Those of you with walk in pantries...

sarahmh509August 27, 2012

How did you do your shelving? Did you DIY it? My kitchen designer wants to design the pantry, but I am not sure if I want to spend big $$ for the cupboards, etc. Especially because our space is not that big. Thank you in advance for any help you can offer!

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Annie Deighnaugh

We were building a whole house so we had a closet guy come in to do all the closets and the pantry....

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Mine was here when we bought the house and it has upper cabinets, a counter, and lower cabinets. I hate it.
I would much prefer all open shelving since I can close the door if I worry about keeping things "neat."
I think it depends on how large your pantry is whether you need a designer or just simple logic on the most bang for the shelf. Always worth getting a KD opinion and then go from there.

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I designed it, but had cabinet builder build it.

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Our pantry is a converted mudroom and is open to the kitchen.
We did as "WhiteRiverSooner".
We designed and the cabinetmaker built the cabs.
Here's a shot.

FYI. The back wall is 4' and the side walls are 5'.

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Ours was built by the same cabinet maker who did our kitchen. For us, it was definitely worth it to get the pantry designed just the way we wanted and with storage for everything we were looking to store:

There's stuff in their now, this was right after the tall cab was installed:

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Mine will just have open shelving around the room. Can't imagine why I would want cupboards in this space. There is a door, however, so this won't be visible to the rest of the house.

Here is a pic of the pantry in the model with *empty* Bud Light boxes. :)

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Our trim guy installed 10" wide shelving painted white in the pantry. The pantry is actually located under our U-shaped stairs and has the backside of an air return built into it. Here's a pic...

Hope this helps!

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Your thread reminded me that I've been meaning to post my pantry on the comprehensive pantry thread over on the Gallery side of the forum. I've just done that and will link the thread below. It might be of some help.

My carpenter put my HD adjustable shelving system in mine. It was cheap and fast, which is what I needed at the time just before t-day when we moved back into the hoise. I wanted something prettier and more custom, but this works.

Here is a link that might be useful: The Pantry Thread

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Great! Thank you for your helpful responses (and inspirational photos of your beautiful pantries)! Looks like I may want to see how much it will cost for our kitchen designer to do, and then take it from there. Thanks again everyone!

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Ours is all open shelving with the shelves spaced the distance I wanted. My builder did our pantry. I wanted to be able to see everything so I didn't do any drawers or cabinetry. I've since added more open organizers though.

For some reason I can't access my photobucket right now. But if you click below, our pantry is about 1/4 of the way down the page. It's not quite the whole thing but gives a decent idea of it:

Here is a link that might be useful: babs711 Finished Kitchen & Pantry

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beagles - I had not seen your pantry finished. It really is beautiful.

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Ours is all open also (the door is enough "cover" for me).
We chose to get and install shelving from IKEA--the Broder line (with the wood shelves). It was cost-effective and they are adjustable to our needs.

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This was a great thread to open. I have a large closet/butler pantry (not sure really what it was originally - may have only been an added on part to the house for all I know). Right now it serves as my coat/storage closet as it's the only one on the ground floor and, it's right off the dining room. I keep thinking there HAS to be a good way to make this into coat/pantry storage and the photos here gave me some good ideas on how to achieve that. Even could finally get the cat's feeder out of the kitchen maybe - that would make me really happy since it's kind of in the way there.

So eventually lol. No funding right now but I'm not going anywhere anytime soon. I saved pix for when I can. Fantastic job on all accounts!

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Hmmm. I had no idea there was a pantry thread on the Gallery side of the forum. Lots of great ideas over there for anyone trying to find info on finishing out a pantry.

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We have a very large walk in pantry, 6X10. I love it. The builder put in a skylight which is a really nice feature. Its always very bright in there. We have the standard, white wire shelving, 3 rows on 2 walls and one long wall with a shelf about 6 ft. up and hooks below for brooms, mop, etc. Although we don't have an abundance of 'stuff', I don't know how I ever lived w/o a walk in pantry, lol! It really frees up the kitchen cabinets so everything is very visable and very uncluttered. The short, back wall is perfect for my 3 sets of dishware and service pieces. One long wall contains food, partyware, and asst. bakingware. The perimeter under the shelving is perfect for soda 12pks, animal food and spare towels for cleaning.

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I designed this and DH built it:

The shelves are almost all adjustable. He'll do the opposite wall as time allows, but I really needed this one to get moved into the kitchen.

I knew pretty much what I needed in the way of storage (measured everything), so felt no KD was necessary for the pantry planning. YMMV.

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Ours is kind of ragtag utilitarian. It works well for us and has a door so it doesn't need to be a showplace.

When we bought the house, the pantry had shelving that was like the kitchen cabinets (and most of the other cabinets in the house) except open shelves with no doors. The cabinets were on one wall configured for an upright freezer next to cabinets with a counter on the bottom and upper cabinets all across. We have a chest freezer so we moved the lower cabinet unit out to the garage for storage there and put the chest freezer on the empty wall across from the cabinets. We found bookshelves that were the same depth 12" as the uppers to fill the space under the uppers and for the bit of wall next to the chest freezer.

My DH also put some plywood for hanging storage on the end wall and between where the chest freezer ends and the door. We hang the woks, wok lids, and some other awkward items there.

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We did the interior ourselves. Our KD told us it would be far less expensive if we put in the shelving, etc. ourselves.

Our KD was very up-front with us when she thought things were overpriced if we did them with her. I really appreciated that!

Another thing she told us not to do through her was get the glass for the doors and shelves in our two glass door cabinets. She recommended we go to a glass place instead. She was right! It was far less expensive!

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