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em2000August 23, 2013

This is the kitchen of the house I'm buying. I'm getting a new stainless fridge, range and microwave. I'd like to update the countertops and backsplash but am unsure which direction to go with color. I have had granite in the past but would consider silestone or caesarstone (or, truthfully, any other ideas). Any help is very much appreciated! TIA!

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I would make sure you lived with it a while and loved the layout and function before investing several thousand dollars in quartz countertops.

You may find that something in the current layout is not working for you.

In the mean time you could probably paint over the detail in the backsplash if that bothers you, or cover over the whole thing temporarily, and pick a paint color that is more compatible with the counters than what is there.

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Thanks for your message. The reality is that I have to keep the cabinets for a number of years so I am stuck with the layout whether I like it or not. I do have the budget to replace the counters and backsplash and am wondering if anyone has any ideas of what would look nice. Any ideas are greatly appreciated!

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Honestly, if you think you might get new cabinets in a few years, I would not go to the expense of granite or quartz now...not sure but my guess is you would not be able to salvage it and reuse when you get new cabs...and you may decide to rearrange things at that point anyway and then they definitely could not be reused. If you really can't live with the color, I would get an off the shelf ready made laminate from lowes/HD that come in different lengths and install it yourself....its not a difficult diy project. Another option might be to paint these counters and top with poly...I think they even have kits to paint laminate counters.

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How many years does "a number" mean?

If it means that in 5 years you will be able to do an entirely new kitchen, I don't think I would spend too much right now, because that could be part of the savings for new.

If it means years from now and maybe never, that's different.

I would check out the least expensive granite grades and installation specials in your area because that would be much cheaper than quartz. It looks like a relatively simple layout, so it may be pretty reasonable price wise.

For example, a place nearby is offering up to 40 sq ft of granite countertops, (essentially 18+ linear feet of counter) for $1650 including sink cutout. I am sure this means nothing fancy, nothing extra and a very basic granite, but that's what you get when you buy a house that has had granite put in it for resale, or when you buy the typical builder's house.

I guess you have to think about whether it is worth spending a couple thousand dollars now, that really won't be a long-term investment in the kitchen. It might be fine. People spend a couple thousand on a vacation that's over when it's over, just for enjoyment, and if it will make you feel better about working in your kitchen, maybe it's worth it.

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Thanks again for the replies and I appreciate people trying to save me money. However, let's assume never or 10+ years from now for replacing the cabinets. So, I'd like the space to be (much) nicer for the next 10+ years. One thing you can't see from this picture is that there is a large walk-in pantry on the other end of the kitchen -- so I think I will have enough storage (one reason I don't see the need to reconfigure the kitchen right now). While I don't want to spend the money to replace the cabinets, I am willing to spend a fair amount of money to make the space nicer. I am just not sure what color family I should be looking at for the counters (e.g., white, beige, brown). While I appreciate that the standard granites from Home Depot or Lowe's will be cheaper, I am willing to pay for a more expensive granite or quartz given that there isn't a huge amount of counter space. TIA!

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Don't assume that DH or Lowes counters are cheaper! Their per SF price often is lower but they add in more fees. Get lots of estimates.

As for the color you really need to get samples and bring them home. Actually first take off a door and bring it with you to the granite yards. Get lots of samples. See how they look in the space.

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Then I think we need more information.

Are the cabinet and floor finishes going to stay just as they are now?

Are you going to change the cabinet hardware?

What colors do you like? What type of quartz do you like, one that is fairly plain but a color? One that looks like stone? Or one that's patterned but doesn't really try to mimic a natural material?

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I agree with the above suggestions. Your cabinets look like they are in really good shape, and the kitchen seems to be a nice size.
My recommendation is to start looking on Houzz and other decorating sites. On Houzz you can plug in what you interested in. Start with light wood kitchens, see what pops up. You can put in all the counters that you want to see.
Your cabinets are very neutral and you can go in so many directions.
You need to narrow down your choices. GW has a Sweby test that might help you fine tune your choices.

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I would go with some pattern or movement and gray/brown/maybe some white elements and/or metallic flecks. Change the hardware to nickel or satin chrome or something like that. Stay in traditional or transitional style of backsplash when you get to that part. start with counters....quartz is pricey- granite might be a good deal for this....and the patterns /movement in the slab will really upgrade the space.

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