Less Expensive alternative to Sonoma Tantrum

jennkrouseAugust 23, 2013


I've stalked this site for a long time and now I have a question I need some help with. We just remodeled our kitchen and I'm in the final stage of picking a backsplash. I have fallen in love with the Sonoma Tantrum tile in the 1x2 brick layout in color Hemp. But it is way over my budget. I was quoted almost $65 a sqft. Is there something similar that anyone knows about in the $20/sqft price range? There is a tile at the Tile Shop that is similar but it is a little greener then I wanted and I can't find it in any other colors. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Here is the tile in a 2x2. You can't really see the beauty of the sparkle in this pic, but it's the best I can do. Thanks for your help!!

Sonoma Tilemakers tantrum hemp (clipped to polyvore.com)

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Yes, I lusted after something similar, so I understand. Could you perhaps use it as an accent? It seems like 2 x 2 tiles of that style would be kind of busy.

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This is a link to the layout I was looking at. http://www.sonomatilemakers.com/LineListDetail.aspx?prod-line-id=9&line-list-id=36&photo-id=1086&IsLineList=True

I can find a picture that will let me save it to embed in the message.

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Crackle glass tile is at the top of my list - maybe not for the whole wall, but....I have quite a few sites bookmarked, and the prices are in your range: Glass Tile Home (limited selection); Glass Tile Store; Vivagi; Mosaic Tile Direct [dot] net; Cool Tiles; Modern Tile Studio (has the most small subway options)...I think that's it....lol...hope that helps!

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Jenn I fell in love with that exact tile (both size and color) and while I didn't search extensively, I didn't see anything else that quite lived up to it for me. (Something about the borders really stood out at me.) I went a different direction but really the reason for my posting is that your quote sounds high. I got three quotes, roughly 47, 47 and 55. Makes me think 47 is reasonable to expect. Don't know if that's enough of a discount to make it affordable though!

edit: I just realized I misspoke last night - those prices were for 2x4 not 1x2. I don't know which would be more. I was told $47 was 20% off list

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Have you looked at the Stellar line of Sonoma tile? We purchased the Stellar 3x6 subway for 19.20 a sq. ft. Perhaps you could find a field tile in this line and use the Tantrum as a novelty. We fell in love with the Sonoma tile and tried to find something else we liked after the initial sticker shock....(our 2 inches of novelty cost twice as much as the 36 sq.ft. of field.) the quality and color choice of the Sonoma tile is hard to beat and we kept coming back to it!

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OK, I may go back and see if they will give me a deal on the tile if I buy a certain amount. I don't think doing the whole backsplash in this tile would be too much. And I also LOVE the decorative pieces they have that match this style. And if I don't tile the back of the desk, which is separated from the rest of the backsplash that will save me almost 5 sqft.

Foodonastump, what did you end up going with? Don't you just love how the outer part of this tile is the darker brown and the inside is a greeny tan?!? It just goes perfect with my mocha glaze cabinets and giallo ornamental granite countertops. I am so bummed!!

bluetea57 I did look at the Stellar line. I actually like it as well. I dunno, maybe I could do that in Brown Sugar and just use the Tantrum as an accent. But I was quoted $28 for the the field tile on that line too. So maybe the store in our town that carries Sonoma is just more expensive?? Unfortunately you can't buy Sonoma online. You have to go to authorized dealer. And the place I went is the only dealer in my town :(. Maybe I can go to my mom's one weekend and see if the store in her neck of the wood is less expensive.

I appreciate everyone's help thus far. If anyone has more ideas, I'm happy to hear it. Oh and KBSpider, I've been to most of those site, but hadn't seen anything I like as well. But I'll check them out again. Thanks!!

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Jenn - Yes that's exactly what I loved about it and what I didn't find elsewhere. I ended up with a tiny glass mosaic which my wife loves and I kind of like but I'm afraid is a bit too blendy with my counters. It has color elements that pick up on every color in my granite, floor, cabinets and even appliances and that makes it almost too perfect if that makes any sense. I know it'll change with grout, so hopefully I'll like it more in a couple hours! I never imagined I'd spend this much for backsplash ($33) but in retrospect if I were to do it again, and if I were planning to be in this house for more than a year, I'd seriously consider holding my breath, cringing and pulling the trigger on the Tanrum.

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I loved the Sonoma Tile tantrum but also cringed at the price points!

I ended up mixing in using a Tantrum Rhythm carved border in Green Tea that was $17/sq ft with a 4x4 that was $10 sq ft instead of all of the individual tiles. So then you only need LINEAR feet, not square. That allowed me to mix in the less expensive tile (in my case a travertine that was $10 sq ft, but could be anything.)

Then I mixed in the "dream" mix (1x1 Green Tea, Hemp, Adobe, Canyon Red in the backsplash with 5 Miraval carved pieces that matched the border.) So, that was clearly more but at least it was a minimal area.

We ended up going with the Tantrum Slivers in our wetbar but only by (un)luck. We had ordered a less-expensive tile that looked like Tantrum from another company that was based in China. After four rounds and five months of the tile coming damaged or inconsistently colored, my tile store gave up and let us have the Tantrum slivers at the same price. We have them in Green Tea as well (which has sort of the brown on the edges, green in the middle.)

I just checked and the tantrum quote for me in Baltimore, MD, was $65/sq ft for the backsplash - but fortuntely that was just 3 sq ft! So, I think you're prices are pretty typical?

Good luck!

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I do not know how the price compares but Walter Zanger has something similar. They also have a crackle that they sell by the piece it comes in I think either a 2x2 or it was a 3x3. I hope this might help you.

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