the scenery. Those chickens crossing the road just tickle me so... I may have to order it.but then again I like so many of the rugs in this thread. enjoy

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my name is Rose:

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I have rugs both in front of my sink and the cooktop.

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Here is is wool with roosters. I have another in front of the fridge that is smaller. Good luck finding exactly what you want! :)

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Here's mine:

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Stein World Accent Chair With Suzani Poppy Fabric
Beyond Stores
Mattiazzi | Solo Stool
Avanity Madison 72" Double Bathroom Vanity - Light Espresso
Modern Bathroom
Matte Pendant in Brown
$119.99 | Dot & Bo
Fresca Torino 60 Espresso Bathroom Vanity, Cabinets & Vessel Sink
Hudson Reed
Kraus KHU100-30-KPF2230-KSD30 Single Basin Undermount Kitchen Sink with Faucet -
$439.95 | Hayneedle
Set of 2 Zuo Black Criss Cross Modern Counter Stool
Euro Style Lighting
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