Foot Pedal for Trash Can

boysrus2August 6, 2008

After reading about it here, I'd like to get some sort of foot pedal for my trash can. Is Haefele (sp?) the only brand? Can you recommend one for my type of trash can set-up? I do not have bluemotion or soft close. See my pics below.

My GC comes back on Monday to finish the kitchen. Do I need to have him install this or is it something we can do after the fact? I'm supposed to have a toe kick underneath this run of lower cabinets? Will this cause an install problem?

Thanks for the input! I don't know anything about these devices.

View of the trash can drawer to the right of microwave. Missing a few drawer fronts and hardware.

Below, this is an example of the toe kick that will be installed and centered below the microwave and trash can.

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Anyone? I did a search on previous threads but still don't feel like I know much about them besides two styles of Haefele (sp?).

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The only one I know about is the one made by Häfele. Others have asked and no one seems to know of any other either.

You should be able to find installation info on either the Häfele site or one of the sites that sells it. There are two for trash cans mounted on rails (like yours) and one for trash cans mounted in a drawer-like base. Note that both are designed for frameless cabinets. However, a resourceful GWer posted what s/he did to adapt hers/his to framed cabinets. S/he has the rail type. See the info below.


From the "Pull Out Trash" thread started by ColdTropics on Fri, Jul 20, 07 at 2:43

Posted by metoo2 (My Page) on Wed, Aug 15, 07 at 19:27

Front View when cabinet is shut:

View of foot pedal when cabinet is open:
Keep in mind this view will be hidden when trash cans are in the cabinet.

Metal plate mounted on bottom back of door:
This is the plate that is 3.5" tall--to deal with a face framed cabinet.

Finally, looking at the bottom of the cabinet:
Glued a scrap of wood to the back of the face frame.

Posted by metoo2 (My Page) on Wed, Aug 15, 07 at 20:01

muscat: The rails are always attached to the door-regardless of whether your trash cans hang from a rail, or your trash cans sit on a base. In your picture, the cans sit on a base.

I believe that my modifications will also work with your situation (cans sitting on a base). However, you will need to make one minor modification that I did not do. That modification has to do with the elastic cords that come with the pedal.

Elastic cords (ie, bungee cords) pull the door open when the pedal is kicked. You would have to alter where the front of the cords are mounted inside the cabinet. Very easy to do.

Earlier posts on this thread refer to a version of the Häfele pedal for trash cans which sit on a base. I have not seen this product. I suspect they use the identical pedal, but altered the instructions relative to the location where to mount the elastic cords.

Posted by lowspark (My Page) on Fri, Jul 20, 07 at 11:02

I'm not sure what the door mount kit is, but you have to have a pull out trash in order for the foot pedal to work.

In other words, your trash bins should be hanging from a rail attached to the door OR sitting on a shelf attached to the door. The door should pull open like a drawer (not swing open like a normal cab) and as it pulls open the trash bins come out with it.

Note that Häfele makes two different pedals, one for the bins hanging from rails and one for the bins sitting on the shelf. I'm not clear on which one you've linked to above. Also note that these foot pedals are designed for frameless cabs. I don't know if they can or have been used on framed cabs and would be interested to hear about that if anyone has.

Here are the links I have to the two kinds of Häfele pedals:

Pedal for trash can which hangs from rails:

Pedal for trash can which sits on base:


Note: In the two links above, the foot pedals are on the bottom of the pages. Click on the "Specs (PDF)" link below the picture. Other places than KitchenSource also sell these. (When determining your "best" price, be sure to factor in tax and shipping!)


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That should be Hafele (without the two dots above the "a"...apparently we can no longer use that character!!)

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Thanks Buehl! Your really helped me out. I'm not loving trying to pull this trash drawer out with hands full of scraps, etc... Also, another member just asked a similar question and I hope it's o.k. if I copy your reply and forward on to them as well.

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