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autumn.4August 30, 2012

Hi nini!

I just found your kitchen (I know it was posted a year ago - just started looking at stuff for a new build coming) and it's so beautiful! I couldn't find anywhere that you had posted your office/pantry dimensions. That is such a cool idea. I am not sure I can get away from it but I am not a fan of the corner susan - nope, not at all. I am looking for just a small office 'nook' of sorts. Not sure if it would work but wondering if you could share the size and how it configs into your pantry space? If looks like such a cozy and light/airy space. Perfect right off the kitchen! If I could trouble you to post a pic of the office leading into the pantry that would be even better since I am a visual type of girl.

Thank you!

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Hey Autumn!
Thanks! I love my little "hidey-hole" is really one of the most useful areas in my house. It is quite small...5'7"x 5'2". There are two file sized drawers, and knee space with a small pencil drawer above the knee space on the left and four open cubbies on the wall facing when you walk in. There are 2 windows in the space. The one showing in the pic actually faces the front front of the house, but it is recessed from the main part of the facade (a wing, there is a matching one on the other side of the house.) The door to the pantry is on the right in the space. The dimensions of the pantry are 4.5' and 3.5'. I will try to get pic of the office and pantry is hard to get pics of such small spaces without a wide angle lens.

Here is the pic my photographer friend took after we just moved in that shows a bit of my hidey-hole! :)

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Thank you nini. That is the pic that I saw. :) I think I could get those dimensions to work. I am trying to turn a walk in pantry into an office nook but I really still need the pantry space as well. Could be trouble but this looks like a perfect solution if I can steal a bit of sq. feet from somewhere. I'm wondering if I will have to do the office and then just a wall pantry - not walk in.

That would be great if you could finagle a picture.

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Ok, these pics are terrible, but hopefully they might give you some idea of the space. I definitely need a different lens for this type of shot!

The corner with knees space and 2 of the 4 cubbies showing.

The left side. You can see the top of one of the file-sized drawers, but the casing is blocking most of the shot.

The right side w/pantry door showing.

And finally, some of the pantry interior. It is a great pantry (messy now!) but the 10' ceilings allow for lots of shelves for storing seasonal items. It is hard to tell in the pic, but what looks like the top shelf isn't even the top shelf! There is a whole 'nuther shelf over that. I do need a ladder! :)

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That mess at the bottom on the pantry pic is on a shelf, not the floor, so there is a whole bunch of floor space available, too. I am emarrassed how messy it's not so bad IRL...the floor is spotless! :)

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I love it! And I would love to see pictures of everyones pantry's without cleaning up first. Yours looks great.

Love your house.

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Thank you - those are perfect. IMO your pantry is very 'clean' and organized! It's enough to give me the visual I need. Now to work that into my plan. It looks to be a very good use of space and plenty of it really. The larger the space the more it fills up with stuff! :)

Thanks again.

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