Help picking kitchen paint colors

hjf234August 31, 2012

We are building a townhouse and I'm having difficulty picking paint color for our kitchen. The kitchen has espresso cabinets, luna pearl granite, and a medium brown wood floor(wide planks). There is recessed lighting and natural light of a window and sliding glass door to deck. I hear dark cabinets can make a room look smaller without lots of natural lighting. Therefore Im a little worried. I'm thinking of Balboa Mist for the kitchen and Revere Pewter for the living room, since the area is open and the 2 rooms flow right into one another. Any thoughts or suggestions using these 2 colors? Thank you.

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Ah, I was going to ask who makes those colors, but Googling the color names told me they are Benjamin Moore. I saw the colors under 'Images' and there was a lot of variation between photos and they both look pretty similar.

If the rooms flow together, would you be unhappy using the same paint color for both of them? I was going to do that, paint my entire loft Sherwin Williams Toasted Almond. I'm now trying a different color in the kitchen. It's called A Beautiful Beige by BH&G but actually has a greenish cast to it.

Selecting paint for my kitchen has been one of the most difficult parts of our building renovation so far. Right behind choosing kitchen cabinets!

We have a big splotch of the kitchen paint on a wall right now and I'll see it tomorrow when it's dry. You might try that - testing the 2 paints near each other.

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"I hear dark cabinets can make a room look smaller without lots of natural lighting"

Some dark wall colors (not all) can make a room look small, especially if the room is dark, but just choosing a dark cabinet color doesn't make a room look smaller, unless you have several floor-to-ceiling walls of cabinets. Having too many cabinets of any color packed into any sized kitchen can have the same effect.

The colors you are considering are too similar to have the effect I think you're going for, of making the rooms look distinct, but flow together. The Revere Pewter has a beige undertone, Balboa Mist does not. Using them in adjacent rooms will make the pewter room look older - like it needs to be repainted.

These are Ralph Lauren paints in Grand and Stone. They are very similar in hue, stone is a little darker, more saturated, but they are different depths of the same color, and so work together beautifully.

For the effect you want in BM, choose two colors on the same color strip. They will be increasingly saturated (darker) grays with the same percentage of blue, or green or beige in them. Or, as the other poster mentioned, you can just pick one color for both rooms. Either way, it's a good idea to get samples and see how they look. Good luck with your choice.

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I agree with both of the above - especially getting samples and painting on the walls - no matter how you hold up the chips (big, little, giant), it looks different with real paint!

If anyone remodels are kitchen downstream - they will find samples lurking behind the ovens!!!

And when we did the outside of our house, the garage looked like a checkerboard game with a lot of different color checks. The neighbors loved it - knowing no matter what color I chose, I gave it a lot of thought (and the garage was only temporary!)

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