Please show me your Closet pantry!

ctbertAugust 16, 2013

Hi everyone
Our GC is recessing the kitchen wall to give us a closet pantry space which will have bypass doors. Projected dimensions will be 18" deep and 5 feet wide.
Please share:
feedback on dimensions
shelving ideas
Thanks in advance!!!!

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Why are you using bypass doors? You will only ever be able to access one side at a time. If you use regular doors, you can use the back side for shallow storage, or just hang things like grocery bags, shopping lists. If it's a space issue, can you use bifold doors?

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Bpathome ,
Yes , regular doors would be nice but
I think we were looking at something that wouldn't impinge on
the walkway area
We have bifold doors in our bedrooms and they are always coming off the tracks - are there ones that don't do that?

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My mom's are 44 years old and stay on track, the ones in our old house (also 40 years old) did, too. Can't help with new ones. I have bypass doors on most closets now and would LOVE to take THEM off their tracks. Basically, if you think you have a 5-foot closet you really have 2 28" closets. It's hard to access the space in the middle where the doors overlap.

But, you do what you have to do :)

I had a 24X21" pantry (regular door), and had 18" and 12" lower shelves, and 8" shelves from the middle on up. I liked the shallower shelves; nothing could cower behind taller cans. I also had room to put a shallow basket system on the side wall. Would something like this work for you?

What are you planning to keep there? Just food, or small appliances, too?

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Good point about bypass doors. So we will look into bifold
And Good question about what we will store there -
Not totally sure . We are used to having so little storage
Food for sure , especially onions , garlic, potatoes and Home canned tomato sauce, etc; canned goods
Extras on food , paper towels , plates,
cat food bin and cans ( currently in linen closet)

Not sure what non food stuff
Anyway , we are very open to suggestions

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Have you checked the Pantry thread in the Gallery? It has pictures and descriptions of many types of pantries.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pantry photos/ pics of pantries

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Thanks, Buehl!
Love your pantry.
Still trying to figure out what to do for doors.........

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Our pantry has a pair of small doors (together equals the size of a regular door). We have a pair like it going into the MBR, MBath and closet as well. They open out, into a small (square) opening where the powder room and main level guest bedroom also are located.

The pantry is 5' x 7'. Shelves are birch plywood, stained. I had our trim carpenter build out according to my specs. He also built a table for the microwave and toaster. It's also great for making a sandwich or putting up groceries. It was based on a potting bench table.

There are more pantries on the link below. Search website for more pantries. More pictures of my pantry can be seen here

Here is a link that might be useful: more pantry ideas

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