Upper cabinet depth on new inset doors

mobclubAugust 22, 2011

I just had some cabinets made and realized that the depth of the upper cabinets will not accommodate 12" plates. There is a corner cabinet and hutch that I can put the 12" plates into, but I am aggravated that all my uppers are not standard depth. My options are now more limited. Also, I can not get wide glasses three deep.

I feel like my cabinet person should given me the heads up. Of course, there is nothing that can be done.

What are your thoughts about not having all the uppers accommodate 12" plates on all shelves.

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Actually, your uppers are standard depth. The standard depth for upper cabinets is 24"...and that's the box, not the door.

What you have to realize is that 12" is the total depth of the cabinet box...including the back wall and front face frame. So, in reality, a 12" deep cabinet only has interior space = 12" - thickness of the wall - thickness of the face frame.

In face framed/overlay and frameless cabinets, you can utilize the space with the face frame as storage b/c the door sits outside the cabinet. So, except for right next to the wall, the usable depth includes the frame.

However, with inset, the door sits inside the cabinet and takes up the space of the face frame, so you cannot use that frame space.

I know it's too late for you, but with inset cabinets, I recommend a depth of at least 13", preferably 14" or 15"...especially plate and platter storage cabinets.

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Sorry! That should have been...

The standard depth for upper cabinets is 12"...and that's the box, not the door.

(I wish we could edit our comments!!)

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I think the responsibility is ultimately on the buyer, unfortunately. Sorry to hear you have cabinets that are too small, but...... there are countless threads on this site alone that warn about this.

I created one larger cabinet/hutch area to address this since I wanted inset. Any larger items I want in uppers get placed in this area. I'm glad you at least have a similar area for plates...!

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I know it's too late for you but perhaps for others - I measured my day-to-day dinner plates (11") to make sure that they would fit in standard cupboards and made 2 of them 15" deep to hold my wine glasses 4 deep, and the beer glasses 3 deep.

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So, what can you do now?

Would you be willing to use deep drawers for some of your dish storage (assuming you have deep drawers)? Many people here have done just that and love it... If you have soft-close drawers, you can just stack them and they shouldn't shift around in the drawer. If you don't have soft-close, then you could get some of those drawer inserts for corralling stacked plates, bowls, etc. Glasses can also be stored in drawers, but I recommend a liner for them as they will tend to slide much more easily than plates or bowls.

If you have no deep drawers, is there room somewhere where you could put in a plate rack? You could put your plates, at least, in one.

For glasses, you may have to put a row of narrower glasses in with 2 rows of the wider ones.

If your glasses have stems, consider a rack to hang them upside down under your cabinets or inside the cabinet over the refrigerator (in this case, on a pullout shelf).


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mobclub, there is a lot to this kitchen renovation. I think we need a permanent post called "Top Kitchen Remodeling Details I wish I knew before I started." Yours should be on the top of the list. A friend warned me but it was pure chance. Buehl gave you some great alternatives.

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I agree with Colorfast that it would be great to have a sort of "warnings" permanent post. We went 3" deeper in both base cabinets and uppers (i.e. 27" and 15" respectively) only because I had read here about how limiting 12" deep uppers could be. We also chose frameless cabinets for our small kitchen for the same reason (i.e. we needed the most interior cabinet and drawer space we could possibly get). Again, it's only because I had read here that while inset is a beautiful look, frameless will give more storage when space is at a premium. And what would we do without Buehl? I think almost everything I know about kitchen design and organization I learned from her!

For your glasses, Crate and Barrel has several styles of tall narrow cylindrical-shaped glasses - they offer the same ounces as other glasses cause they're tall, but they'll take up less footprint in your cabinets. Look for tall narrow glasses that also have a heavy base to provide stability, such as the the Otis Glass or the more decorative Direction Glass, but there are several others, and many more of this style sold at different stores.

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I wish we could edit too...I meant UNLOAD! Oops.

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How often do we really need large dinner plates? Most often we just use our lunch plates at my house. Put your large dinner plates in the hutch...and the lunch plates for everyday use.

Just a thought.

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