outlets in backsplash - how to make sure looks good

Ellen1234August 31, 2013


I will be getting my backsplash installed very soon here (hoping next week).

I've seen some backsplashes where the outlets do not look good (e.g. not flush against the tile).

The tile goes under the cover plate, correct? So when the cover plate goes back on, will the outlet itself be out as far as the cover (if that makes sense?)? Or does the outlet itself need to be pulled out a bit to accommodate this?

What is the right way to do this? I do not want to leave it to the installer since I've been burned on so many things already (I need to be prepared with the correct method of doing this).

Same question for the switches.

BTW - I will just have ceramic subway tile in the places where the outlets/switches are located (mosaic will be behind hood but no issues there).


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Hopefully the electrician installed adjustable outlet boxes. Makes easy work for all involved and very inexpensive.

If not, link shows an adjustable box, which can be retrofitted B4 tiling. The boxes come in 1,2,3 & I believe 4 gang for your options. Shown is a 2 gang box.

Here is a link that might be useful: Adjustable wall box

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For subway, place them horizontal vs vertical and try to match the outlet cover as close to the tile as possible.

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If the boxes are installed, there are small bumpers to place behind the receptacle. You can buy them in a bag of "plenty". This bumps out the plugs/switches to match the tile and placing the cover directly over the tile without any gap.

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You guys are the best - thanks!

My outlet covers are just over an inch above the counter, so I don't think I can line up the subway tiles from a top/down perspective. I wish I could but I didn't even know what tile I was going with when the outlets were done.

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