Would love to see pictures of Monroe Bisque

sis2twoDecember 4, 2012

If anyone has any rooms painted in Benjamin Moore's Monroe Bisque, would you mind posting them? If any of you have kitchens with white cabinets and have the Monroe Bisque, that would be great too. Thanks so much in advance.

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I do! The kitchen in our old house was Monroe Bisque and we had white cabinets. Be prepared...it's a teeny kitchen. :-)

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Thanks Geokid! I actually thought Monroe Bisque had more of a yellow look to it. That's why it always helps to see pictures of how it looks in a room. Thanks for sharing.

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Sis, I was surprised at these pictures too. This is one of the colors on my list that I am saving for future ference. A few years back someone posted her home with this color and I too thought it has gold undertones. The above has a pink undertone on my monitor.
So, don't write it off just yet. Lighting has a lot to do with color as you know.
Another beautiful home is rtwilliams, she used SWKhaki on her open, with lots of natural light, floorplan.

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You're welcome. It definitely had pink undertones most of the time. Sometime in the right light it tended towards more khaki-ish.

When we moved in, the large bank of cabinets was painted Monroe Bisque with the panels of the doors painted an orange red. The walls were a muddy mauve. It was hideous. We decided to touch up the paint on the cabinets and change the wall color to match. The cabinets were well painted, we only had to paint over the red panels.

You can see more pictures here. It was all finished just in time to sell. Isn't that usually how it goes? :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Monroe Bisque Kitchen

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ellendi- I have been looking at this color and Powell Buff for my kitchen. My cabinets will be an Antique White and I am thinking the Powell Buff may be what I'm looking for. If anyone has that color, I'd love to see it. I currently have a deep terra-cotta color and want to lighten up this go round.

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