Chilled water dispenser

deanfinderAugust 15, 2013

Our current refrigerator has a water dispenser inside the fridge. It ends up requiring leaving the door open for too long when dispensing water, but we do not want to have a through the door dispenser either. Does anyone have any experience with a faucet that dispenses chilled water at the sink, like an instant hot water dispenser does? What brands of dispensers are there? It looks like Insinkerator used to make a chiller, but it is not on their website anymore. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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We have a Westbrass Instant Water Chiller:

We have both an instant hot and the chiller under our sink and used a faucet that allows us to get both instant hot and instant cold water.

I love the chiller. I use it every day for the dog's water bowl and to make lemonade. DH uses it all the time for water too. It is kind of loud right after it's use but so worth having!

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Thanks! I had seen the westbrass but could not find any reviews anywhere. Is it an instant chiller, or does it have a tank of chilled water?

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Another thing to consider is a bottled water cooler or a bottleless water cooler that is plumbed directly into your water supply line. We use a small countertop water cooler at home. ItâÂÂs pretty slick, sits on the counter under the upper cabinet. My wife loves it for the instant hot water. I use it to try to keep on top of my water consumption since my Doc wants me to increase it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bottled and Bottleless Water Coolers

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