Recommend dark chocolate / espresso color for my bathroom cabinet

sonaliagrawalDecember 26, 2009

I am planning to paint my bathroom SW Latte sort of a color and then paint the bathroom cabinets in a dark chocolate or dark espresso color, but not black. Any recs for paint colors? Pics would be great.

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Yup :) Sherwin williams paint is my favorite. I used their "Woodsey Brown" originally for a nice dark chocolate...I'd say a rich warm milk chocolate on the dark side...then I discovered the best chocolate paint on earth...have them mix you woodsey brown and then mix (they'll do it) an equal amount of woodsey brown with black. You get a very dark and rich TRUE dark chocolate color. Here are a few pics (all of my trim is done in this mix):
(yes the door needs another coat of paint):

Most of those are mid construction photo's so they're a bit messy, but you can see the color in different lights. It's gorgeous with soft tan tones (I have it with parchment on my ceilings) and it's in my chocolate and latte master bath as well :)

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BM Bittersweet Chocolate has been a favorite here. I've done 2 of my bathrooms with it.

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I used a Kilz brand paint from Walmart called Black Tea, that was a very nice deep dark almost black brown. I recommended it to a friend and it worked well for her also.

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I used behr's espresso bean on my bathroom cab. It is exactly the color of a dark roast coffee bean. It is part of their new line.

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