I really need layout help! Please!

bd50momAugust 27, 2012

Starting a kitchen remodel! Our house is already half torn apart. Our kitchen used to be a bout a 9 x 10 separated from a wall into our dining room/living room area. Our house is small and we took out a partial wall to open things up a bit, but due to the structure of our brick home we cant take out any more of it. Basically our living room and dining room was all one long room about 30 foot and is about 13 foot wide with an L shaped room( the old kitchen) that we are thinking about puting the kitchen where the dinijng room was. We can change any plumbing and or gas lines, electric ect. WE CAN not move any of the windows and can not add on to our home. The double windows and the window just down from the double are low windows and can not have normal cabinets under them. I am thinking of possibly a window seat with drawers that pull out below the double window. We can move any plumbing, electric or gas if needed. Thanks in advance. I have an idea for a layout but want the best layout that I can have and I am no designer. Thanks in advance. I also would like a possible peninsula with seating( I think it is too small for an island and I will also need some other seating, table ect. My cabinetry will be custom so I can basically

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Oops sorry it didn't post correctly. I am having t custome so I can have anyting any size within reason that I need including custom table if needed. Thanks again in advance to all of you prosout there!

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More pictures!

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More picutres!

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Wow! You have a ways to go on figuring it all out.
Not much help in the big picture but here is our bench to get your ideas flowing.

The bench does have a back - but we can fold it down (piano hinge) when we want an unobstructed view out the window.

We put a his and her "cave" on either side of the bench. The cave has a pull out work surface and the top doors open "entertainment style" which includes power for toys and two pull out drawers

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That is really nice! I guess I should have proofread my post! Haha, it appears as though I can not speak or type! Thanks again for the input!

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have you thought of closing the entry from kitchen to sunroom,therefore possibly running an L shape along that wall and current sink wall...

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So, are you saying you want to move the kitchen into the current diningroom or you could move it there? If you leave it where it is, I think that I agree with Herbflavors suggestion to close off that door to the sunroom...otherwise it seems like you don't have much space for cabs. Is the sunroom a 4 season type or not?

also have seen pics on here of people that have run cabs or freestanding units in front of low windows like that, and it looked pretty good.

Here is a link that might be useful: shelf window pic

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Sorry for the confusion. I really don't think I could close off the doorway from kitchen to enclosed porch/ sunroom area as it is now a 4 season room with exposed brick on the other side of the doorway and on the opposite side of the wall. I really like the exposed brick in the little area. I should have explained that that area used to be a porch that we enclosed in. What are your thoughts on coming off of the short wall in kitchen area with cabinets and then extending a peninsula area about 7 foot in to the existing dining room with a sink and dishwasher there. The bottom of the double window is only 26 inches from the floor, so that to me is extremely low. I was thinking what if we had window seating and then wrapped around to the wall that is complete opposite of old kitchen with stove and cabinets. I was thinking to have the fridge across from where the partial wall is that we can't take out with pull out pantry on both sides. Where the old kitchen is, I was thinking a small table that I could extend when needed. Soon it will just be the 2 of us here unless the granddaughters and children are over. Hope this explains the situation a little better. I wish I had a design printed to show you. What program could I use if any one has any suggestions. We are going to go with a lighter brown cherry stain and possibly hickory floors. Thanks for the input as you can see it is a little out of the ordinary. Thanks a ton for your input so far.

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I think I would still use the area to the right as the kitchen. It makes more sense to have living/dining one space because those functions together, make the whole space larger [drop leaf tables,or one side of table against a wall]. That to me would be worth it.For the kitchen-use the kitchen sink wall at the far side...possibly create a galley with a 6 ft run coming off wall to the left of window that's 29 in up-opening down at sunroom wall for your traffic. If needed-you could connect the 2 counter runs with floating counter across window that's 29 in from floor. Another way-use walls-sink wall,4 ft wall to the rt of sunroom entry and bigger wall between 2 windows....possibly with a butcher block cart in center kitchen floorspace.

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Ok thanks for the input! I will have to try and lay it out somehow as I am a visual person haha. Thanks again for all of your help!

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