Do You See Any Changes for my ISLAND?

2LittleFishiesAugust 12, 2012

I'm going for a record for number of discussions in a week! Just kidding- but thanks for all of your help and support. I'd be even MORE insane if I were doing this alone!

Anyway, before the final final final plan gets okayed in the next few days....

Would You Change Anything With The Island?

It is 9' x 4' (actually 49") I lowered the height to 32" with a 2" walnut top for a total of 34". Seating along the back and on the right side.

FRONT of island:

The Speed Oven is 24" so I think we can make that cabinet smaller and get more room in the other drawers...

Back of Island:

10" storage in here... Will that be useful at all? I shrunk it from 12 to get more aisle space.. Also the corbels look huge here and I don't want them to be in the way. I think I'll ask if we can make them less obtrusive.

Island Side 1:

Just realized recently that the posts go across the whole short side on this end. Are they a waste of 5"? It's 5" you can't put a chair and on the other side it is 5" less for drawer space, right? Then again, there's probably enough storage anyway and if they add a nice look that's fine. I don't want the posts to be too fancy. I'd like something that will go well with my overall feel of the kitchen.

Island Side 2- We have a 14" overhang

OK, so for the most part I think it looks pretty good but if you see any issues or whatever let me know, Please! : )


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Can't you increase the size of the 10" cabinets back to 12" and just push them into that dead space in the center? I don't know anything about islands maybe that dead space is needed for the electricals and plumbing, but it might not need all that dead space. I do think that having the aisle wider trumps the 10" cabinets. Thats it for my bright ideas.

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I had 8" deep cabs on the back side of my island (under the overhang) in the last remodel and loved it for extra drink and canned goods storage. Also, candles, seasonal table decorations etc. On my current island (9x4), I decided to have seating around the end and utilize more of the backside for drawers, since the aisle in this case is the main walk through to the bedrooms and I thought the chairs/stools would be in the way, not to mention wanting the extra storage. I still have one cab under the overhang. I think it is a good idea, no reason to waste it, and not sure what you would put there but any size will accommodate something.

The 5 inch posts may look a little large to you in real life: I would try to find some to look at. I didn't initially believe my KD who said I might want to exercise caution with the posts. Once I looked at them at the wood store I went back to four inches (still quite beefy). Depends solely on what look you are going for.

Here is a shot of what it looks like:

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Hi 2littlefishies,

I must have missed the post in which you explained
why you were making your island a non-standard height.
I'm sure you have a well thought out reason
for making your island 34 inches in height
rather than the standard 36 inches.

But this is the one thing about your island plan
that made me pause and wonder,
especially since the island is such an important
and permanent feature of your kitchen.

A very minor point: in another post recently someone pointed out
that counter height stools and chairs are designed
for standard 36 inch height islands.

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I have two suggestions for using the back of island storage.

1. What about making the front of the island drawers deeper. 30'' would be great. Then only 4'' would be wasted in the back. You might just leave that open for extra leg room.
2. A crazy idea, maybe, but. . .
Could you have maybe two or three shallow WHEELED storage units, as much lower than the island as necessary, that can be rolled out from under the island for access, then pushed back into place? Could be closed with doors or open like bookcases.

I like the idea a lot more than fixed storage there that one has to crawl under the island to access. And a lot more than wasting valuable storage space.

3. Hmmm, only 10'' deep? Backup canned and dry foods? Pegboard backs with hanging, seldom-used cookware?


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enduring- I think the 2" dead space is really just the back of the cabinets to separate the two sides. Actually it was originally 26 + 2 but I got rid of 2".

claybabe- thanks for showing me your post!... and for the fact that even with 8" you found uses for the space.

francoise- I decided that awhile back (lowering island) and read a few posts where others did same. I am 4'11" and in my last house with standard island it was hard to mix, etc.. I ended up with a step stool or doing stuff at the kitchen table sometimes. I know stools may have to be adjusted but I'll have to work with that : )

bellsmom- I never thought about making the island drawers deeper but they might be more useful than the space in the back.

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Hi 2littlefishes -- 4 foot 11 inches -- enough said. Great idea to lower it!

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4' 11 and 1/2" actually. LOL

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4' 11 and 1/2" actually. LOL

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Keep an eye on those corbels and don't let them get too Vatican-y.

Thought of you today. Got my first GC bid. LOL!

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marcolo- Ha! Good luck with that : )

If you have any pics of suggestions for posts/corbels that would be great. Here are some I thought would work. I need post examples though!

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marcolo-- You have yet to chime in on my backsplash post. Wondering if you have an opinion? (HA!)

Here is a link that might be useful: Fishies Backsplash Thread

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I like 9. The corbels should go with your wooden valences--not identical but complementary. It should all look like it came from the same shop.

The first bidder came in 1.5X my total budget with no countertops, cabinets, flooring or appliances. So roughly the final figure would be 2x my budget. I would not only be spending more than anyone else in my town on a kitchen reno, I'd also be spending more than 95% of people in the richest and most exclusive towns. My budget is not miniscule, either, and this is for an 8-foot, single-story bumpout of 1 narrow room.

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I like that one too.

Ughhhh to your estimate. That's awful. You have a few more still coming?

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Waiting on two more in progress. The first was absolutely unbelievable.

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marcolo- I REALLY hope you get a good one! So frustrating..

Cab guy just left. We have two more inches now that he measured.
I want to put in the aisle by eating side. He also said I could put it in the island so we have 12" of storage instead of 10.

What do you think?

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12'' deep? I would really investigate wheeled pullout units. With doors. Sorta like 12'' wall cabs on wheels. That's a lotta space. Casseroles, pots and pans (some hanging?).
I'm afraid they don't make 36'' deep drawers, but if they did, full extension, wouldn't they be killers?

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The wheeled unit is a creative idea. But, I would be concerned that the height vs the base of support could make them unstable, making them easily tipped over backwards.

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