kitchen cabinet size - help!

sunshine_1621August 12, 2014

I recently got a fairly reasonable estimate for refacing our current cabinets. Right now they are 30" height with a 10" space above the cabinet. The guy who gave us the estimate told us he can fill in the currently empty space as if it was a ceiling height cabinet originally. So that would make the cabinet height I'm guessing 37" then he would add a 3" crown moulding. Is this going to be too overwhelming for this space? Every time I look at the cabinets I imagine them being 7-10" taller and I feel like they'll be too tall and awkward. Am I crazy? Should we have a bulkhead instead? I spent 1/2 a day and a whole 2 boxes of SOS pads cleaning above these cabinets after the previous owners of this house (who mind you, should be ASHAMED of themselves!), and I cannot see myself dealing with this useless, filthy, gapped space for very much longer.

Anyone who has pictures of a similar circumstance, please post!! I appreciate the help!!

PS: my kitchen size is around 10x10 and my ceiling height is 7'10"

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Here's another pic...

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Your kitchen looks quite a bit larger than 10x10 primarily because there's no wall between the kitchen and wherever it was you were standing to take this picture (so it doesn't feel "closed in"). I would absolutely take those cabinets up to the ceiling (and I was one of those who had a kitchen with a space above the cabinets that never got cleaned, and frankly, I wasn't one bit ashamed of myself :-) (I can always - ALWAYS - find something I'd rather be doing than cleaning house).

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sjhockeyfan i was thinking the same thing! i did clean the tops of my cabs and they were still gross! it just gets grimy for some reason:(
sunshine1621- more cab space would be better than a bulkhead and cabs to the ceiling are very common now so its doubtful that it will look strange. it will probably give you the illusion of higher ceilings

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Go all the way up. You won't regret it :)

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I don't understand what he means by fill them in. Does he mean build more cabs above yours? Will the space be functional? Or only look as though there were cabs up there? Crown molding on top of what, exactly? Seems like a lot of expense for a purely cosmetic solution, but I am not the one with the opening. If I were I would be way more likely to just paint up there and leave it alone unless I were replacing the cabimets anyway.

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He basically means build more shelving above and make it look like ceiling height cabinets. I would have more storage.
Crown moulding would be put on the very top of the cabinet, between the ceiling and cabinet.
I want it to look more updated and a reface will achieve that (opposed to getting everything completely new). These cabinets are really old, do not function well, and are not my style.

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"These cabinets are really old, do not function well, and are not my style."

Then you are a very poor candidate for a reface. Refacing does nothing to address the function, or the age of the boxes and interiors. All it does is put a pretty surface on the outside.

Save your money, and replace them. You will get more functionality AND a pretty surface.

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A reface isn't worth it if the old cabinet boxes are not in good shape. We refaced ours but the boxes were solid, just the doors were old and worn, and we wanted a different style door. We were happy with the original layout though. If you do the reface, then yes, go for the taller cabinets, that is one thing I wish we had done but never thought of until after the fact. You can get self closing hinges and drawer glides added too when you reface. We did the refacing job ourselves, it came out great but hubby is quite the handyman (and I am a meticulous prep work girl) its not for the inexperienced DIY'er though. Veneering is a skill that takes practice, which is why they tell you to order extra. But we did save quite a bit of $$$ doing it ourselves. To hire someone to reface, you are probably not saving much more compared to the cost of replacing the cabinets, so that is something to consider as well.

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the boxes are in good shape and they are replacing the tracts - I am already decided on the refacing aspect.
The size was the initial question.......

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so, you're talking about a reface on the boxes and new doors?

And, the doors would be the full 37", or he's going to add 7" cabs on top with their own doors? If the full 37", I think that would be nice. If 7" cabs, no.

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Sophie Wheeler

7'' of cabinet is useless. So is refacing. Save your money and do a proper remodele. Refacing is lipstick on the pig. It doesn't adress any of the real issues.

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it would be a 37" cabinet.

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I think you are throwing good money after bad in all aspects, but if you are firm in your decision to reface then at least skip adding anything above. I think it will look cheap and piecemeal and make you even unhappier with your cabinets.

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I have seen pictures of what he's done with this in many other homes and it does not look piecemeal at all, it looks completely normal and like quality work. But I will look into doing a complete re-do although I am pretty sure it will not come close to this guy's quote.

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