Can you help me find a granite?

phoggieAugust 8, 2012

Since I am wanting to put white appliances in my new kitchen, does anyone know of a granite with WHITE (not cream) and some dark brown? I really would appreciate it.

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Bianco antico? I have to say I miss my white appliances. Always looked bright and clean. This stainless stuff - can't put pictures on my fridge and Every time we breathe on it, there are more fingerprints or smudges.

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Do you know who your builder is working with for granite and fabrication? If so, go to their slab yard if you can and look around to see what you like. Also, do you have any "standard" choices to consider? By that I mean any granites your builder is offering without upcharges? If not, what countertops are being offered standard with the home?

Do you want movement? Do you like or dislike speckled granite? Can you post a pic of your kitchen layout?

There are many granite websites where you can select "white" and see lots of possible options, but they may not be available at your slab yard, or a lot more expensive. Thus I'd go to the slab yard if you can.

All that said, I love Bianco Antico (except a lot of the current slabs seem to have a tinge of pink to them), Alaska White, and Delacatus. All are similar with white, brown, gray, black, cream, and taupe.

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Superwhite also known as Moon Night, and Alaskan White.
Good luck!

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Hi Phoggie - if you're going with white appliances and cabinets, you might enjoy a granite that has more color in it.

slonewby posted this picture of her mostly white kitchen with Bianco Antico granite, and it's beautiful. The link is to one of her many threads about choosing a backsplash.

White fantasy granite has some lovely greys if that appeals to you. I'll post some images of it, and the recommendations above in posts below.

Here is a link that might be useful: slonewby

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White Fantasy from Mom23Es post about her slab search

Here is a link that might be useful: Mom23Es

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Here is Alaska White with white cabinets from Dolode's post. It's definitely creamy, and pretty with white.

Here is a link that might be useful: Dolode

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This is Super White with (mostly) white cabinets from beekeperswife's thread. One irritating thing about granite is that every stone has about six different names.

Anyway, I hope the images are helpful. It might be a good idea to google "white cabinets granite" and look at the images that pop up. Cream and white don't go together, except when there's brown and black and a ton of other stuff in there too, they look great together.

Here is a link that might be useful: bee

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In our searching (but we weren't trying to go with white appliances, just wanted something that didn't read "yellow", we found that most everything has a creamy undertone if it has brown. We found one that the fabricator had called Ice Age (I think it's also called Ice Brown or Alaska White) and it seemed to have the least amount of creaminess to it. In the end, we wound up going with something called Diamond (also seems to be k/a Diamond White or White Diamond) and we do definitely have some yellowish/creamy coloration and I don't know if it would work with white appliances. Bianco Antico made our short list as well, but again has creaminess to it.

What we found that had white without creaminess had very definite grey and not really brown, so if that would work, there are options that way. Bee just got a quartzite - Super White (white with grey), which is beautiful - we saw and admired the Super White at the yards - but Bee reports that hers is etching just like marble. :(

Having said all of that, I think that you CAN get a granite that has creaminess to it like Bianco Antico (as shown above in EAM's post) and that it will work just fine because it will be enough difference that it won't look like you "almost matched", whereas if you try to find a white granite, you may wind up that it's a near miss with matching your whites.

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I am also considering cherry/spice stain, or a little lighter, for cabinets...but the problem is how to incorporate white appliances? that is why I am wanting a granite (or I might even go with laminate) that has a true white in it....Thanks for your help.

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Google kitchens with white appliances. Many images will pop up. You do not want white cabinets so no matter what, the white of the appliances are going to stand out in either a spice or a dark cabinet. This is the realty if you choose white appliances.
The Bianco Antico has cream as a background, not white. Just as a thought, you do a light spice wood color for the cabinets, a costs Esmeralda granite with a green backsplash?
When you look at Antico, it is usually paired with a white kitchen. If it is with a dark wood , the appliances are not white.

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What about a white corian or quartz top or are you set on granite?

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The first thing to find out is what your builder is offering as a standard rather than an upgrade. I'm thinking here that the cost for upgrading the granite to a non standard choice like a Bianco Antico will be a lot more than actually choosing the upgrade to white cabinets. And white cabinets go much better with white appliances than dark cabinets. If you like the white cabinets, I'd pick them to spend your upgrade money on and just do a nice basic laminate. It'll be friendly on your budget and there are so many color choices that are still not dark but would work with white cabinets.

Wilsoart Green Soapstone

Roman Limestone

Bordeaux Juperana

Luna Frost

Sea Glass

White Juperana

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