Tile installer prices-Eastern Long Island

cookingbuffAugust 8, 2013

I want to have my kitchen tile ripped out and a new one installed. I live on eastern Long Island where the prices are high, but I received a quote which I thought was ridiculous. Can anyone give me a range of what it would cost per sq ft?

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Sophie Wheeler

Pricing depends on a host of factors that you haven't included. Square footage, foundation type, material type and size, cost of dumpster for debris, whether or not your tiler is handling the transitions and baseboards, how many undercuts at thresholds will be needed, whether or not any furniture will need to be moved.........etc.

Basic square foot pricing for actually laying the tile is probably cheaper than all of the accessory labor that goes with it. If you are on a crawl space with joists that need reinforcing, want natural stone in a large format, you might be paying $10 a square for the install plus any other additional labor for the demo and other work.

If you think it's expensive, get more quotes. Pick the best contractor, not the cheapest. Do it once, and do it right.

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Hollysprings-thanks for your input.

I realize there are many variables, but looking for a ballpark figure. My house is 14 yrs old. I have a full basement. Right now the tile is in mud, and the one estimate I got said that he could probably use a hardy board and all would be good. My kitchen cabinets would be out and he would have the tile to pull out and redo. I will have my own dumpster. My cabinet guy was here and said it's pretty straight forward, but of course, it will be a mess getting tile up. Any other opinions?

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Ours was $3300 in Toronto. We supplied bin & new tile, the price was for labor of removal of old and installation of new.

Our install was kind of tricky as it was a hopscotch pattern of odd size tiles that "walked" and it was done around an island in place so the measurements had to be carefully worked out to have the tile meet in good proportions at each of 3 entrance ways. And we didn't want quarter-round on the island which had fancy trim at the ground so the cuts had to be exactly precise. A bit of a fiddly job and they did amazing work.

Worked out to a little over $10 a sqft for our total 320 sqft space. We thought it was well worth the price.

What prices are you being quoted?

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