Typical sofa depth?

breezygirlDecember 9, 2010

Is there a typical sofa depth? My family room sofa is 42" deep. Is that typical? I may need to buy different furniture for our newly remodeled rooms, and I'm trying to draw furniture arrangements out on graph paper to see what would fit. Thanks!

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I consider 39 average...36 is a nice width IMO, not to small and not big either

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42" is a bit deep. I like a smaller depth around 36-39".

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Ours is 42" deep, but we need the depth because my husband is 6'3" tall. If you don't have any tall family members, I'd go less deep.

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I've just been shopping for a sofa. We like furniture that looks good, but is also comfortable. To get a very comfortable sofa that has a deep enough seat you need to have at least a 40" depth. I think I sat on 50 sofas last weekend!!

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Sofa comfort is very personal....there is no one-size-fits-all.

I am sitting on a 37" sofa right now and It is perfectly comfortable for me. It could even be a bit shallower as I have to use a pillow behind my back. It also depends on the thickness of the back cushions, the style of the cushions, whether the sofa has a tight back, the seat height, etc.

I would approach your problem the other way around -- try to decide what the ideal size is based on the space you have, allowing for appropriate walkways, etc. Then try to find a sofa that fits your parameters as closely as possible.

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Thanks everyone! I finally found an old Pottery Barn catalog late last night and saw some of their depths. 42" is certainly comfortable, especially for DH, but I think less would probably be fine also.

Based on the space I have on my graph paper drawings for the new family room, 36" would be an ideal size. BUT this is the family room. One of the things we do in that room is to watch TV. DH, while I love him dearly, is a giant couch potato when he's home. He lays on the couch and watches TV for a few hours after the kids go to bed. Sometimes if he's really asleep, I leave him and he spends the night there. His acid reflux makes sleeping slightly upright more comfortable sometimes. Soooooo...the couch has to be comfortable for him.

I think the next step will be to go to our local furniture store to look. Thanks again!

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With those measurements, I'm assuming you are referring to the overall depth of the sofa not the seating depth. ?

I know when I shop again for LR furniture, I will need smaller scale furniture to suit my space. But I have found that when I've tried some furniture, the seat is TOO deep. If I put a pillow behind my back, it would be perfect.

The sofa I have now is perfect in regards to the seat depth but eventually I will need to get new furniture.

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Really interested in this question -- I'm deciding on a sofa that will be good for my son (6'2") and me (5'4"). I can always put a cushion behind my back, but I think for him, not deep enough is not comfortable. I'm looking at RH Lancaster leather sofa and they post "classic" @ 43" deep which sounds really really deep. I think I have to go to a store and sink into some sofas.

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I would not buy a sofa without trying it out in person for exactly this reason. So many are not comfortable for this short person - I don't like to sit on a sofa and feel like I'm falling backwards.

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