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hags00August 31, 2012

Cambria Darlington installed this week.

Very small, simple kitchen, in a small, casual house.

I like simple lines and a calm, casual look.

Darlington is actually the busiest counters I have ever done!

Not tiling a backsplash so I went with a trend setting 5" 1 cm Darlington splash.

Lots of details left to finish but progress is being made From marguerite during From marguerite during

Yup already have finger prints on the stainless and I haven't even taken the plastic all the way off! From marguerite during

Truffle sink From marguerite during

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Looks real nice.
When do we get the complete reveal?

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Looks great! I love your countertop with your cabinet color. The sink is awesome! Looks really nice with your faucet.

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Ooooo, nice! Can't wait to see the rest! That faucet looks intriguing.

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I really like it! It looks great with the truffle sink. I love my Silgranit super single - I bet you will too.

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Thank you!

Reveal is weeks away. I am a DIYer and this house was a flooded foreclosure. I lost all kitchen, bath and laundry cabinetry, the lower 2' of drywall throughout, all interior doors, all base and door trim and 100% of the flooring to mold.

Kitchen is further ahead then the rest of the house because I wanted to run the dishwasher and sink plumbing through its paces to check for leaks before installing the Marmoleum and other flooring.

Wall paint is a true gray, funny how green it looks in the photos!

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My kind of colors.
Clean, soft, clear.
Nice job.

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The countertop and cabinet color combo is right on! So complimentary to each element. I so wanted the truffle siligranit sink but it didn't fit in my island. Lucky duck! Looks great! Keep up the good work! You're on a roll!

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Just wondered how you decided to us a 5" splash instead of the typical 4"? I usually don't like the countertop splash but in your case it looks really sharp. Sink looks good with counter.

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5" actually came from the template guy. I had some drywall damage from the old countersplash going up approximately 4" and he said, "a 4" should cover it but how about we go 5" just to make sure." So I said OK! There was a big thread about 4" backsplashes so my trendsetting crack was a tongue in cheek remark in reference to that!!

I like the 5" and I like it in Cambria because it is thinner material. I really like the Cambria or granite to form a full splash but that wasn't in the budget for this simple kitchen and I think it might have been awkward behind the sink. I have no window there so have a high wall cabinet above it (15 or 18" I can't remember) and then I have a floating shelf. So I am not sure where I would have ended the Cambria on the wall.

I see my drywall doing the wave down by that far outlet and switch past the sink, funny what you see in pictures and not in person!! Gotta add the repair of that to my punch list!

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So calm....really nice job. I love all the light coming from your doors in the background.

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I love it with the cabinet colours:)

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