Centering of Pendant Lights

lniaAugust 3, 2012


Our island was noted as 94 inches from our kitchen designer. He did not include the counter overhang in the measurement, and as a result, our 3 pendant lights are centered based on the 94 inches versus 106 inches, which would include the 12 inch overhang on the one end.

Do most people include overhang in the centering of lights? I am thinking this will bother me If I don't adjust for the counter but would love to hear if typically the centering is off of cabinets.

THanks so much!

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Just my opinion, but I would think you would center them on the work surface. (But I suspect you are inclined to agree with me already!)

The question of whether it is worth it to you to move them is something I cannot weigh in on.

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Thanks. Please clarify if "work surface" refers to the entire counter top?!!! Right now my lights are centered to the area not including the 12 inch overhang
Thanks so much!

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We are building our house and our builder did the same and when I mentioned it to my hubby, he said it's better that way because if you have seating at the overhang you don't want people hitting their heads to the pendants (they may not actually hit their heads but just nice to have some room)

Our island is 6 feet long without the overhang and 5 feet wide .

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I have a peninsula, one ended butted up to a wall and the other with no overhang (duh). I have two pendants which my contractor simply installed without consulting with me for final placement. They are technically correctly placed, if you divide the peninsula into thirds. However, the proximity of the wall at one end vs. the open space at the other affects perception. I wish I'd just eyeballed them for placement.

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Had I not made sure mine were centered with the countertop/work surface, the electician would have no doubt centered them over the cabinets themselves. I think most people have overhang on one side only so that's fine in most cases. But we, like yourself, had overhang on the side opposite the range but also on one of the long sides of the island which made the long side asymmetrical. I wanted to make sure my pendants were centered over the island's countertop. Otherwise the lights would be shifted to one side. No one will hit their head on them. That shouldn't even be a concern. Here is ours. See how different it would look if the lights were not over the overhang on the right?

If this is how you want them, you should have them move the lights. It's not that big of a deal to do so. Our electrician didn't center four lights properly in the house which we realized last minute. They fixed it AND the ceiling around it within a day. I would have never known the difference if I wasn't to particular and hadn't already noticed!
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FWIW, I meant the entire countertop when I said "work surface." Sorry for the ambiguity.

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linelle, I had the same thing happen with our peninsula pendants. I made my builder measure the light out several times because I was sure the one was too close to the wall and he "proved" that it was correct. Now that the ceiling/wall and peninsula are done it does not look balanced - the wall changes the perception.
Arg. We're keeping it as is, but yeah. Should have stuck to my guns.

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Thanks everyone! I am having them go back and center to the entire counter top! Appreciate the feedback!

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lnia ditto what angie_diy said and sorry for the hijack...

Babs711, so love your backsplash, and your kitchen, you make me want to come over for dinner! ('Course, haven't been invited, sniff, sniff...) -- sadOldBat2be

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Don't be sad OldBat2be! If we GWers lived around each other we could rotate dinner parties all the time! Wouldn't that be so fun! I'd have you over for dinner any time! And you're so sweet for saying that!

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baba711 you make a good point. Unfortunately for us we have to live with the current placement of the pendants. One of the things we dread the most is asking the builder to change some thing, they charge us ridiculous amount of money :(

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