Granite installed today! Costa Esmeralda

wolverine2August 29, 2013

My countertop was installed today and I am so thrilled with how beautiful it is... here's a couple pictures of the Costa Esmeralda.

Lots of finishing up to do, but the plumber and electrician are coming tomorrow so we should be functional by the weekend and get to finishing up details!

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Wow. That is beautiful. You so rarely see green toned countertops. What backsplash are you thinking about?

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Sooooo pretty!

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Oh, now that is pretty! You must be just giddy! The day I had a functioning sink after my counters came was my favorite day of the whole reno, have fun!

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Gorgeous stone!!! Thanks for sharing.

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Holly- Kay

Beautiful! You really have chosen an outstanding stone for your kitchen.

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Very Beautiful and so Unique!! Anxious to see it when everything is done....I also wonder what backslash you have chosen...JMHO but I would do something more it won't compete with that Beautiful Stone....but what ever you choose I'm sure will be lovely!

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Thanks everyone! I haven't picked a backsplash yet- was waiting to see what the countertop looked like installed. I'm thinking of a simple white subway tile, but would love any suggestions! It's too hard to try to match the green. I haven't picked a paint color either, but am thinking about Benjamin Moore Gray Cashmere, which is a bit greenish-gray. I need to get a sample and put it on the wall.

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Congratulations! It looks lovely. I strongly considered this stone and love its beauty and motion. For a BS you might also consider some creams and very light greys, to pick up the background in the stone. I've even seen it paired on Houzz with marble.

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Really lovely stone and I think it looks great with the white cabinets. You might look at some of the crackle tiles. They have some with soft colors, or maybe a matt finish tile. I think you could go with a very light soft green if you can find the right color. Walker Zanger Grammercy Park and Grazia Rixi are two you might look at. I liked them, but they did not quite work with the granite we have (seafoam green) because of the brown, black, and grayish tones. Your costa esmerelda doesn't have that and is a slightly different color green. Of course, white would look very nice also. Your choice may depend on what else is going on in the space that we can't see. Looking forward to seeing pictures of it finished.

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Your CE is gorgeous!. I think it rivals the beauty of Positano's slabs. Have you seen her kitchen? She used a white sub for the BS. Looking forward to seeing your completed room.

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Those are gorgeous!'

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Wow. Totally beautiful.

I looked searched Houzz for that granite. > 2,000 hits
Here were some reactions to the backsplash just as I had them. The comments are about the backsplash, not the granite:

too grey

too brown



everywhere is beautiful

not crazy about it

white - matching the cabinets looks pretty good

lighter looks good
darker doesn't

(beautiful backsplash though)

Love that floor tile with it


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Zowie- that is stunning! And looks like the installer did a great job!
Now to get you out of the ABB club!
So you have a budget per square foot.
Grazia Rixi is about $10 plus shipping if you can't find it locally.
I loved the look and feel of Heath at around $30 but have also heard they might etch- but unconfirmed. Of course you can go to the wild side with a2 own tile(not me) with motawi @ $100 a square foot. Fortunately I could not get motawi to work in my kitchen.
I would also look at Jeffrey Court - variable on price but many in the $15-20 range. I can't remember if you still live in Michigan but a lt of good tile stores in Farmington and Troy.

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Those are gorgeous!'

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Yes, I love Positano's kitchen! I would love to find a crackle tile that works- I had a few samples from Complete Tile and none of the greens I got quite work- I think I'll try to get a hint of green in the paint and go with white/creamy. The creamy tiles I have so far are too dark. I would love a crackle if it can fit our budget, so will be on the lookout. I'm not quite ready to show the rest or be in the ABB club because we still have some molding to put up and I'm going to change the glass out of some cabinet doors... then I'll post and get some more backsplash advice if I haven't found anything!

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Of the ideas you posted, this one below stands out as both neutral and complimentary. I have crackle glazed white subway with my "Ice Brown" (similar to bianco antiquo) and still sometime wonder what a neutral glass tile would have done...

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Just picked out two slabs of CE with my husband today. I have been waiting years to get this granite. It's elegant, warm, peaceful and timeless. Great colors! Goes with reds, browns etc. I can't wait for the installation day! I ordered white subway tile for backsplash and a handmade water jet for above the stove made out of calcutta gold mosaic from Artistic Tile. My cabinets will be white and my floor a dark brown wood. I can't wait to have a kitchen after being without one for 6 months. I'll post pictures when I can.

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I still love my CE countertops - ten years and still gorgeous! I used CE for the backsplash. Soft fern Benjamin Moore looked perfect with the soft green of our slabs, FWIW. Perfect for our mountain house with windows full of trees.


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Just an update since this got bumped. I did pick a creamy crackle subway tile for my BS... haven't installed it yet. I also haven't finalized the paint color, so Mayberry, I will look at fern green too! Trying to find the perfect greenish-grey. I do love the counters-can't wait until they no longer have power tools on them!

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