Shelved cabinets versus drawers

boone_2009August 4, 2012

All you experienced kitchen remodelers :-),

What do you find most convenient and would do all over again with no second thought : having mostly drawers in your kitchen *or* cabinets with shelves( fixed and/or pull-out)?Of course, I am referring to lowers :-)


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Dear Boone,

You are about to receive 99 votes for all drawers, and 1 vote that says that one or two roll-out trays is fine in addition to mostly drawers.

I am one of the 99.

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Pull out and bump in or: open cabinet, then pull out. Bump in and then close cabinet.

That said, I do have an open cabinet on my island. It's to the right of my prep sink and while I initially had shelves, it changed to a paper towel holder (upper) and cutting board storage (lower). Good luck!

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Definitely drawers, and full extension at that. My kitchen has/had shelves and a couple of the units were only 16 inches wide. They were the black holes of my kitchen. When we pulled out the units, I thought I had them emptied. It wasn't until they had been carried outside that I saw my pyrex double boiler at the back of of one. It's a wonder it wasn't broken. I had been wondering where it was.

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I'm the 1 vote that @Angie_DIY referred to.
Mostly drawers and a few pull-outs.

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I'm with the 99 -- love my drawers!!!

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All drawers if you can!

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here ya go. link to recent thread on roll outs vs drawers.

Here is a link that might be useful: roll out vs drawers

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Thank you so much, Angie_DIY ( I envy you, my DIY skills are minimal), Oldbat2be and Marti8a ..oh, I'm so glad I asked!

Oldbat2be ( lovely sense of humor there! I think I qualify, too :-)) - Regarding "open cabinet, pull out, bump in, close cabinet" do you find that irksome at all? I currently have this type of cabinet beneath my cooktop and it has two deep pull-out trays which are great for all my pots and pans; I loved it for several years but now that I'm starting to be an old bat ;-) with all the attendant aches that old-battage brings, I find it a literal pain to keep opening and closing those doors. I'm wondering if I should just go with deep drawers.

Lol, Marti8a... just yesterday, I 'discovered' a frying pan in a cabinet - I never even knew I had it!

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Decide what you want to put in each space. In my small kitchen, I included a 9" pan cupboard with a shelf, a 15" cupboard with a shelf, and a 24" cupboard with a pull-out. But I knew what I wanted in each of those cabs, and drawers would not have worked as well in those specific cases. The rest of the lowers are all drawers.

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Oh, I just read the other posts --- you guys are amazing! Thank you for all your help.

Willtv: I'd like to give you company and make it 2 - although Fouramblues and Sochi have joined the 99 crowd and make it a bit hard for me to promise anything ;-).

Desertsteph: I thought I'd thoroughly searched this site before I posted, to avoid 'repeats' - dang. Thanks for being so helpful and giving me the link, and sorry, everyone, for not doing a better job with my search :( .

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Ginny20: I just saw *your* post!!! Thank you for your helpful suggestion - that's exactly what I'm doing, using a yellow 'legal' pad and madly scribbling whenever I think of something new :-).

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Love my drawers !
I have all sizes. 14-42 inches!
I have a couple cabs left.
The obligatory trash pull out, an angle cabinet, a corner super susan(no pole), and one small cab next to the sink. I was thinking of making it a drawer but so far, I like this one. Top shelf has cutting boards, second shelf houses the sink basket for my cascade sink and bottom shelf holds my mandolin.
I added a 13 inch pull out pantry which I love.
I have one taller drawer under the oven which originally had my bread machine and counter top oven. I moved the oven to the pantry.
Before I switched, I used stickies to identify what would live in each drawee. I was pretty close.
Search for a2gemini more pictures to see my drawers.

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boone_2009: I do actually have all drawers/pull-outs... thanks to input from the forum. The 'open cabinet pull out drawer, then push drawer in and close cabinet' was something which really resonated with me.

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a2gemini - Too funny, I read your post and thought, "gee, I wonder if she keeps her mandolin in the kitchen because the humidity is good for stringed instruments" and then I realized you meant the thing you use to slice vegetables. Being Italian, I always think of musical mandolins first. :)

boone - I had a pull out under my cooktop before, too, and I switched to drawers. So much better! I measured my tallest pot and made the bottom drawer deep enough.

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Thread Deja vu...

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A2gemini: Thanks for all the info :-).I , too, thought of the 'musical' mandolin first, lol! I will search your name for the pics..thanks!!! Did you specify the depth of each of your drawers or was that suggested to you by your KD?What do you find the shallower drawers most useful for and ditto the deepest ones ( apart from pots and pans)?
Oldbat2be and Ginny20 - Thank you very much for your comments.
CEFreeman - Sorry :-(. My fault.

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All the drawers are the same depth and pull out completely as most do these days.
It is the width that is variable.
I was not modifying the basic kitchen structure and some drawers were dictated by space but overall loving the design.
Hope to have final pictures in a couple weeks.

Guess I better take up music lessons. LOL!

Still helping DM so on phone vs computer.

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Forgot to mention- our favorite restaurant has a musical duo who are amazing. One plays the mandolin and the other an accordion, so as I wrote the first post I also thought music.
Maybe I would do better with mandolin or guitar strings than I do with the slicer.
Actually small gauge guitar strings work great for cheesecake!

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