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woodwamcAugust 26, 2013

I have really enjoyed reading everyone's posts and finally am ready to get help on my kitchen layout! I have attached (hopefully) our current kitchen layout as well as the new proposed layout and elevation views. We are also redoing our laundry room at the same time, so that is included in the plan. I just wanted to see what everyone thought and if there are any suggestions. I appreciate any help!

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New Kitchen layout

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Elevation views

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Kitchen Photo (before we bought it)

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Just an idea...maybe move the fridge, so it's not in the walkway? I'd move the doorway over to the left, slide the cooktop closer to the main sink and move the fridge over to the oven's current location. If you had the microwave over by the second sink, that would be a great snack area. This may not be what you like at all, but since you asked... :)

From [Farmhouse plans](
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I've got to ask...what's that corner storage area? That would be such a great corner for a fireplace!

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Thanks for the ideas! That corner storage is for vacuums, brooms and the house's entertainment/sound system electronics. I like the fireplace idea, but there is actually a fireplace in that room that is not drawn above the kitchen area.

I also thought about moving the fridge. Never even occurred to me to move the door opening though! Where would you move the oven to?

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Do you want the cooktop with separate oven because you prefer the raised oven? Storage under cooktop? Both?

A 36" range with oven would fit in the area very nicely. I can't read the dimensions that well in the picture, but I think there's room for the cooktop and oven on that counter...but it might be kind of tight. Do you like the arrangement in your current kitchen? Have you tried a larger range with cabinet/deep drawers on both sides? That would still give you lots of storage for pots and pans.

Where's the fireplace? Is it on the wall between the prep sink and corner storage?

Also, I really like the laundry room design! I think that will work very well, in your space.

One more question...the island off the kitchen. Do you plan to have any other furniture, besides the island and stools?

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We prefer the raised oven (now that we have had one ofr the first time). The fireplace is in the room that is drawn at the top of the plans. We live in southern Louisiana, so we really don't need one fireplace, let alone two (but I thought it was a great idea!).

I'm really not sure what to do with the space behind the island. Any ideas?

I still am not happy with the whole fridge location in the corner thing. I'm afraid we won't be able to open the doorway there wide enough and I won't be able to open the fridge door far enough on the right. Any thoughts?

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Honestly? I like your old layout better than the new one. The new one is very dysfunctional.

Lavender_Lass' layout is much better - even better than the old layout.

What are the other rooms in the layout? Where is the Dining Room?

That room on the left with the island seems like a lot of wasted space...the island is too far away to be of any use to the kitchen and it's standing all by its lonesome in the middle of a big room. What is it now? A Dining Room or Breakfast Nook?

Do you have children? If so, I would consider making that room on the left a playroom.

Meanwhile, building on what Lavender_Lass did...

Note the doorway "straddles" the two rooms below the's still 48" wide.

The refrigerator is recessed in to the Laundry Room. I show a standard-depth 36" x 36" refrigerator. However, if you go with a counter-depth refrigerator, the amount of recess will be reduced by 6" or so.

The cabinets & counters on the sink wall are 3" deeper than standard: Cabinets 27" deep and counters 28.5" deep.
The upper cabinets on the same wall are also 3" deeper than standard: 15" deep

The island is bordering on being a barrier island b/w the Refrigerator and Cooking Zone, but it's not quite an issue. It's fine for the primary Prep Zone b/w the main sink and cooktop - on the perimeter counters. Unfortunately, it is a barrier for the island Prep Zone. But, if you prep there, since the island will be the refrigerator landing space, you will be placing items directly where they're needed/used.

The island is 75" wide x 36" deep and has an optional prep sink. It's not really needed, but if you wanted one, you could add it.

The interior of the pantry is 53" wide x 42" deep with 12" deep shelves on two walls and a single 30" door. I show an optional 24" door on the right wall. While the latter location would be more convenient to the kitchen, I'm not sure there's enough room for the shelves + door.

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Buehl- Very nice! The option of recessing the fridge and having a larger island makes a lot of sense :)

Woodwamc- I understand that the fireplace is at the 'top' of the drawing, between the corner closet and the bar sink, correct? Do you have any windows in this room?

Also, what kind of fireplace do you have? Is it wood burning or gas? Is it a huge fireplace or more of an insert? Just have a few ideas and was wondering if you have an outdoor entertainment space outside the laundry room door or is that access to a garage?

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