Feedback on Cabico Espresso?

smaloneyAugust 17, 2013

I am renovating a very narrow galley kitchen and had resigned myself to using very low-end cabinets in order to spend as much of my limited budget as possible on the labor to modify a load-bearing wall and move plumbing on a slab. Today one of the contractors we're considering had me visit a cabinet shop to see Cabico Espresso (their semi-custom line). It sort of blew my mind - it seemed much nicer than I would have anticipated at my modest budget. And frameless!!

Can anyone offer any specific feedback on Cabico Espresso?

Just to put it in context, I was totally prepared to do Ikea or (I'm sorry GW) a Chinese cabinet. In fact the same contractor was pushing a made-in-China option that was just awful. So I was easily bowled over by the Cabico name. But there was literally no comparison between the two, and I loved that the C-Espresso had maple stains that weren't obscenely red or yellow. (I'm big on neutral brown, would have loved the grey browns but they look greenish in my house.)

To top it off, the totally unreachable Ikea contractor literally just emailed a proposal (after at least a month, at least 10 phone calls and emails) that is considerably less costly (at least 25 percent, maybe more, I'm guessing since the quote doesn't include permits and materials). I don't want to bias this, but I have to factor that in.

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Bumping - one more try in hopes one of the kitchen experts around here can tell me something (good or bad) about this brand.... Thanks!

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There's not many GW threads, but I found one where someone actually installed them. Judydel was quite responsive in this thread, so maybe she'll answer an email.

Here is a link that might be useful: Judydel's kitchen

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