Help! Need advice re: 2 pulls on 30" drawers.

sparkier73August 5, 2013

Purchased two 5" pulls for each 30" drawer. During install today, my GC mentioned that with 2 pulls, the drawer glides will eventually become off kilter unless we use both hands when opening the drawers. He advised just using one pull in the center of the drawer front, but I don't like the look of one small pull centered, and I'd like to avoid the added expense of getting a larger pull. Has anyone with two pulls per drawer experienced difficulty with the glides over time.

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I have both, single in the kitchen, doubles in the butler's pantry, where the drawers are fully of heavy items but are not opened every day.

No problems with either drawer, but the glides are top quality and meant for heavier loads. That's what you really want to check!

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If your cabinets have good modern undermount drawer glides such as Blum Tandem or Grass then using two pulls is not a problem. Have em in my kitchen, pot and pan cabinet among others, going on 9 years and I never ever pull on two at a time. I've done hundreds of kitchens this way.

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Ditto above, two pulls on mine and I only ever use one at a time. Blum undermounts are worth every penny; the drawers open and close like butter.

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I upgraded to extra heaving weight bearing glides on our two 30" drawers, designated for pots and pans storage.

Initially I planned two 6" pulls on each, but at DH's request changed to one 6" centered pull which allows a firm grip wrap around it.

You can go either way obviously.

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I would buy one larger pull.

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If you have good glides, it is not a problem at all. I did 2 pulls for all drawers larger than 26in.

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I did the same - I needed to add some symmetry to the kitchen.

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Great! Thanks for input everyone. I do have Blum glides so -woo hoo!- I'm sticking to my original plan!

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