Undercounter filter on existing faucet?

lafaciaAugust 9, 2013

I have a regular faucet and one that came with the under counter water filtration system. Can I just have the water filter installed to the cold water line of the regular faucet? It looks too cluttered to me to have the two faucets on this little bar sink. Or is there some reason I need a special dedicated faucet? Thanks!

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For a bar sink it's fine, and actually makes good sense. The only reason for the separate faucet would be on a main sink where you would not want to waste the filtered water on dishwashing , etc...

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I would also consider flow rates. RO and undercounter filter systems I have experienced seem to have much lower flow rates, and you may not like that part. If you could get a faucet with selectable input, that might be your ticket, if you want the single faucet.

I have never seen one, but I am sure they exist in the higher end.

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Franke makes a trifold faucet that allows filtered water combined in one faucet. It is pricy and does not have a spray head.

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The drawback would be that you are using filtered water for things that don't require it - like washing hands and dishes - which would increase the filter degradation.

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Hey lafacia, you can indeed have a filter for just the cold water line... this is something I decided to do. In agonizing over a dedicated filtered water faucet (hard to find a minimal design I was okay with, and also hated the thought of cluttering the sink area), I came across this 3M full flow water filter (model 3MFF100).

I'll link to the product information page below... I ended up purchasing from Amazon. It's a bit spendy, but I think it'll be worth it. The filtered water is going to the faucet and also split to the SZ ice maker.

Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: 3MFF100 Full Flush Water Filter

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Hi Foxcrane. We're planning on splitting our filter with the ice maker too. I was thinking of having the filtered water come out of the prep sink vs. the regular sink since it would likely be needed when eating on the island. What faucet did you end up with? Is it a tri fold or is it a regular faucet where only the cold water is filtered?


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Hi Lafacia,

We have a Filtrete drinking water filtration system on our cold water under the kitchen sink very similar to the one above posted by FoxCrane. We bought the Filtrete system at Lowes. I believe it was about $60 some dollars for the system. We buy our Filtrete refills at Lowes as well for about $32. You change the filter every 6 months or when you see a significant decrease in water flow.

My husband installed it very easily and mounted it to the cabinet. It reminded me of a big Britta filter in design. We used to have a faucet mounted Britta but it ruined our faucet neck with the weight. We switched to the above system and we couldn't be happier.

The link to the Lowes site was unavailable so I just posted the refill at HD

Here is a link that might be useful: Filtrete Drinking water filtration system refill

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The 3M filter I linked to above was installed in my kitchen, and it runs pretty well so far. The flow of the cold water is still nice and powerful, though only slightly less powerful than the hot water. I could not smell or taste any of the usual odors that come from my tap water, and feel much better about drinking the tap water from the faucet. I'd totally buy it again.

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