Backsplash with Dark Cabinets & Caesarstone London Grey

bp403August 15, 2013

I've been lurking around this forum for a while and have gained so much valuable information to help with our kitchen renovation! I've picked out everything for the renovation except the backsplash! We've decided to keep our existing tile floor and have dark cabinets. We have Caesarstone London Grey countertop on order and I was thinking about pairing it with white subway tile with a light gray grout. We would like to keep the counters and backsplash light as the cabinets are dark. We have Sherwin Williams Light French Gray on the walls in the kitchen. I'm having trouble envisioning how this will all look together. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

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Can't figure out how to load multiple images so here is a picture of the tile

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I like your idea of the white subway with the darker grout. I think that would look both timeless and beautiful.

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Thank you aktillery for your response! My husband read somewhere that within 6 months of a renovation one starts regretting one of their decisions. Yikes ... I don't won't that to happen :-)

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I too like the white subway with London Grey but personally like white or light grout. To me it looks more elegant where the grey looks vintage. has some great pictures of both. Good Luck.

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Hi BP , I am glad I ran across your post as I was I goggling quartz tops tonight to see what was new in them and found their new marble look a likes. I really love the London Grey . Your cab color is a lot like mine might be a tad lighter. In granite picks I am all over the map . When I saw this London Grey though it looked so calm to me. I use a lot of blues in my house in dishes and other decor so it would go well. I will kept watching for progress on your kitchen as we have not moved in yet :)

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NAN95: Thank you for your suggestion. I too prefer the white subway tile with a lighter grout color, but I'm worried about the upkeep. I use turmeric in cooking frequently and it stains everything yellow :( I had splatters on kitchen wall in my old kitchen (luckily the walls were already painted yellow) so am worried about the staining. I have seen those amazing white on white back-splash tiles on Houzz! They look beautiful! Do you think if I seal the grout, it would be stain-free?

Sarina: The kitchen is nearly done now :) We're missing countertops, back splash, hardware on cabinets. I agonized over the counter-top and the back splash the most! I was considering Frosty Carrina, but after seeing a sample of the London Grey I fell in love with it. I hope it will look calm, as you said, especially with dark cabinets! I try to post some pictures tomorrow.

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Can not wait to see it :)

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Sarina: Here is a picture of the kitchen in progress. The cabinets look almost black in the picture, but are an espresso color. Our walls are painted using Light French Grey by Sherwin Williams. Hopefully the countertops will go in this week sometime followed by the backsplash. I hope the subway tile using a light grey grout will go well with the London Grey countertops!

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:) I would think it would be very nice and for sure show less dirt . I would also for sure seal it too :) Looking good so far !

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Can't wait to see how this turns out! We are having a house built and the builder uses cambria so I was going between Torquay and Waverton but I love the london gray. WE are doing dark cabinets also and gray walls, argos by SW, why did you decide on your color?

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Sarina: Thanks .... I hope it will match the "picture" I have in my head :-) Hope your kitchen picks are going well :-)

RPK42: I knew I wanted a gray in the kitchen I had seen French Gray online in a few pictures and liked it. We got 8 samples of different grays and decided we like that one the best. Our kitchen gets lots of sunlight so we wanted cool gray walls and a faint, grey/white countertop. "Argos" looks very nice online! It looks like it has more of a bluish undertone. I'll post more pictures after the countertop and backsplash is in. Good luck with your new house ... it's so exciting!

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How is your kitchen coming a long ? I can not use the London Gray nor any granite with gray. My floor did not turn out the color I hoped. So am looking at maybe Caeserstone Dreamy Marfil and also still searching granites.

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Take a look at kitchen photos by Rebekah Zaveloff on Houzz. She has some great pictures of white subway tile & gray grout. She also has a kitchen with dark cabinets, gray walls & subway tiles.

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