Placing of clip rings to hang pinch pleat drapes???

mianycDecember 3, 2007

I just bought some pinch pleat drapes to hang in my dining room. I'm not quite sure how to place the clip rings on the drapes. Anyone know???

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I wouldn't think you would use clip rings with pinch pleats. For those you would use the drapery pins that go into little loops on the rings. Clips would be for panels that have plain or flat area on the tops or a flat back to the pleat like a goblet, Maybe someone like our expert Chelone will jump in on this.

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I used ring hooks for mine. I have the link posted below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ring Hooks

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I agree--you should use a loop ring--not a clip ring. The sales lady at JCP showed me that you just need to slide the clip off the ring and then you can use them like a loop ring. I do know you will need to place them higer up--not sure how high though.

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Here are mine...I just hung them last week. And on the JCP website they do show pinch pleats with clip it's not unheard of.

I placed my clips behind the pleat.

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Fivefootzero,Your curtains appear to be an unlined lightweight fabric so the clips would work well in that case. If you have curtain/valance lined with a heavier fabric I do not know if the clips will hold. My valance is lined which makes the fabric a bit heavier. I also needed hook rings for the pinch pleat hooks to hang.
Mianyc, Now you have two options to choose from.

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Nope, they are lined and have weights at the bottom. They are the antique satin from JCP.

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They are shown in Linen's - n- Things (where I got them) with clip rings and on the packaging. I also saw them on the JCP website with the clip rings. I just bought another set for the second panel. They come in sets of 7!!? I think I need to iron them and then they should hang right. I'll let you know with pics soon...dining room is almost complete. ;) Just have to get rid of a horrible chandelier from previous owner!!!

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You are right - I went to the JCP website, and some of their pinch-pleated drapery are hung from clip rings.

I find that so odd - a very casual way of hanging a more formal style of drapery treatment, especially to have the clips showing on the ends. Personally, I don't care for seeing the clips and chain behind the pleats, but that is just me.

If you zoom in on a few of those pix on the JCP website, you should be able to see how they have attached the clips. They come in sets of 7 because there is a standard number of pleats per panel for ready-mades.

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