remodeling guest cabin

mskhwDecember 3, 2012

Hi I am new here, it is nice to have found this forum!

I hope someone can help. We just bought our house and it has a guest cabin (bunkie) We are restoring it. We are going with pine tongue & groove boards for the interior. I am looking at a 3" board with 3 grooves of 2" per board, giving the appearance of 3 small width boards. I am considering that for the ceiling with lines going from front to back. The cabin is like a chalet (large V ceiling) The wall comes up (about your armpit) and meets with the slope of the ceiling. For the walls I am thinking of 3" matching pine board to match ceiling but with a greater width. My problem is whether I should place the wall boards, horizontal or vertical. I hope this make sense. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
with thanks

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Annie Deighnaugh

You could do either, but pretty generally they're laid horizontally. I guess the question is, would you rather the space feel taller (vertical) or longer (horizontal).

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We built a vacation home in the woods and installed the pine ceiling on a diagonal - it accentuates the height of the 2 story great room and I think it's more interesting.

I couldn't find a photo to post.

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Hi there - great bunkie. My personal preference would be to do it horizontal (like the ceiling), but you could go either way I think.

Will the floors be pine too? I know that all pine is the tradition for bunkies, but it might get a bit 'heavy' looking if all three surfaces are pine. Even just one white surface, like the wall in Annie's picture, might lighten the place up. Unless it is only used as a sleeping bunkie, if so, not a big deal. Given your use of the word bunkie and the look of your site, I'd say we must live pretty near each other!

Good luck.

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My sidewalls were done horizontally and my ceilings were done vertically. Everone liked the look but past owners used alot of nails and screws which left holes so we covered it up with sheetrock. Since your siding is horizontal it might make more visual sence to go that way for the kick wall.

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