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astraelraenAugust 10, 2014

Long time lurker, joined to ask a question.

We were originally going with Silestone, but our provider said Daltile had come out with quartz countertop solution that was a perfect match for the Silestone we chose and was significantly cheaper.

Our quartz counters were installed with what seems like pretty poor seams. I asked the installer about them and he said whatever they used to cut the seam out left black marks? They are a reasonably well known company and I would assume they know how to cut Quartz without damaging it.

Anyway, they came back to 'fix' them. Apparently Daltile doesnt give out color matching sealant so they have to manually color match it.... Well he admitted they don't have it quite matched yet, but he had to 'grind' the seams larger to put more sealant in them?

I'm confused at this point, it seems like we are going to end up with seams that are really wide with mismatched sealant....

Cant figure out how to attach multiple files... here are manual links to pics.
Original seam: seam.jpg

Altered seam: seam.jpg

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Using a single edged razor blade, scrape over the repaired seams. It will not scratch the quartz. It looks to me like they've laid a color match adhesive over the top of the original clear adhesive. Scraping the seams to flush would tell if this were the case or not.

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Yes that is correct.

But to do that, they had to essentially grind out the seam with some sort of bit and make the seam wider. Also, as you can see in the altered seam the grinding is wavy and uneven.

It seems to me like we are going to end up with a poor seam at this point. I don't want to pre-judge the installer, he is trying to remedy the problem. But I'm skeptical at this point we will ever end up with a good seam.

I think the original seam was good without the black discoloration of the seam.

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