Help me find a backsplash?

kksmamaAugust 24, 2013

I think I've changed my mind about my backsplash. I was sure I'd use a honed marble subway because it had a nice warm/cool balance and wouldn't fight with my granite. But now that my counters are in, they seem so peaceful and easygoing, I'm thinking the granite could play nice with something a little glitzier on the backsplash. I'd love to get a "water" look, with glass or marble and glass. I borrowed this sample from a model home and love the colors, but think it is too busy.
I love this one, but the squares are so small and there would be so much grout...

Tropical Bathroom Tile by Brooklyn Tile, Stone & Countertops Glass Tile Store
I realize the pictures don't look like the colors work, but I think they really do IRL. The granite has a lot of large, linear movement, so I think I need somewhat of a "solid" splash....maybe a subtle, water-y looking crushed glass?

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Check out the glass tile collection from Island Stone.

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I have some samples coming in the mail, but maybe I've found it? Myboys1 started a thread which was hugely helpful, especially what palimpsest wrote about small mosaics becoming "textural". I have a lot of big movement in my granite and would love to find a backsplash that is neither boring nor busy. I really need to get warm and cool colors in, and want glass, MOP, and marble. A tall order! But did I get lucky here? Frank feedback welcome!
B/S needed on sink wall, and on opposite side of the kitchen on the cooking wall

looking warmer in this light

cooler here

and calm, not attention stealing here?

Here is a link that might be useful: helpful b/s thread

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I love the first one and the white mini bricks. I think with a very light grout it wouldn't be at busy as you think. I think it would just add texture to your calm flowing granite.

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What about the second one from the bottom? It appears to bridge the countertops and cabinet colors. Or is it too busy in person? My general concern is not so much multiple colors so much as the tendency for multiple colors to create an unexpected pattern in multiple sheets.

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Kks, what about a frosted glass tile. Here is a white one. Peke

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Here is frosted tile in other colors and sizes. Peke

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I like the first one, though i question the busy-ness of the pattern. I personally don't like the iridescence with your granite as I think it competes too much. The granite is gorgeous, by the way. small format is nice and i would also try larger format subway 4x8. I'm not a designer though so i could be way off.

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All the Signature(?) mosaics look busy to me and at odds with your awesome counter.

I like the frosted glass that Peke has shared, soft and not reflecting. The sea glass quality to them certainly suggests a water element.

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Thank you all for the replies. It has been a week, and I still really like the white mini bricks, though I do have reservations and also like the idea of frosted glass.

Palimpsest, I can see what you mean about the one second from bottom and how it would go with the counters, but I am worried it would be busy and I simply don't like it as much as a stand alone element. This is my biggest challenge and worry, will the things I like in isolation work together to help each other, or will my overall look be of a woman wearing cowboy boots, wool pants, a sequined top and pearls?

I definitely want a textural look, one that works with the movement of the granite. I hope white (off-white, light gray?) grout would give me that kind of look with the white minis. Here is one with mini tiles above marble with linear movement that I love

Traditional Kitchen by Redondo Beach General Contractors LuAnn Development, Inc.
and one which works here, but would clearly not work in my kitchen

Midcentury Kitchen by Other Metro Interior Designers & Decorators Mikel Irastorza

I'm concerned that a one color backsplash would be less harmonious than a subtle mosaic, because it would be another stand alone element instead of something that bridged between others. I have a lot of white with the uppers and lowers, a lot of black and white with those counters, and then the warm wood floors and warm/cool paint in the room. The granite is polished, the cabinets more matte and then there is the stainless and glass in the upper cabinets.

Plumberry, I've looked and looked for larger format tiles because I thought less grout and fewer lines would be "less".....but when I put the subtle honed marble subway tiles I first chose they don't seem "less" at all. Same with the issue of finish - could a mix of iridescent, flat, opaque and clear make an overall blend that is less attention stealing than a large expanse of one finish?

I find it frustrating and a little amusing that I try to intellectually analyze this stuff - it is certainly not how designers seem to work! I just don't know another way, and really appreciate any help you can all offer in teaching/explaining!

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Kks, I have the same problem. I love the linear pattern. You are right that it works in the picture.

You would think it would look busy, but it doesn't. What is it that makes those two tiles work with the marble? I just don't understand. Peke

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Thank you, Peke. You are really good at sourcing, I think frosted glass could work. But this morning I'm back to MOP having seen so many beautiful threads on it here, and considering the photo above with the linear marble movement and oval MOP which works. I'm a little worried about pricing, but have sent an inquiry.

Here is a link that might be useful: mop oval

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